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Once Upon a Time, “Ill-Boding Patterns”, Recap!

Jiminy Jondee here at the First Ogres War,

ONCE UPON A TIME – “Ill-Boding Patterns” –  (ABC/Eike Schroter)

The First Ogres War, a misty night, with a medieval camp is getting ready for battle. A soldiers starts to run and he is confronted by his commander (Torstein Bjorklund) who shows his sword, Hrunting. It’s Beowulf, he inspires the soldier and others to charge into the mist. A giant Ogre stomps towards them swiping them with his club, Beowulf cuts him down and two more appear! Beowulf sees the aftermath of the fallen soldiers. An Ogre with a horned helmet appears and they fight. He is incinerated by Rumple in black armor wielding the Dagger of the Dark One. This battle is something out of Chronicles of Narnia, brilliant!

At Granny’s Diner, Hook is drinking and his counselor, Dr. Archie Hopper, is there to ask about his proposal. The truth will prevent him from giving his proposal to Emma. Mr. Gold is out in the forest looking for his son, Gideon, with Mother Superior (Keegan Connor Tracy) and Belle also searching for him. Flashback, a cheer goes out for Rumple, his son Baelfire (Brandon Spink) is there, and Beowulf is there challenging him as the Dark One. Baelfire, called Bae by his father, wants his Rumple to give up the dagger. The cloaked Gideon has entered the sheriff’s office to use magic to open a safe for the broken hilt of his sword. He is seen by Mr. Gold who uses magic to knock him out! Robin has opened the box he has taken from Regina’s crypt, he draws his bow on Regina, and she apologizes. Gideon wakens bound by golden ropes in the clock tower to see his father, Mr. Gold, who warns him against giving into darkness. The story of sons are interwoven with this episode, but quite a bit of someone running around intending to kill Emma without her and David.

Flashback, villagers are asking for Rumple’s help since Beowulf is missing. Zelena sees Robin and he shows her the box of magic so she can help him escape the town. Gold talks to his son about the Black Fairy’s torture and he frees his son. Flashback, Bae and Rumple go through the mist to reach Beowulf. Rumple gives Bae the Dagger. Gideon drinks the tea laced with Memory Potion that will wipe out his tortured memory. Gideon takes the Dagger of the Dark One and holds it to his father! Flashback, the caves beneath the lake, the roars of Grendel are heard by Rumple and Bae. Beowulf knocks down Bae. He has taken the Dagger of the Dark One to command Rumple to not move. Gold shows Gideon a book to help him and he uses the Dagger of the Dark One to force his father to tell him the innocent person whose blood he needs to reform his sword.

At the edge of Storybrooke, Robin waits, until Zelena appears with her baby. She has a cage with Queen Snake. Regina appears, Robin explains he doesn’t want to be her Robin, and allows them to try to break the spell. It fails and Regina promises to find a way to break the spell and let Robin leave her! Beowulf in the forest finds Bae with the Dagger who summons his father to knock the hero down with his magic. Bae orders his father kill Beowulf! He is corrupted by the Dagger. Mother Superior is seen by Gideon and he cuts her with the sword before freezing her. Gold is there putting the broken hilt into Mother Superior’s palm to take her magic and reform Gideon’s sword. Gideon gives him back the Dagger. We have the contrast between Bae and Gideon, a small, but important part between Emma an Hook, and the return of the Evil Queen! The events are chaotic as we turn to Rumple and his sons with a test of if he will truly turn away from being the Dark One.

Four Daggers of the Dark One out of Five!


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