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Face Off Season 12, episode 3: Dream House

McKenzie Westmore standing in front of the doors. (image: SyFy)

Tonight’s episode begins at the Face Off Lab where there are a series of interesting doors waiting behind McKenzie. At the first order of business, there has to be a little shuffling as Ethereal Effects loses a member to Twisted Six Effects. Joseph has been chosen by the judges to join Twisted Six. After that quick announcement, McKenzie introduces tonight’s Spotlight Challenge which is all about fairy tales and the unique homes those families have. Behind each door is a photo of a house, the challenge will be creating three members of the family who lives there. The foreperson is chosen first. Ethereal Effects is Suzanne. Twisted Six chooses Nick. Ethereal Effects picks the green door and the tree house. Twisted Six pics the purple door and the house made of flowers. They are only going to have two days to get the looks done.

They jump straight into the design phase. Twisted Six is going with fairy godparents. Ethereal Effects is going the witchy route; habitat for fauna. They are having fun with their idea and made me laugh. The sculpting begins with everyone getting the delegation down and getting started. There is a number of disagreements going among Twisted Six. Everyone seems to be getting along better at Ethereal Effects than over at Twisted Six and they are definitely staying on the whimsical side of things. Ethereal Effects has a tiny, stumbling block where one is seriously overthinking it. Cohesion doesn’t necessarily mean the same, but the change could work to their benefit. Only time will tell.

There are a lot of good things coming from both shops. There have been some amazing cowls this year. I’m just hoping that this episode gives us a better idea of what these people can really do. I haven’t been a huge fan of anyone just yet.

Michael Westmore arrives and goes to Ethereal Effects first. He suggests that Suzanne smooths down a few places so it’s not too busy. He gives some suggestions on the Mama Woodchuck also. At Twisted Six, he has a few ideas for Nick, to reel him in a bit. He suggests that the other Fairy Godmother be a little more similar to Nick’s as the sculpt looks a little bit veiny.

Molding begins and I’m really impressed by a few things. One of those things is not Nick’s leadership style. I think it’s going to likely bite them in the butt and now, if anyone’s going to go home from there, I kind of hope it’s Nick. He should not have taken over Jill’s sculpt regardless. The end of the day is not so happy.

Day two is application day and the pieces look pretty good and everyone seems happy with it at least. I think Nick knows he overstepped as he gives a little Rafiki, “it happened in the past” speech before the models arrive. Suzanne hands off some of the painting so the same person is doing both pieces. I do like the moss and twig cowl. I really enjoy some of what I’m seeing. You can absolutely tell which team gets along better though. I think it’s a matter of who listens better to each other.

At Last Looks, everyone is super busy. Nick is taking over again, even though Jill disagrees with every step and he’s apparently just decided that she doesn’t get a vote. The hair all seems to go down well. Everyone seems to be finished. Not everyone is very happy.

At the Reveal Stage, McKenzie is there. She introduces the series judges; Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, and Neville Page. Tonight we have a special guest judge, award winning actress from Lost and Once Upon a Time, Elizabeth Mitchell. McKenzie reintroduces the Spotlight Challenge.

Ethereal Effects: My opinion: I think they’re adorable. I think the witch is probably the weakest of the three, but they’re adorable. Mama Woodchuck is probably my least favorite, but she’s ok.  Judges: Witch’s face is not as good as the cowl. Papa Woodchuck is fun, transformative, and cute. Mama Woodchuck is not as good, slightly disproportionate. Mama isn’t quite as well painted. Papa Woodchuck is awesome. Fun and has a phenomenal paint job. Great silhouette. The Witch doesn’t exactly fit as a family – didn’t follow instructions. There was inconsistency which is concerning on the foreperson’s part.

Twisted Six Effects: My opinion: I can’t judge them without remembering all the terrible interplay. They do look cohesive but also cold. It’s unfortunate because that Fairy Godfather faun thing is really interesting. Judges’ opinion: the idea is very complete. The Fairy Godfather is beautiful. Red Godmother looks tired. Godfather is really whimsical and well sculpted and unique. Red Godmother is not very elegant. It feels like she’s a victim of the forest. Glenn is not thrilled that Nick removed clay from Jill’s sculpt. The tension was palpable, but they were cohesive. Jill has an edges problem, but has some grace in not throwing her foreperson under the bus. The Godfather character is genius.

Winning shop: Ethereal Effects
Winner: Andrew
Going Home: Nick

I was both surprised and not surprised this evening. I was so glad to hear Glenn’s dressing down of Nick – I hope he learns a great deal from it in his future. He showed a great deal of skill in earlier challenges, but this overstep was much too big to ignore and I am really glad that the judges didn’t turn a blind eye.

Next week seems to be a horror challenge which could go either way. Horror tends to be pretty hit and miss not just in Face Off challenges, but in the actual movies.



  1. It was an interesting episode. I agree that the witch didn’t fit too much as part of the family (maybe if the forewoman mentioned something like the witch adopted the Woodchucks to provide them a home and they all decided to help the less fortunate, might have sell the idea better, instead of saying that she enchanted them), and that the fairies were a more cohesive idea but the execution on the daughters wasn’t that good.
    I was torn about the characters, because my favorite was the fairy godfather and the worst was the red daughter, so that would be a conflict considering this season’s rules of choosing a winning and a losing team, so I get why they gave the win to Ethereal Effects (don’t get me wrong, Papa Woodchuck was great too, I just preferred the fairy godfather a little bit more).
    In the end, I was happy with the decision of eliminating Nick after what he did.

    • sarahwagner

      That faun was definitely incredible and would have been the winner in a different setup – I think anyway. My oldest son was watching with me and crossing his fingers that Nick was the one to go also. I’m just hoping they drop the shop theme before too much longer.

      • Yes, I don’t like it either. I think when there are only 5 contestants left is when they are going to drop it.

        • sarahwagner

          I suppose I’ll just be happy if it’s just this one season like this. I’m all for exploring new things with the show but I don’t think this format is really working for most of the vocal viewers.

      • I don’t think Nick should go home because his characters are better than others

    • i disagree because the judges suppose to be judging the make-up, not the contestants’ action

    • Your wrong, Twisted Six Effects should get a win on this challenge because they have the two best makeups, the godfather and the fairy with a blonde hair so KC should be a winner while Suzanne is eliminated because the witch she made on the face is bad.

    • No, Suzanne should be going home because the face of the witch she made is worst than the cowl so Twisted Six should get a first win on this challenge while KC is the individual winner because she made a short amount of time making horns

  2. Honestly I thought Jill should go. Nick tried telling her to change it and giving his input but she refused to listen and change her molding and after he took it off she didn’t know what to do, she wouldn’t improvise or listen to him. Nick’s only choices were to either do what he did or let her refuse to cooperate with changing the mold like he asked. I did like the fairy godfather the best in my opinion

    • sarahwagner

      She likely would have gone home of the two of them if he hadn’t done things the way he did. I also think she would have changed things when she came back from walking away from him to cool off. But, we’ll never know.

      It’s a bit like writing, there’s a huge difference between editing and rewriting – I’ve had both happen to me. I love editors and will generally take their suggestions and make their changes in my own voice and style or meter. Rewriters, I will never work with again and, in two cases, I’ve pulled things from those markets.

  3. I have to disagree that Glenn chose Nick to be eliminated, because I love the Twisted Six’s make up, especially the Godfather but not the godsister with the red hair. I agree with Ve that she said that the Ethereal Effects’ makeup is not a family so Twisted Six should get a win on this challenge

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