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Comic Review: Doctor Who: Ghost Stories #1

Titan Comics’ Doctor Who: Ghost Stories #1 is on sale now.
COVER A: Mariano Laclaustra
Image: Titan Comics

Titan Comics have released a new miniseries Doctor Who: Ghost Stories centering around characters introduced in the 2016 Christmas Special The Return of Doctor Mysterio. The Ghost  and Lucy are back for another adventure with the Doctor, 8 years later.

Settling in for a long winter’s nap, the day after Christmas, Grant, also known as the New York based superhero “The Ghost,” his wife Lucy, and her daughter Jennifer are roused by a news report of a hold-up. Grant, not quite retired from the superhero business, literally takes off to sort this. Right in the middle of a rather humdrum stand-off, who should appear, but the TARDIS and the Doctor to send things heading right off in a different direction. It seems the Doctor needs Grant to help track the other stones like the one that give him his super powers. Things don’t go quite as expected from there, but then, this is Doctor Who.

George Mann gives us a great opening to Doctor Who’s foray into superheroes. Taking this down a much more serious path than the episode that introduced this characters went, it is very interesting so far. It will be interesting to see where he takes it from here and just how he wraps it up.

Ivan Rodriguez gives us the art for this issue. We last saw his artwork in Doctor Who: Supremacy of the CybermenHe does a lovely job fleshing out this first issue and setting the tone for the story. Keeping with a good balance between what we expect for Titan’s Doctor Who comics and some great superhero action. His art keeps us moving from panel to panel and trying to keep up with the action.

In future issues, we’ll be seeing the artwork of Assassin’s Creed: Templers’ Dennis Calero, and Torchwood‘s Pasquale Qualano.

The Return of Doctor Mysterio met with mixed reviews from fans when it premiered. I enjoyed it, though it was pretty big departure from what we usually expect from Doctor Who. It will be interesting to see where this goes.

This issue is on sale now from Titan Comics.


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