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Face Off All Stars Season 11, episode 12: Tiki Twist

The episode opens at the Face Off lab where McKenzie is waiting for them on an artificial beach surrounded by tikis. Films like Clash of the Titans, Thor, and Stargate are full of gods and goddesses, but the Hawaiian culture hasn’t been spotlighted much at all. For this week’s Spotlight Challenge, they will be creating Hawaiian gods and goddesses inspired by a particular tiki.

Cig picks Ku, the god of war. He is going to run with the warrior aspect and go very aggressive with his look. Tyle picks Kane, the god of Earth and stone. He seems to be talking about a rock formation with vines and I worry that’s a little too similar to what he’s done before. Emily picks the only girl of the bunch with Pele, Goddess of fire and volcanos. She’s going for the embodiment of female destruction with a magma-based look. Logan takes Lono, the god of agriculture and he seems very confused about what he wants to do with it. George picks Kanaloa, the god of the ocean and the oldest god of the pantheon. He wants to go with an old sea-turtle look and, if done right, it could be very interesting.

In a not so twisty twist, the models for this challenge are all dancers and they will be performing a traditional dance on the reveal stage.

They get to sculpting and figuring out what they’re going to do and some artists sound a bit more inspired than others. Logan, in particular, seems to be very uninspired but then Emily and George are really seeming to be incredibly inspired. Tyler may have a small problem in that he’s doing the tree thing again and that might be a problem.

Michael Westmore arrives. He goes to Logan’s station first and suggests that maybe he doesn’t do the pineapple on the head. It’s an idea but maybe it won’t look Hawaiian enough. Logan is really struggling with the concepts and forms. At Cig’s station, he likes the very strong face but urges Cig to make it look mean. He tells Tyler that his look is going to need a lot of color. At George’s station, he thinks the turtle look is nice but maybe he can go further with it. And lastly, he tells Emily what she already knew. Her look will fail or succeed on the paint job – lava is hard to do.

George is working very hard on his face and not doing multiple pieces and he’s feeling a little bit like the underdog as he is the only one left who hasn’t been in the finale yet. Logan is scrapping the cowl completely and doing just the face but really amping up the detail. At the end of day one, even Logan seems to have found his zone.

At the start of day two in the Face Off Lab, everyone jumps right into work. There’s a lot of sculpting going on and a few people are getting some pieces into the mold room. Tyler is fabricating his cowl with foam and heat instead of a clay mold. It could go either way. Cig’s work is really incredible and it might honestly be the most interesting thing I’ve ever seen him do and readers of this blog know how much I adore Cig’s creations, so that’s saying something. Emily is, unfortunately, discovering that she’s going to have a paint issue. The way her look is designed, the paint matters enormously and so far, it looks a little like a burnt Cheeto.

George and Logan are both doing more simple looks and Logan’s worried that it won’t be enough. Cig is prepainting a little bit and feeling like he’s in a very good place and from what I see, he really is. Tyler is making a waterfall to put on the back of his cowl and I wonder if that’s not going to be too kitschy.

The models arrive on day three and everyone gets to work applying their looks. Everyone seem to be enjoying themselves. Cig is incredibly pleased with himself. I’m watching Emily paint and it looks more fish than fire to me so far, like a flame angelfish. Logan is airbrushing incredible detail into his cowl and it’s beautiful but I’m not sure that the flowers are going to be enough. George is feeling very behind but it is looking beautiful to me. I hope he can get it painted in time. Tyler is working diligently but I don’t know yet how I feel about his look.

Honestly, I’m just floored by tonight’s looks. I am so glad I’m not a judge but I do think that the choice to go tree roots and vines is going to hurt Tyler. Yes, he’s great at that look but he can’t keep doing the same thing over and over.

At Last Looks, Emily is very unhappy with her look and everyone else is finishing up their paint as best they can. I am so glad I’m not a judge.

Reveal Stage: McKenzie introduces us to our special returning guest judge, Lois Burwell! Love to have her back. The rest of the series judges, Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, and Neville Page are there also but don’t get their standard introductions. McKenzie reintroduces the challenge before beginning the Reveal Stage.

Logan’s God (image: SyFy)

Logan: My opinion: He’s really interesting looking but there’s nothing there that reads Hawaii or God to me so much. Judges’ opinion: They love the tattoos but the skin looks diseased. It’s too timid. There are not enough tattoos. It doesn’t look regal or like a god. He tried to combine unlike elements in a non-juxtaposable way. It made no sense.











Cig's God

Cig’s God (image: SyFy)

Cig: My opinion: He looks very angry and fierce and that cowl is beautiful. The whole thing is just astounding. I love Cig’s work but I think this is my all-time favorite thing he’s done. Judges’ opinion: There is a lot of beautiful sculpt work. It is extremely well done. The sculpt is phenomenal, it looks like wood. Embodies what it is that they’re looking for. The tiny details are unbelievable. The color transition is great. He looks like a god. The resolution is profound. Finest examples of interpretive art they’ve ever had on the show.








Emily's Goddess

Emily’s Goddess (image: SyFy)

Emily: My opinion: It isn’t as bad as she thought but it is not what I expected from her. Everyone watching knows she could do better. Judges’ opinion: It has strange edges. If it were more elegant, it would have helped. It’s a sloppy attempt at a natural effect. There are good transitions and blending though. The reverse Mohawk took away from the goddess look. It’s missing the elegance. Representing lava or fire in static form is very difficult and she got a little lost this week. Very misguided.









George's God

George’s God (image: SyFy)

George: My opinion: I love the old turtle. I think simple worked here very beautifully. Judges’ opinion: It moves very well. There is very beautiful detailing. It has good forms and shapes. It’s an incredibly successful look. The sculptural transition around the nose is beautiful. It is Excellent work. It has very sophisticated shapes and forms. Elegantly crafted. There is an insane amount of refined detail.










Tyler's God

Tyler’s God (image: SyFy)

Tyler: My opinion: It’s very bright and colorful but I do worry that the tree thing is overdone from him. He is beautiful but really busy for me. Judges’ opinion: It is much better up close. He made some interesting choices. There are beautiful textures, but maybe too much going on. It is bizarre and maybe not what they were looking for – a miniature waterpark that needed more stonework. He’s a more sophisticated artist than is represented here. Not god-like. His weakest contribution to the show on either season.
The dance – it is very interesting to watch these characters dance with some help from outside participants but it definitely feels less Hawaiian and more like a Maori Haka to me but I am an undereducated viewer in this particular matter.

Winner: Cig

Going home: Logan

There was no question who the winner would be tonight but sending anyone home is rough now – they’re all incredibly talented. Logan has a lot of skill but he had an off challenge. So did Emily but I think Emily has shined so brightly the rest of the season, it’s way too difficult to let her go. I really believe that it was her body of work the rest of this season that kept her around this time because she honestly probably should have gone home for this look.

It looks like the next challenge is about gargoyles. I will be flabbergasted if Cig and George don’t pull something awesome out of their bag of crazy.

My prediction for next week is that we’ll have a final consisting of Cig, George, and Emily. It’ll be very hard to see Cig and George compete against each other but I think their friendship is strong enough to withstand it. I certainly hope so because I would like to see what they do together in the future.


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