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Star Wars: Rebels Panel!

Jedi Jondee here on Lothal,

Star Wars: Rebels Season 4 Trailer. Star

This morning, Saturday, was the panel for Season 4 of Star Wars: Rebels at Celebration Orlando. Spoilers for the Season 4 trailer! David Collins was the host of the panel and introduced Dave Filoni and the cast of the show; Tiya Sircar (Sabine Wren), Steve Blum (Zeb Orrelios), Taylor Gray (Ezra Bridger) taking cell phone video of the audience, Vanessa Marshall (Hera Syndulla), and Freddie Prinze Jr. (Kanan Jarrus). Collins started off by bringing up Season 3. He asks Gray about “Twin Suns”, “It was such a fun process to go through and seeing the fan’s reaction was the best part of all of it.” Filoni explained about Maul in “Twin Suns”, “It was something we discussed ever since Maul came back.”

Collins then brought up Grand Admiral Thrawn. Filoni explained, “We had a real interesting, kinetic match in the fact that Sabine does art and Thrawn obviously studies art.” He thanked author Timothy Zahn for creating the character. Then, Collins brought up the Bendu, Prinze Jr. s “So for me, he’s my Force Moose, that’s what I always called him with Dave. I grew up watching the Neverending Story, so he was very reminiscent of the Nothing and the Rock Biter, sort of combined into one. So that’s who he represented for me. We were lucky enough to have it phenomenally voiced by Tom (Baker).” Sircar said about Sabine in season 3, “We’ve all talk about how Dave doesn’t give us much in advance, he gives us what we need, but never anything more. In this particular time, he knew that I would need to mentally and emotionally prep for what was coming up so he gave me a very generous heads up.”

Collins asked about Hera in Season 4 and Marshall said, “I think she’s more focused and committed than ever to get the job done, it’s vital, it’s essential.” She is the one character besides Chopper whom we know survived to Rogue One. Blum mentioned the connection with his character and the ex-Imperial whom he called “Hot Kallus.” He was asked about Zeb and joked, “Hopefully, he’ll hit Lira San and start a family with Kallus. That will be canon.” He added, “He’s becoming more of an uncle than a brother.” Filoni said the droid Chopper, “Some times what you find out is that when someone is that cantankerous is that actually means that they care the most. What you find out about Chopper in season 4 is that he has a bigger heart than you realize because when the chips are really down, he likes these guys.”

Star Wars: Rebels Season 4 Trailer. Star

Tiya Sircar was asked about Season 4 and she replied, “If there are any Mandalorian fans out there, I think you will be happy with some specific episodes in this upcoming season. I think you might be surprised where we end up.” Sircar was nervous with Filoni sitting next to her. She added, “There might be some people you know, there might be some people you’ve never seen before, and they might all be Mandalorian.“ Freddie Prinze Jr. talked about how impressed he was with the music by Kevin Kiner. He explained, “Season 4, he’s still blind, but he sees more than he has ever seen before. He knows what path these Rebels need to be on, it takes him some time to figure it out, once he finds out, it’s a certainty that you’ve seen in other Jedi before, and you will recognize it as a historical moment in this character’s development and growth.”

Filoni noted that Genevieve O’Reilly will return in Season 4 as Mon Mothma. He also noted that Forrest Whittaker will also be back as Saw Guerrera. There was a pic shown of Saw and Edrio Two Tubes in a U-Wing. Filoni said he was tricked into casting an actor at Celebration London which was of course Warwick Davis. He said, “So Warwick will be coming onto to Star Wars: Rebels.” Collins then brought Warwick Davis on stage. Filoni showed the pic of the character played by Davis; Rukh, the Noghri bodyguard to Thrawn introduced in Heir to the Empire. He joked, “He’s really creepy so I needed someone really creepy to play him.” Filoni then brought up the Perales family that cosplayed all of the cast of Star Wars: Rebels. He announced, “This is where I have to tell, it’s my decision as the creator of the show with Simon (Kinberg), that Season Four is the final season of Rebels.”

He hinted at possible shows for Lucasfilm, “Believe me, this show represents by now means an end to what we are doing in animation.” The audience went to their feet to give ovations to the cast. Tiya Sircar was dabbing away tears. Then, Filoni showed the Season 4 trailer. Hera narrates about the story about “a boy who was lost”, Ezra, “a girl who was broken”, her voice almost breaks there, Sabine, then we get Zeb whom Hera calls “a survivor”, Chopper, “a war veteran”, then Kanan with his lightsaber, “and a fallen knight.”

Star Wars: Rebels Season 4 Trailer. Star

Hera goes on to saying that she “led them into battle”, we get Thrawn’s eyes, drums thunder, then we get Season 4 with Ezra and Sabine riding what looks like a giant white wolf which looks like something out of Princess Mononoke. TIE Defenders circle The Ghost in a canyon. Sabine hurtles through the sky with her jetpack. The Ghost descends to the Massassi Temple on Yavin. Sabine raises the dark saber with Ezra and other Mandalorians on a wall. A U-Wing flies down. We see Bo-Katan, the sister of Satine Kryze, remove her helmet! Rukh on a speeder draws a blade weapon. Hera charges through a hangar of a base at light speed tearing it to pieces. “It’s time to get to work”, Kanan is heard saying, “We are the balance Ezra.” More battles, a squadron of X-Wings pops out of hyperspace, Hera has on a pilot helmet. Smoking Y-Wings descend. Bo-Katan raises the dark saber next to Satine and her brother. Hera turns and says, “May the Force be with You.”  Excitement builds for the last season of Star Wars: Rebels.


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