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Review: Doctor Who – Knock Knock

Photo Credit: Jon Hall

Keeping a little closer to home, Bill meets a group of new friends and settles in an old house… that has more than mice running round the tower.

Still stuck on Earth guarding the vault, for reasons we still have yet to find out, the Doctor uses his TARDIS to help Bill move to her new “to good to be true on her budget” house. The house turns out to be a great dilapidated Victorian monstrosity with a tower that is “off-limits”. In a very 4th/11th Doctor move, the Doctor licks his finger and holds it up to judge not just which way the wind blows, but something being  – just off. Preferring to stick around, the Doctor helps her move and meets not just her new housemates, but also the Landlord. Things go from strange to worse as first they hear strange noises and then housemates start disappearing. The Doctor knows something is up, but isn’t quite prepared for what it actually turns out to be.

The Landlord (DAVID SUCHET)
Photo Credits: Simon Ridgway

David Suchet was absolutely perfect for the role of the creepy Landlord. This episode brought two of my favorite British shows together and it could have only been more perfect if Suchet had been playing his famous Agatha Christy character: Poirot. Fun, but not completely original, this episode was a nice “monster of the week” type romp. The wooden Eliza, looked and moved a good bit like the wood queen from the Christmas Special: The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe. The woodlice or Dryads as the Doctor called them were never exactly explained where they came from, or what they were doing there, or where they went to.

With a great nod to classic Who (though not completely carried through on, due to changes in the script), her one housemate, Harry, was to be the grandson of classic companion, Harry Sullivan. An other continuity nod was the house, if it looked familiar, it was. It was the same house used in the episode Blink.

It’s interesting seeing the interplay between the Doctor and Bill. She’s working out to be a very good companion and keeping him on his toes, but something seems to be hanging over him. Something, we’ve yet to figure out what it is. The interplay between Nardole and the Doctor is getting a bit tedious at this point, but still interesting. The Doctor is chaffing a bit but still–I just don’t know. It keeps you wondering what

Photo Credits: Jon Hal

exactly is going on. Granted we’ll find out in time, but with all this drawn out waiting. It better be worth it.

I would love to know what people thought of the “binaural” sound. My system isn’t equipped for that, so I couldn’t hear the difference, but I’d love other peoples impressions about it!

The last few minutes are always a treat this series. Speculation is running wild just who, no longer what is in the vault. My personal opinion – Missy. The choices of tunes being played on the piano and the little banter between the Doctor and musical responses are just far too Missy, for it not to be her. What do you think?


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