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Transformers: The Last Knight (Spoiler-free Review)

Review of Transformers: The Last Knightby Gregga J. Johnn

I went to see the latest installment of the Transformers’ franchise, The Last Knight, expecting Michael Bay’s big explosions and mass destruction. He certainly delivers scope in an epic manner. But, the story also expanded beyond simple action, into history, legend, and high fantasy. This added more depth and realism to ground its over-the- top adventure, in quite a delightful manner.


It’s not a perfect film, but the female characters were depicted “better” than they have been in past Transformer films. It’s nowhere near as evolved as DC’s Wonder Woman; they still use a few tropes, but nothing too horrible. Yet, as each character behaves true to themselves, I was forgiving and chose to simply enjoy the fun.


Legitimately, there were a few short moments that had crappy writing, but over all, I loved the film, for what it is – a big action bang, with a little more wonder and intelligence than expected. My favorite characters returned with several refreshing new ones. Anthony Hopkins is wonderful wherever he plays, and Mark Wahlberg is delicious as ever. The movie has good comedy, beautiful cinema, and is all around fun.


I recommend it as a cool way to spend some hot summer hours.


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