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Lark’s Killer #1 Review!

Jonar Jondee here at the town of Mercy Rock,

First Comics is back with Lark’s Killer! Bill Willingham is an incredible creator that worked on early Dungeons & Dragons adverts and then his own super team, The Elementals, but of course is known for his long run on Vertigo’s Fables. I know of Mark Dos Santos’ work on Imperial written by Steven T. Seagle about a superhero protector of mankind. The cover I got was a 2017 Convention special with cover by Dos Santos.  The opening is a bit like a fairy tale that is a sort of flashback. The warrior, Jonar, his warrior sister and young thief, Seven, have defeated the last crocodile-like gargoyle guardian.

They enter the cave, very D&D, and Jonar figures out the stone door needs to be lifted. This is a Bend Bars Lift Gates Strength roll. Jonar lifts the gate and they slip into the next part of the cave. They send off a Kill Box, which floats away and vaporizes “monsters.” The Kill Box is taken down and they move on until stunned by what they see in the next room. It is a massive chamber that holds the cartoonish dragon with the big belly sitting on a pile of bones. It somehow reminds me of the classic cover of the Dungeon Master’s Guide by David Sutherland III. Nice work with the two page spread that covers the size of the beastie who loves visitors to run. Jonar goes on the attack, but instead the dragon-like storyteller says that the treasure is in his story.

He starts off at the town of Mercy Rock where a girl, Lark, in modern clothes is in a chase. A butcher, a goofy warrior, and ogre are hunting her. Night falls and Lark tires to make her way down a cliff, but three vicious hellhounds (Medium Outsiders with 22 hp) protect a castle. The mercenaries see her attempted climb and offer to help her up. This reminds me of Princess Bride. Fish Biter with the goofy helmet makes his way down on a rope. Lark takes out a switch blade to threaten him and then gives him a jab that sends Fish Biter into the hellhounds.

She makes her way from a storm into a tavern. Nice splash page of the tavern warriors looking at her against the storm. Lark asks them for help and when they say they work for money she takes out a dollar. Another warrior says that treasure houses use notes. Lark offers her treasury note when the killers appear. A bulky mercenary, Brenar Frogbarding, swipes off the leader’s head and takes down the ogre. This is where the dragon storyteller pauses his story about the meeting between Lark and their ancestor. This is a fun twist on fantasy stories with a gamer’s touch. I get a kick out of the art and the light tone with splashes of violence. Five Kill Boxes out of Five!

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