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Face Off Season 12, Episode 4: Dante’s Demons

Neville and McKenzie introduce tonight’s challenge (image: SyFy)

After a week off, Face Off is back and brand new this week! I always miss it when it’s not on. Tonight’s episode begins with the artists walking into the Face Off lab to find McKenzie, Neville, and a table of horns. This week’s challenge deals with 3D printing technology. There are nine sets of horns, designed by Neville Page. Dante’s levels of hell. Each shop chooses their foreperson – Faina and Joseph take the positions. Each person chooses a level of hell and a set of horns. Neville wants the horns to inspire them.

Joseph has Twisted Six reading through the descriptions of the levels of hell and they are going to unify them with the inherent elements in the descriptions. Faina is giving a little looser direction, if any direction. There’s a trade off in the horns for Ethereal Effects and they are going to all be wearing priest robes. There are some beautiful ideas coming out of Twisted Six and I really hope they can make this work. Andrew’s face looks a little bit like a grinch right now.

Michael Westmore comes to Twisted Six first. Joseph: use dental coloring instead of false teeth. Jill: maybe don’t use clay for ice. Phil: he’s not scared by the friendly animal, he’s not seeing demon so much. Over at Ethereal Effects, he starts with Faina: maybe lengthen the chin to elongate the face. Andrew: looks like the Grinch, but that might be an easy fix. Kiersten: giant stomach. Maybe use plastic for the teeth.

Everyone is working very well. They’re trying to figure out how to build the foundation for the horns to stay where they are supposed to be. On Twisted Six, everyone is in the mold room except for Jill and Joseph is a little concerned but very kind about it.

Day two begins and everyone seems to be feeling a bit of the time crunch to make sure everything gets done. The lady with the red hair knows all about securing horns so Twisted Six is feeling pretty confident. KC is teaching the other team to make the secure caps for the horns which is really great and really encapsulates what I love about this show – it’s not just the art, but the process and I love when the artists can and do teach each other interesting things. Kiersten is a bit concerned about her chest piece but everyone is moving along pretty well. Faina hasn’t really been watching everyone’s time so much and it seems like she’s regretting her decision to be foreperson a little bit.

I’m waiting for the mold problems and I’m not seeing it yet. Oh wait! Joseph has to clean out the molds and one didn’t get done. At least none of them got stuck, frozen, or whatnot.

Day Three is Application Day and everyone gets right to work. Joseph is running KC’s foam while she continues to work on the horns. The models arrive and everyone gets to the application process. It seems like Faina made up a base color for everyone to use to add some cohesion. KC is having to do a lot of patching and blending but doesn’t seem to be stressing over it too much. Phil at TS is having a really hard time getting stuff to line up. Kiersten’s chest piece is too long and Jill’s horns are not staying in the foundations. They aren’t staying in the cowl at all and keep falling out.

At Last Looks, there are a million things going on. Jill found a way to get her horns to stay put. For the most part, no one is too terribly crazy about it all. At the end of time, everyone seems done.

At the reveal stage, McKenzie is waiting with the series judges, Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, and Neville Page. She reintroduces the challenge.

Twisted Six: My opinion: As a group they’re interesting. I’m not a big fan of Joseph’s or Phil’s looks myself but I really like KC’s look. And oddly Jill’s isn’t as horrible as I expected. It’s not great though. Judges’ opinions: Joseph’s struggling to see it. KC: Kind of cool. Jill: missed the point of using the horns as the centerpiece.

Ethereal Effects: My opinion: I see much more cohesion here. I love Nelson’s look. Kierston’s is a little comic book for me. The deer is just so super weird. Faina’s is very stereotypically demon. It’s not bad, it’s just very blah. Andrew’s still looks a little grinchy but it’s pretty interesting. Judges’ Opinion: Andrew’s Demon is better up close, but a bit on the nose. Expected, but at least it’s done with skill.

It is way too early in the episode for them to be looking at announcing the winning team so there’s something going on tonight. Winning team tonight: Ethereal Effects. Absolute domination.

Kierston comes to center stage to explain her Gluttony Demon. Glenn loves the shapes and finds it contemporary. Ve likes some of the forms and color choices. Neville finds the details quite beautiful.

Andrew comes to center stage to explain his Heresy Demon. Ve thinks it’s the best paint job of the night. Neville finds it very solid. Glenn says it’s what they’re looking for and thinks it’s awesome.

Jill comes forward to explain her Treachery Demon. Neville thinks there’s a lot of contradiction in her story vs her sculpt. Glenn thinks the idea is exciting, but she didn’t carry it on. Ve doesn’t like the paint choices.

Phil comes forward to explain his Violence Demon. Glenn thinks he had too many inspirations. Ve finds it confusing and badly painted. Neville has a lot of issues with the anatomy.

Individual winner is Kierston.

Going home tonight: Jill.

For me, Kierston’s demon was interesting but really straight out of a comic book. I guess my preference is a bit more literal. It did look like something John Constantine would make a deal with though. Jill could have been sent home last episode. She definitely should have been sent home tonight. My personal favorite of the night got glossed over a good bit and she couldn’t win and have the worst of the night get sent home but, KC, if you’re out there – your demon was definitely my favorite of the night.

I personally don’t like this season’s set up. Next week, they’ll have to reshuffle again and then it’ll be Ethereal Effects all over the place as Twisted Six will have just as many Ethereal Effects members as they do Twisted Six members.


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