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Wild, Weird, Wonderful Geek News Wrap Up 2/26-3/4

It goes without saying, I hope, that there are potential possible spoilers in the news, particularly where casting rumors are concerned.


ABC’s upcoming Marvel’s Inhumans” has reportedly found its Karnac in the form of Ken Leung. The full cast list online here.

Gotham, on Fox, has cast Game of Thrones and Star Trek Deep Space 9 actor Alexander Siddig as Ras Al Ghul.

SyFy has canceled newcomer Incorporated but series star Sean Teale has already been scooped up by Fox to co-star with Stephen Moyer of True Blood for their Marvel action-adventure pilot.

Image: Disney


There is a spinoff coming to the Transformers universe starring none other than our favorite yellow Camero, Bumblebee himself and it will be directed by Travis Knight.

Ryan Gosling is developing a comic book movie about deep-sea ghosts.

The first image of Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins is making its rounds on the internet! I think they got the hat a little wrong but man, she looks awesome.

Lego is releasing a Women of NASA set!



Judge Joseph Wapner (97) of People’s Court

Bill Paxton (61) of Alien

Neil Fingleton (36) of Game of Thrones and Doctor Who


This week’s favorite movie trailer (that I can post here) goes to Guardian of the Galaxy Vol 2! (If you are interested in Deadpool and don’t mind getting mooned by Ryan Reynolds, do a Google of the little quickie peek airing in select places before Logan.)



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