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Face Off All Stars Season 11, Episode 14: Battle of the Beasts

We have reached that moment we’ve all been waiting for! Tonight, we find out which of our All Star favorites, Cig, George, or Emily will take home the grand prize and the ultimate win. Tonight’s episode opens in a car where they are driving around the Studio Lot to the assigned one and entering the space, McKenzie Westmore is standing in a set with trees and boulders standing beside a man who is the President of the Stuntman’s association Jeff Wolfe.

The final spotlight challenge is to be a huge Kung Fu fight scene. Cig calls it a Kung-Fu-nale and I think that works. In ancient China, warriors developed animal style Kung Fu. In this instance, they have found the ability to transform into the animal that inspired their style. Each artist will make two animal inspired characters so they’re going to get some help in the form of past contestants. The looks will have to perform a Kung-Fu scene, complete with wires and choreographed fight scenes.

First, they divide up into teams and then they pick their pairings. Team Emily consists of Emily, Tyler, Adam, Gage. They have the Crane and Mantis. Team Cig consists of Cig, Logan, Evan, and Melissa. They have the Dragon and Tiger. Team George consists of George, Ben, Keaghlan, and Rachel. They have the Snake and Eagle characters.

We get a short demonstration of the different animal inspired fighting styles and how the pairings interact. During sketch time, Wolfe comes around with storyboards, answers, and ideas. Everyone is asking good questions to make sure that no movements will be restricted by the makeups.

At the Face Off Lab, everyone jumps in. There is no model choosing as their performers have already been established by the characters they chose. I like that there are a few silly moments amidst all the sculpting. I think this is probably going to be a very tough challenge to judge. Emily has never seen a Kung Fu movie and I’m a little bit worried about her background for this and wondering if she’s lived under a rock. How do you choose movie makeup as a career path without seeing so much of cinematic history (remember, this is the same girl who’s never seen Star Wars)? No one is really in any rush, far more concerned with getting things right as opposed to getting things done. With this group, I’m not really worried about that.

Day two begins and everyone is working on finishing their sculpts. Everyone is really working to their strengths and I’m so glad to see all three of the finalists really have their fingers in everything. I think that this finale is the best use of delegation I’ve ever seen on Face Off. It may be in the editing but it is impressive none the less. Day two is over but the episode has only just begun. I’m a little sad we don’t get to see Michael Westmore or hear what he would have to say but everyone’s ideas are pretty stellar for this challenge.

Application day, Emily gets started first because her looks will be shooting first. Cig shows up and gets started second. Team George will start third. Emily shows Adam her paint techniques so they can have some division of labor without sacrificing quality. Over at team Cig, there are a lot of pieces to apply. Everyone has five hours to get their work done in the lab. Cig’s dragon is awesome. I would like it in miniature on my desk. We see a few small application problems, that are fairly easily overcome. I do wish George had gone with a real snake color pattern, personally but that’s a me choice. I like very much that even if there was molding drama, we don’t see it.

Emily’s Crane (image: SyFy)

During the shooting phase, the set has been finished and the judges are there to look at the makeups and watching the filming. Everyone is enjoying watching the filming process but Emily finds herself worrying about the very little things, going in and touching up between takes. The judges seem very pleased with the whole shebang. Team Cig arrives for their filming and the lines work but there’s some pulling on the lips and edges that he fixes between takes. The judges are enjoying the colors of his work very much. Team George arrives before the other team is finished filming so they get to watch both. I love how excited Cig is by the whole thing. It’s finally time for Team George but the time lag might not be in his favor. He’s a little concerned about the wait and deterioration. Watching the filming, it doesn’t look like the time did too much damage. He does the touchups and the looks make it all the way through filming swimmingly.

The reveal stage isn’t really a runway this time, it is more like a council circle where the artists, McKenzie Westmore, Chris Wolfe, and judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, and Neville Page sit to watch the short movie they’ve made.

Emily’s Mantis (image: SyFy)

The movie is a little underdeveloped but it’s interesting and the choreography and the costumes are beautiful. There is no denying the skill of all the contestants here.

Emily (Mantis and Crane): My opinion: I love the mantis head even if the color is a little too yellow for me. On the crane, the skin bun thing is a little creepy but I find birds rather creepy so that works perfectly. She did an awesome job. Judges’ opinion: She did an amazing job. The mantis’ colors were gorgeous. The silhouette of both work well in contrast with each other. On the crane, the different grays are beautiful. Both looks had great Asian flair. The skin bun was a great idea. They make very strong silhouettes. The chest of the mantis was beautiful and balanced.






George’s Eagle (Image: SyFy)

George (Snake and Eagle): My opinion: I think the snake is a weird color but the appliance is pretty incredible. The eagle was lovely. I like that it wasn’t a bald eagle. I think he’s put out a very strong pair of characters and his skill is undeniable. Judges’ opinion: The hair over the feathers is really cool on the eagle. They especially like when they come up in the movements like a threat display. The fighting style influencing the look especially on the snake was brilliant. The colors worked beautifully together. It looked great on camera.








George’s Snake (image: SyFy)















Cig’s Tiger (image: SyFy)

Cig (Dragon and Tiger): My opinion: The dragon wins the episode for me. That is pretty phenomenal all around. I want one for my desk. The detail is absurd for the time they had to do it. You could make a movie all about that dread-headed dragon and I would watch it right now. The tiger is also lovely. I loved the aging touches he did on it and the scars, like the tiger and the dragon have been at war forever. Judges’ opinion: Everything was really good. The paint and the sculpt was appropriate, clear, and nuanced. Overall, it is very impressive work. The chest is some of the most sophisticated work on the show. It’s functional and it’s gorgeous.







Cig’s Dragon (image: SyFy)

The winner of Face Off All Stars is: Cig

I love how genuinely happy everyone seems to be for each other. They all did truly excellent work and these guys are so awesome. I just want to wrap them all up and hug them. From one weird (grown-up) kid watching to that weird (grown-up) kid who just won – congratulations, you absolutely earned it! Now, please make that dragon in small, orderable form!










Cig’s Dragon Close Up (image: SyFy)

Seriously, I think SyFy is missing the boat a little in this age of collectibles. I would love to have a miniature of Rayce’s cello or Miranda and Tate’s Pumpkin man but especially Cig’s dragon here.
The next season of Face Off is coming soon, June 13th, and this time it’s going to be studio vs. studio. That should be a lot of fun.


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