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Art of Wonder Woman Panel at Gallery Nucleus!

Invisible Jet Jondee here at Gallery Nucleus,

Art of Wonder Woman Panel and Signing at Gallery Nucleus, photo by the author.



On, Saturday, July 8th, was the Art of Wonder Woman and Signing. This was at Gallery Nucleus which is on 210 E. Main St. in Alhambra. I have attended a few signings and they are always well stocked, interesting panels, with a great setting since there is always a new gallery up (in this case it was The Corgi Show!). One of the featured items was the recent Wonder Woman: The Art and Making of the Film hardback by Sharon Gosling. This is an impressive art book with many designs and artwork to showcase the brilliant work by the many artists who helped create the film. In this case, the panel consisted of Court Chu, concept artist, Kelton Cram, concept illustrator, Benton Jew, storyboard artist, and Anson Jew, storyboard artist, Jay Oliva, storyboard artist, and Houston Sharp, concept artist. The panelists were introduced and showed slides projected onto the wall. Seats were given, a full room, people who had a ticket to the event for reserved seats.

Court showed concepts and it was interested to see Ares because one had him in a cloud form and another had his body covered in flames. He also mentioned the Greek gods scene at the beginning was based on the Sistine Chapel roof. Houston Sharp picked up that thread and showed the impressive painting, The Battle of Grunwald, by Jan Matejko, that inspired Patty Jenkins for the Greek gods scene at the beginning of the film. He was zooming in to show the intense resolution of all of the faces in the background, hundreds of tiny faces, of mankind after their creation. It caused the audience to gasp. Later, during the signing, I asked Mr. Sharp about goddesses in the movie. He pointed out a swirl of clouds above Themyscira that was the Breath of Aphrodite that was bringing the Amazons to life! Unfortunately, that didn’t make it to the film. Kelton showed some of the designs of the Amazon armor, a sketch was made for the basic shape, and Kelton finished the details. Benton noted that the early name for the project was called Nightingale and brought on his brother, Anson, for a presentation. He noted that there was Pandora’s Box in an early version.

Benton Jew, Kelton Cram, Houston Sharp, Court Chu, and Jay Oliva at the panel, Anson is to the left out of frame, sorry Anson!, photo by the author.

A storyboard clip was shown of a young Diana hunting a deer. Anson showed early storyboard designs for The Contest which was in the comics deciding which Amazon will return Steve Trevor. This was an essential part of Wonder Woman’s origin and it is reassuring that it was considered for the film. Jay Oliva worked with Michelle McLaren when she was on the film. He showed a clip of the Amazon battle with a temp music track. He also noted he was working on the Batman film with Ben Affleck. Jay discussed working on the end scene with Geoff Johns and Patty Jenkins. It added armor for Ares and also a scene where he brings in German soldiers to fight Wonder Woman. When Zack Snyder brought on Jay to work on the films, he didn’t realize that he already was a storyboard artist for the Wonder Woman (2009) animated film and directed several DC Animated films including Justice League: War (2014). It is interesting to see the early versions of Wonder Woman comparing it to the final film. The signing took place after a break and it was nice to chat with all of the artists. Thanks to Gallery Nucleus for another great event!


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