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Face Off All Stars Season 11, episode 8: Odd Couples

The bodysuits (image: SyFy)

Tonight’s episode of Face Off All Stars opens driving up to Griffith park where McKenzie is waiting to give them an adventure. Like in Shrek, unlikely companions make the best characters. Their next Spotlight Challenge will be to create a comedic fantasy duo. And the show has a little something to ensure diversity. All of the models are wearing very weirdly shaped suits. They’ve also been preassigned a fantasy race. Each team pick one male and one female.

Cig and George: Dwarf and Ogre
Keaghlan and Melissa: Fairy and Troll
Ben and Evan: Wood Elf and Minotaur
Logan and Adam: Orc and Naiad
Tyler and Emily: Faun and Goblin

I haven’t heard all the teams this excited since maybe the first challenge. Their stories are really fantastic and I hope it translates well to the makeups. I’m just happy that even Ben and Evan sound excited this week.

Day one in the Face Off lab, everyone gets to work, and it seems like everyone is pretty much splitting the looks, each artist taking one of the pair. The differences between the characters really help with the differences between the artists as well. There is a lot of work to do and everyone seems to get that. They are picking and choosing what’s important and what can be skimmed over. Everyone seems to be making incredibly good decisions. It doesn’t take long for Ben to hit the Debbie Downer stage of his creation process (and that does seem to be a thing for him). Ben is changing up some of the look, and scrapping several hours of work to get started on a more important piece. Emily and Tyler go into the mold room.

Michael Westmore arrives to impart his wisdom. At Cig and George’s station, he really likes the way it is coming along, but they push a little more for the Ogre and a little more age in the face, maybe extend the face piece back. At Ben and Evan’s station, he suggests they work with the back to make the Minotaur’s head feel a little less human. He thinks they have good ideas. On the Wood Elf, they should go a little pointier but not witchy. At Logan and Adam’s station, he wants them to push a little more on the Orc. It looks a little too human right now. On their sea nymph/ Naiad, maybe they should add a gill. At Melissa and Keaghlan’s station, he thinks they should maybe do a little more cracking on the lip of the Fairy to emphasize the aging but for the most part, it looks good.

Melissa and Keaghlan are really having fun with it and having some great ideas. Adam and Logan are in the mold room, but the molds aren’t getting done, and Adam is incredibly frustrated by the whole thing and he’s feeling very behind at the end of day one.

On Day Two, everyone jumps in and gets right to work. The skill in the sculpting being done is ridiculously amazing. Everyone seems to be having fun with this challenge. Except maybe Adam. He’s having a hard time getting things to work the way he wants them to and he’s throwing a little bit of a temper tantrum but I think it’s bound to happen at least once a season. Logan does come up with a viable plan to make the torn cowl work. Cig and George and working on painting the skin suit after putting a layer of silicone down. Emily is teaching Tyler how to do the hair piece for the goblin look. Time is up and there’s a lot still undone to my eye but these people always manage to pull it together.

On Day 3, Application Day, the models are there in their skin suits waiting when the artists arrive. There’s a lot of work to be done and everyone is getting started because there is not a lot of time to get it all done. There are some things that aren’t exactly done and Emily is worried about the time laying the hair on her Faun is going to take. Keaghlan’s old Fairy is a lot purple, maybe too comic book purple for me. Evan’s cow paint is very not cow and it’s cool. Cig’s Ogre look is really neat and sad looking. I don’t see any look I dislike based on anything more than color. Unfortunately, with this group, that one color choice, that one tear in an appliance, rough edge, or gapped seam can be the difference between staying and leaving.

At Last Looks, they have one hour to get it all done. It seems like everyone is getting their work done, but there are problems. George has to add in a little hair on the jowls, Emily’s Goblin’s mouth is pulling up, and the usual last minute problems are everywhere.

On the Reveal Stage, McKenzie is waiting to introduce our series judges, Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, Neville Page. She reintroduces the challenge and the walk down the runway begins.

Mel and Keaghlan's Odd Couple

Mel and Keaghlan’s Odd Couple (Image: SyFy)

Keaghlan and Melissa (Fairy and Troll): My opinion: They’re silly and cute. Too purple for me I think but they’re cute. Judges’ opinion: The Troll is starting to petrify, great. The sculpture could have been better. Nothing that says Fairy on the other. The Fairy feels chalky, flat and one dimension. The Troll’s jawline is inconsistent. They understand what the artists were going for but the old age and the purple together were too much. The Fairy failed in concept.

Tyler and Emily's Odd Couple

Tyler and Emily’s Odd Couple (image: SyFy)

Tyler and Emily (Goblin and Faun): My opinion: Adorable. Grandma and her boy toy are really cute together and the Faun looks like a walking doormat type of character – the emoting is great. Judges’ opinion: The hair is awesome. Love the pallet. The Faun is stunning. his face is compelling. The Goblin is very detailed. Great work. Faun is Ve’s favorite character tonight. They are harmonious and work together. They worked well as a team.

Adam and Logan's Odd Couple

Adam and Logan’s Odd Couple (image: SyFy)

Logan and Adam (Naiad and Orc): My opinion: They’re a little less cute but really interesting. She looks a little like a waterlogged Bernadette from the Big Bang Theory. I don’t see a lot of Nymph there really. The Orc is cool though. Judges’ opinion: They don’t like the glasses but the do like the fin. But that’s about it. They feel like the color works against itself. They love the other character. The aquatic character is a little too silly. The Orc is pretty fantastic. The forms on the Naiad feel arbitrary. They don’t feel like they belong to the same world. Not great but better than last week.

Ben and Evan's Odd Couple

Ben and Evan’s Odd Couple (image: SyFy)

Ben and Evan (Wood Elf and Minotaur): My opinion: it’s a very successful look for them at least from a distance. Judges’ opinion: They like the shapes but not the texturing. The Minotaur comes out well. The comedy element is very present. Beautiful paint on the minotaur. The beehive doesn’t read from a distance. Wood Elf didn’t feel like it met the challenge but the Minotaur was exceptional.


Cig and George's Odd Couple

Cig and George’s Odd Couple (image: SyFy)

Cig and George (Dwarf and Ogre): My opinion: Their story feels obvious to me from the minute they step onto the stage. The models play it well also. I just love these guys! Judges’ opinion: It’s one of the best uses of silicone on the show. It looks like they created a character the body suit goes with and not the other way around. The old age makeup on the Dwarf is pretty special, one of the best use of silicone on the show. They noticed the silicone on the stomach – it looks great. Sublime, organic fantasy Dwarf. It’s all about proportions and they could not have done that better. Perfect balance. They do things that are comedic and their restraint was perfect.


Winning team tonight: Cig and George.

Top looks: Tyler and Emily.

Going home: Keaghlan and Melissa

I definitely agree with the decisions of the night and not just because I’m solidly Team Ciorge? Georig? I do think that purple fairy was the worst one up there but I also think that there were some challenges during the regular seasons that said fairy might have been perfectly safe.


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