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A Day at Comic Con Revolution!

Jondee here at the Ontario Convention Center,

Demigorgon (from Stranger Things!) cosplayer. Photo by the author.

Today was the debut of Comic Con Revolution at the Ontario Convention Center. For a first time convention, it was packed, the line to get in wrapped around the hall. The retailers were busy since this was the only day of the con. In the front was Raw Entertainment, Top Cow Productions, and Storm King Productions with guest Sandy King Carpenter. Towards the back of the con was Artist’s Alley. I went to see Hope Larson who is the writer of the current Batgirl comic book, Goldie Vance, a Boom Studios comic about a 16 year old girl detective, and what also caught my eye, was her Wrinkle in Time graphic novel (based on the novel by Madeleine L’Engle). She spoke about the photographic memory for Barbara Gordon is a fairly new concept for the character. I then saw Cat Staggs, she has produced some incredible work for Wonder Woman `77, the Adventures of Supergirl comic based on the television show, and covers for IDW’s Orphan Black, based on the BBC Amerca sci fi show. She had prints from the Star Wars event, Celebration Orlando, which was on April 13 – 16th. I also saw Joe Rubinstein who was the artist credited as finisher for the 1982 Wolverine limited series. He confided that the Wolverine on the cover was Jack Nicholson and the rest was Clint Eastwood!

Moana cosplayers. Photo by the author.

To the right of the entrance was the area for guests. This included artist Chris Bachalo, there was a nice line of his fans, the longest line seemed to be for Jim Starlin, there were lines set up for him. Fans had stacks of comic books for him to sign. I’m still wondering how he produced his ideas, he has cosmic heroes like Gamora (and villains like Thanos), the religious overtones were in the Warlock comic stories in the 70’s, hard edged stories for Batman (“Death in the Family”), the Vietnam era hints in the horror title, `Breed, and superhero fare. Another guest was David Naughton who was completely friendly. He had several photos to sign of An American Werewolf in London (1981). Naughton said it took six days to film the transformation scene which was done at the very end of filming. He also mentioned going to the American Werewolf in London maze that was at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights. I hope they bring that one back! The cosplayers were incredible. My favorite was a baby girl dressed as Power Girl whose diapers were part of her costume! This is a very successful convention for a first time event! #CCROnt!


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