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Review: Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom

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Baby Cthulhu in the big black void…

I was going through the self-checkout in my local grocery store and my oldest child spends that time searching the nearby movie racks for interesting things and boy, howdy, did he find one! He comes over to me and asks if I’ve ever heard of an animated thing on Lovecraft. It just so happens that a few weeks ago I happened to make mention here of the animated Howard Lovecraft series. Needless to say, I now own my very own copy of Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom.

If you enjoy HP Lovecraft and animated movies, you might get a kick out of this. The animation feels a little bit like the people who did the house movie trying to do Burton. The script is a little clunky in some places but it’s so worth it.

A very young and traumatized Howard Lovecraft after seeing his dad in the mental asylum discovers a journal of his father’s and accidentally opens a portal to another dimension. And that’s where he meets Spot. Who he calls Spot because he decides he doesn’t want to pronounce his actual name, in this instance Thu Thu Hmong. I think they show the arrogance of the character of Howard very well while still keeping him young and kid friendly.

We watched it as a family which could have been a slight misjudgment on my part as my youngest son is 10 and has a knack for memorizing movies and replaying them at the most inconvenient times and the school already thinks I’m a bit of an odd duck mom. There’s a few moments where it gets a little scary for kids under 7 or so but really, it’s just a lot of fun and you find yourself really wanting more of it.

The voice cast is fun and sometimes quite familiar but Ron Perlman and Christopher Plummer should lend their voices to everything. Later this year, the next installment, Howard Lovecraft and the Undersea Kingdom, is scheduled for release with even more incredible voice talent including Mark Hamill!


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