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Assassin’s Creed Reflections: A New Miniseries Celebrating 10 Years of Assassin’s Creed Part 1

AC Reflections #1 Cover A

Titan Comics’ Assassin’s Creed Reflections #1 is on sale now.
COVER A: Sunsetagain
Image: Titan Comics

In commemoration of the 10 years since Ubisoft first began releasing its Assassin’s Creed franchise, Titan Comics is bringing readers a new, 4-part miniseries. Each of the comics will center around stories following one of the famed assassins as viewed by Templar agent Juhani Osto Berg in present-day: Ezio Auditore da Firenze, Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad, Edward Kenway, and Ratonhnhaké:ton (a.k.a. Conner).

The first in the series, Assassin’s Creed Reflections #1, focuses on Ezio Auditore. In it, Berg is accessing a so-called “insignificant” memory of Ezio’s where he is visiting his old friend and mentor, Leonardo Da Vinci during some of his final days. Knowing he is dying, Da Vinci asks Ezio not to focus on it, but to, instead, “talk, as old friends do.” This leads to his request for a story, but not just any story. Da Vinci wants to hear a secret story, one he has never heard before. With an almost sly smile, Ezio gladly takes Da Vinci down memory lane in true Assassin’s Creed style with no Animus needed.

Ian Eddington’s story is well written and very entertaining. It contains a good balance of story and combat, mimicking that of the games. Though there is not much of the back and forth between present-day and 1519 as one would expect from Assassin’s Creed, the uninterrupted memory being viewed does visit multiple years in Ezio’s lifetime with amusing dialog between Da Vinci and Ezio in between flashbacks. Given Berg’s take on the memory, it will be intriguing to see where the story goes is issue #2 when focused on Altaïr.

Having done other Assassin’s Creed based artwork, Valeria Favoccia makes another appearance for this series as well. While I find most of her artwork to be appealing and clean, some of it (specifically the combat scenes) is lacking. She does, however, seem to be able to take her artwork and have it fit in the varying centuries and exotic locations, which is a must for anyone trying to depict scenes for Assassin’s Creed.

Overall, I really enjoyed Assassin’s Creed Reflections #1 and am looking forward to reading the second installment to the miniseries. My only complaint was that there is a little too much Italian in the prose with not enough surrounding imagery to help you understand exactly what was being said. Though it makes sense as Ezio is Italian and does use it in his speech in the games, without a little more understanding of what’s going on, it can be hard to follow at times. Some of it was possible to translate on my own after looking at it, but some of it I did have to actually go and look up. I’m curious if this will be a trend that follows in the other parts of the series, especially with Altaïr speaking Arabic or Ratonhnhaké:ton speaking Mohawk or another Iroquoian language though I’m not sure he spoke much of it after being more or less adopted by Achilles Davenport.

This issue was released on March 8, 2017 and is available from Titan Comics.

AC Reflections #1 COVER B

COVER B: Massimiliano Veltri
Image: Titan Comics

AC Reflections #1 Cover C

COVER C: Valeria Favoccia
Image: Titan Comics

AC Reflections #1 Cover D

COVER D: Nacho Arranz
Image: Titan Comics

AC Reflections #1 Cover E

COVER E: Georges Caltsoudas
Image: Titan Comics

AC Reflections #1 Cover F

COVER F: Polygon Variant
Image: Titan Comics


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