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Riverdale, “Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend”, Recap!

Jughead Jondee here at Jughead’s party,

Riverdale — “Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend” — Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW — © 2017 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved

The chapter title revers to the 1945 Billy Wilder film about an alcoholic writer who stumbles through the weekend in New York. Jughead at Pop’s goes over nets leading to his party. At cheerleader practice, Veronica glares at Betty, Cheryl kisses Archie at the party, Archie and other guys shirtless partying with beers. Archie talks to his father Fred who is going to see his estranged wife. Veronica finds Paul Sowerberry (Lane Edwards), her father’s attorney, there with her mother, Hermione. Betty is at school with Archie trying to tell Veronica what he overheard that Clifford Blossom has something to do with her father’s crime.  Archie deals with his parents, Jughead has his relationship with Betty, and Veronica has determine her loyalty to her mother or father.

Archie tells Betty about Jughead’s birthday. Betty calls Jughead’s father, FP, who tells her he never celebrated his birthday. At the lunch table, Veronica is discussing the birthday party, when Chuck Clayton (Jordan Calloway) is there. He had set up girls and was suspended, then sits next to Ethel. Archie says that the party can be at his house with his father out of town. Betty goes to see FP and tries to invite him to the party. At school, her mother, Alice, is going to advise her daughter. Jughead wants to plan a double feature with Archie instead of doing anything for his birthday ruined by his father.  A house party, but with all of the tensions of Riverdale.

Veronica has found payments from Blossom to Lodge which stopped at her father’s arrest. Cheerleader practice, Veronica is late, she challenges Cheryl to a dance, um, Veronica wins. She says, “Never cross a Lodge.” Cheryl is angry at her friends not voting for her and fires them from the team. Archie gets a call from his father, the meeting with his mother is delayed, Archie takes out some wine bottles. Cheryl reveals the birthday party to Chuck! The lawyer’s office, Veronica tells the story of Clifford Blossom, she receives a letter from her father threatening to expose her mother’s secrets. Jughead is watching his movie with Betty in her sweater with a Jughead crown.  Cheryl never stops being the villain.

Riverdale — “Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend”  — Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW — © 2017 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved

At Archie’s house is the gang with Ethel and Joaquin. Ethel sees them and has everyone hide to pop out for the party. Archie sees Veronica crying and offers her a drink. His parents are going to file for a divorce. Jughead tells Betty, “I’m not wired to be normal.” Cheryl enters with Chuck and Archie tells them where to put the kegs! The party goes on and Archie walks in to see Jughead sitting alone. FP arrives with a present for his son. FP walks with Joaquin and Veronica recognizes him from meeting with her mother. Jughead is upset at Betty and he says they are on “borrowed time.” Betty walks away and Valerie is there with Archie trying to talk to her. She slams his drink into him, the world spins for Archie, and he dials his father!  Yup, Archie seems to make all of the mistakes, but he keeps trying.

Cheryl and Chuck start a game, Secrets and Sins! Veronica turns it on Cheryl. Jughead defends Betty and is about to walk away, but his father makes him go in to talk to Betty. Alice confronts FP. At Pop’s, Jughead admits he doesn’t act well when people do nice things for him. Betty admits her darkness. They kiss. After the party, Archie tells Veronica that he drunk dialed his father. They kiss, oboy! Veronica wakes up in Archie’s bed, kisses him when he’s asleep and sees Jughead. Archie tries to mop up after the party and Jughead keeps it a secret. Veronica joins with Betty in the investigation. The house is clean Archie rests on the couch and his parents arrive, Fred and Mary, she’s played by Molly Ringwald! She of course is known for Sixteen Candles and Breakfast Club; a John Hughes and 80’s treasure!  This is my favorite episode!

Five Red Circles out of Five!


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