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Once Upon a Time, “Awake“, Recap!

Jiminy Jondee here on Skull Rock,

ONCE UPON A TIME – “Awake” – (ABC/Jack Rowand)

The chase with Hook running fro the Lost Boys is on through the woods! He falls down and is surrounded . Darts knock them out, sent by the blowpipe of Tiger Lily (Sara Tomko)! Hook is glad to meet her, but she slams one of her darts into his neck. Emma is shown the Final Battle in the storybook with David, Regina, and Henry. Regina tells David that she might have something to break the Sleeping Curse. He flashes back to their Enchanted Forest days. Storybrooke during the Dark Curse, Mary Margaret bumps into Mayor Regina. She finds a flower and takes it to David in a coma. It awakens him and he asks about Enchanted Forest people. She doesn’t recognize him, he holds her hand, and she remembers.  I’m really liking the twist of Tiger Lily, especially since she has a flower name.

Regina takes out Mary Margaret’s heart, Zelena takes out David’s heart, they put them in a potion and return their hearts. Mary Margaret collapses, the Evil Queen’s failsafe will put them both to sleep! Dark Curse, Mary Margaret and David find out that Emma is missing, she suggests he go see Mr. Gold. Mary Margaret then tells the mayor that David is sleep walking. The heroes with David now awake and he finds Mary Margaret finds the flower on his cell phone. Mr. Golds shop, the Black Fairy, his mother has entered along with Gideon. Belle enters from the back of the shop. The Black Fairy has the Dagger of the Dark One and orders Mr. Gold to stop. Dark Curse Storybrooke, David enters Mr. Gold’s shop and he doesn’t remember being Rumplestilskin. He recognizes Emma’s name. I’m actually liking where Rumple goes with this episode.

David checks on Emma, he goes to sleep so his wife can track the flower. Hook is slapped awake by Tiger Lily. She wants him to deliver a drift wood dagger to another realm. It can help the Savior. Tiger Lily tells Hook that Pan might have magic to break his spell. Dark Curse Storybrooke, the mayor has some explosives ready to finish off Archie, she is about to take out scissors. Townfolk distract the mayor as Mary Margaret slips away. Mary Margaret finds the flowers and the Black Fairy appears. Mary Margaret draws her bow and Gideon is also there and he destroys the flowers! Black Fairy black clouds away with Gideon as Mary Margaret’s arrow finds only a tree. Black Fairy is nasty, but she doesn’t really blast people and throw curses.

ONCE UPON A TIME – “Awake” – (ABC/Jack Rowand)

Night, Tiger Lily says she was a fairy, but gave up her wings. A tree has sap that Tiger Lily could use. She looses an arrow to get the Lost Boys to chase after her. Hook uses his hook to get the sap. He uses the sap around his feet and asks his shadow to take him home. He gives the drift wood to the shadow and is pulled down by Lost Boys. Dark Curse Storybrooke, Mary Margaret brings David the flower, Mr. Gold tells them that they need eighteen more years for her to become the Savior. He has brought a potion to put them back to sleep. Emma sees a single flower in the snow. DC Storybrooke, Mary Margaret taps the flower in her palm, she throws it up and it forms a portal.

They see the young Emma (Mckenna Grace, I just saw her today in Gifted!) listening to music in her bed. Mary Margaret doesn’t want to enter the portal, she wants to wait until Emma becomes the Savior, David hates to spend a second away from his daughter. They are about to take the potion to forget, they kiss, and they drink the potion. Regina readies the potion and Hook’s shadow enters giving Emma the drift wood dagger. He also drops the hook. Mary Margaret reveals that the potion can help Emma find Hook and also about the past. The Lost Boys sentence Hook to death, a portal appears, and Emma brings Hook back while Tiger Lily slips away. They apologize to each other. He takes out the ring, it’s a proposal, she of course accepts and they kiss! The waited for moment of the entire series!

Regina has assembled the townsfolk to have everyone share the Sleeping Curse. Hook drinks it, Regina, then Emma before the cup is passed around. Mary Margaret and David waken and kiss. Wow, wow, this is the best episode, even with everyone fallen asleep. They revive Emma and then everyone else. Hook tries to tell David, he knows, and says it was a long time ago. The Black Fairy meets with Mr. Gold who has gotten back his Dagger. He knows she has Gideon’s heart and promises to get it back. I like every minute of this episode with brilliant work by everyone on the show.

Five Daggers of the Dark One out of Five!


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