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Face Off Season 12, Episode 8: Amusing Aliens

Face Off Reveal Stage (image: SyFy)

Tonight’s episode of Face Off begins at the lab. The artists walk in to find McKenzie surrounded by strange machinery. Tonight is the semifinals which means that only three people will move forward tonight. This is the first individual Spotlight Challenge and it’s all about the strange sounds from deep in space. Tonight’s challenge is all about the aliens, but not the dark, doom, and gloom aliens, but the lighter side. Using a real deep space recording, the artists will create a fun and friendly alien.

The artists chose their radio kits with the sounds and they’re off to the design phase. They choose their models and listen to their sounds. Andrew thinks his sound sounds like drums and is going a little bit rock and roll. KC thinks her sound sounds like sonar so she’s going aquatic. She feels she has to go big or go home. Faina’s signal seems to be very fast, an alien that’s always on the move. She is thinking about a smooth talking salesman. Keirsten pulls out the chirping in her sound so she is pushing the envelope, trying to step it up and do something very different. Nelson’s sound also has some chirping and his sketch is really buggy, a little bit Greedo to me. The sculpts are looking really interesting to me, though KC’s is still a bit blocky from the back, but if she makes it match the front, it could be very impressive.

Michael Westmore arrives and heads for Andrew first. He suggests that he remove the upper lip completely. He urges KC to be careful with making it too busy and confusing. She should think sleek. He thinks Faina should overlap the angles in the back. Nelson has a familiar shape and Westmore thinks he should maybe change it up a little in a few places. He finishes the lab tour with Keirsten where he has a few good suggestions especially in the shape of the back of the head, instead of rounding the back of the head like a human, change the shape so it reads more other.

Nelson’s idea gets a little weirder and less Greedo and more JarJar from the look of the clay. Faina is struggling a little bit with the shapes of the face trying to keep it happy and light. She seems to be the only one really having difficulty at the moment. Andrew is the first into the mold room.

Day two begins in the usual rush with everyone really focusing on the last of the sculpting, trying to make sure every detail is as perfect as possible. Faina seems a lot more confident now. Nelson’s a little worried about it being too goofy. Keirsten is a bit behind, but she seems to know it. KC is having mold problems and Nelson is helping her, but as many weird noises as the mold was making, the mold separated just fine.

Day three arrives and the models arrive for Application Day. I am not digging Nelson’s base color, but he could surprise me. A lot of the initial color choices seem strange to start and work better the more the artist works with various colors and adding to the look. The last little bit flies past quickly with the usual amount of hurry and fuss.

At the reveal stage, Mckenzie reintroduces the challenge and the series judges, Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, Neville Page and special guest judge Rick Baker, master makeup artist with 12 Oscars on his shelf.

Faina’s Friendly Alien (image: SyFy)

Faina: my opinion: he looks a little plantish. He’s interesting but he doesn’t really blow me away. Judges’ opinion: It’s much better up close. Some of the forms have no purpose. The upper lip works great. It fits the challenge well. Great blending.

KC’s Friendly Alien (image: SyFy)

KC: My opinion: It’s definitely interesting, but I’m not sure I like it. It reminds me of the weird fooglies things from Spy Kids. Judges’ opinions: Glenn thinks it looks like a space turkey and Rick Baker wants to know what’s wrong with a space turkey. They appreciate the breakup in the face. It’s fun and friendly. There are some great details in the snout but maybe it’s a little busy. Ve loves the orange down the back. Cool profile. Great amount of work but so much going on. They definitely haven’t seen it a million times.

Keirsten’s Fun and friendly alien (image SyFy)

Keirsten: My opinion: This might be my favorite look tonight. It’s very interesting and very alien. I wish the model would present the top of her head like her face, but it really is neat. Judges’ Opinion: They love it but just don’t know if it fits the challenge really. This is what she should have been doing all along. It’s a great design. Beautiful. Beautifully sculpted and painted.

Nelson’s friendly alien (image: SyFy)

Nelson: My opinion: Yeah, I don’t like that so much. It’s a gecko-Greedo combo. It is really weird looking for me. Too silly for me. Judges opinion: It reminds Glenn of the old heavy metal, cartoony aliens. When the model opens the mouth is good. Eyes are very gecko. Very different. Unique colors.

Andrew’s Friendly Alien (image: SyFy)

Andrew: My opinion: I wish he’d done different teeth, something less human to go with the thin lip thing, but she’s really interesting. Judges’ Opinion: It would have been the perfect time for Andrew to add in a beauty makeup. There are good shapes. Good nostrils. It could work in any movie, it’s not jokey.

Winner of tonight’s challenge and the first finalist is Keirsten.

This season’s other two finalists are Andrew and KC.

It could have gone either way between KC and Faina, but I think, from the pool of talent, those three work. It’ll be interesting to see what they do with the finale. Personally, I would have liked to see Faina continue, but it’s rare that I agree with all the decisions anyway.



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