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Once Upon a Time, “The Final Battle”, Recap!

Jiminy Jondee here at the end and the beginning,

ONCE UPON A TIME – “The Final Battle Part 1 & 2” – (ABC/Jack Rowand).

This is a long one, two hour finale, so hold on as we throw the spoilers! A father sends his daughter away as the door bursts in, he draws his swords as a shadow falls on him. Storybrooke, the Black Fairy dust falls on the town, Henry wakes up with the book at is side. He looks down at the town and then walks down the street. Henry sees Archie who tells Henry that Emma is in the same place, a mental facility, where she paints a swan. A nurse (Ingrid Torrance), dressed to look like Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975). Mayor Fiona (the Black Fairy) is there. She takes the book and Henry hugs his mom. The castle, Snow White is asleep with her baby, she wakes up David. Hook wakens and calls out Emma’s name. Regina is in Evil Queen garb. I like the creepy psych ward drama that hangs over this part.

Warped Storybrooke, Emma walks with Archie and the mayor, Fiona says Henry is her son and tells Emma to burn the book! Emma refuses for Henry’s sake and she gives Archie the book. Our heroes see this happening in the mirror. Zelena walks in with the Mad Hatter’s hat that is a portal. She opens it to show a room of doors, the way to Oz is empty!, the doors start to vanish. Storybrooke, Mayor Fiona leaves her car to enter Mr. Gold’s pawn shop to see Gold and Gideon, she has brought lunch for Gideon. She is there since his mother (Belle) is gone! The room of doors is filled with the surviving characters and they see Aladdin (in white) and Jasmine. Hook has a plan. Gold is here so we know he will play into the cursed Storybrooke.

ONCE UPON A TIME – “The Final Battle Part 1 & 2” – (ABC/Jack Rowand).

Emma is pumping iron Sarah Connor-style and Henry is trying to break her out. Hook sees the beanstalk and David runs up. They both climb up it. Henry takes Emma back in her red jacket to the rooftop. His recounting jogs images of her wedding. She wants to return to Boston and he tells her that he will help her to escape. Gold is searching through his store, he finds Her Handsome Hero with a message for Gideon written by Belle. Zelena and Regina are working on a potion. Entering the castle is the Evil Queen, again!, She says that she robs from the rich to give to the poor with Robin. I like the connection of Belle’s book which was from one of her best episodes.

The mayor gets a call that has her racing to her car. Henry is searching and finds the book. He is caught by Fiona and runs from her. She uses magic to knock him down the stairs! Henry is wheeled away on a gurney to an ambulance. The mayor tells Gold what she says happened. He wants another investigation on Belle’s disappearance. Hook and David have entered the giant’s castle. David trusts is “son-in-law” (nice!) to to get the magic bean. Hook picks up a knife and cuts into a glass case. Storybrooke, Gold talks to Fiona, who warns him. Henry wakes up in a hospital bed with a broken arm when his mother joins him with Mayor Fiona. Emma takes the book, but nothing happens.  Again, we have separate realities with our heroes banding together!

ONCE UPON A TIME – “The Final Battle Part 1 & 2” – (ABC/Jack Rowand).

The beanstalk, it shudders, with David and Hook trying to climb down it. Fiona has a boiler fire ready for the book. She drops it in the fire. The worlds are about to be destroyed. Reminds me of The Nothing from Neverending Story. The fire crisps the pages. This is the end of Part One! The girl has the book and drops it to take up a sword. Tiger Lilly is there and she wants to take the book to the girl’s mother. She tells the girl the message, “Never lose hope.” Fiona shows Henry the ashes. The beanstalk is about to fall, Hook and David try to hold on, Snow senses something. Jasmine summons the magic carpet to take them to the beanstalk. Everything seems to be thrown into this episode from the beanstalk to Aladdin and Jasmine.

Hook recovers and says, “Hullo there, mummy.” He has the bean and Snow tells him to find Emma. The former Savior is getting ready to leave for Boston and Henry tries to convince her not to go. Emma drives away and leaves Storybrooke! Boston, Emma enters her apartment, and sees a notebook from Henry. She gets a call to bring in a bounty. Emma goes through the notebook to see pictures. Hook brings the magic bean to Regina and the others. Snow checks for David and finds him collapsed next to the beanstalk. She kisses him, reverse of the Enchanted Forest kiss, and he revives. They still have hope and kiss.  Back to the “real world” of Boston, but Emma can’t run away from the magic!

ONCE UPON A TIME – “The Final Battle Part 1 & 2” – (ABC/Jack Rowand).

Henry goes to see Mr. Gold and sees is grandfather’s work. He has a magic mirror to tell everyone his failure with Emma and takes out the sword to confront the Black Fairy. The castle, the Evil Queen wants to try to hold off the destruction so Regina can return. She is overwhelmed and the castle starts to crumble. Henry walks with the sword as the Nothing envelopes his family and friends. Emma stops Henry and says she believes. The Nothing has left only a tower. The Her Handsome Hero book flies to a house followed by Gold. He finds Belle cowering in a kitchen. Fiona sees Gideon and she is looking for her fairy wand. He has found her wand and she is going to use it to translate the runes that Henry wrote to help win the Final Battle.  To the last, the villain always sees success, but just  casts aside our heroes!

Emma kicks in the city hall door, but no Black Fairy. Gold sees Fiona and mentions “Mother.” She says she can bring the dead including Baelfire and hugs him. He holds her wand to her neck. She commanded Gideon to kill the Savior. Gold uses the wand to turn his mother to dust! Our heroes are returned and a wave brings back Emma’s memories. There is Gideon ready for the Final Battle! Gold sees Belle now with her memory. Gideon raises his sword and he is knocked down by Henry with a fire extinguisher. Emma uses a spell to block Gideon. In the caves, Gold walks with Belle, but she twists her ankle. The night streets, Emma is there with Henry and joined by the others. Emma despairs and Regina takes her aside to tell about the “third way.”  Hope is always in the “third way.”

ONCE UPON A TIME – “The Final Battle Part 1 & 2” – (ABC/Jack Rowand).

Gideon appears with is sword at Snow’s throat. Gold takes Gideon’s heart and sees Dark Rumple! He can’t command his son’s heart. Gideon and Emma duel. She throws away her sword! He apologizes and stabs her, white light explodes from her! Gold walks over to Belle. Emma has collapsed surrounded by her family. Henry gives her a kiss that revives her and a rainbow band explodes from them. Gold and Belle hear their baby, Gideon! Snow has the fully restored book. The words appear, “The final battle was won.” Snow knows that the story hasn’t ended. The clock moves and all of the rooms are restored; Tinkerbell flies to Neverland, the Caterpillar is at Neverland, Aladdin is with Jasmine, the Evil Queen is returned. This was a thank you letter to all of the Oncers!

We see the “Welcome to the Charmings” mat and they kiss their baby before Mary Margaret drives to work. Emma kisses her son and then Regina as he goes to school. Also there is Violet (Olivia Steele Falconer), the girl he met in Camelot, also his girlfriend. Mary Margaret has a blue bird to show her students. Emma is with the new deputy Hook. Regina returns to her office with the Dwarfs who have completed stenciling on her door, “Regina Mills Queen.” The Evil Queen gets an arrow with a ring. Belle and Gold dance to the Beauty and the Beast theme. Granny’s, everyone is there as family including Belle with baby Gideon. These are great moments, perfect way to end this show (or at least six seasons).

ONCE UPON A TIME – “The Final Battle Part 1 & 2” – (ABC/Jack Rowand).

A last meal with everyone at the table. A final page for the Once Upon a Time book as the little girl (Alison Fernandez) closes it and smiles. We get “Seattle, Years Later” as she walks to apartment 815. She knocks and a young man (Andrew J. West) is there, Henry Mills. Lucy, his daughter, is there to ask for his help!  This is a nice episode to wrap up all threads from six seasons, a nice moment with all of our favorite characters in a quasi-religious scene, and a hint of season seven.  I have hope that Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz will keep the Oncers for more of the show.


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