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Game Face episode 3: Things get Harry

The episode of Game Face opens with former contestants and this week we have one of my all-time least favorite contestants, Robert. We also have Corinne, Alana, and Scott. Judges tonight are Ve Neill, Rick Baker, and Neville Page.

McKenzie Westmore does the standard welcomes, introductions, talks about the prize, and then introduces tonight’s first round. Round one involves a fish tank. They will be taking inspiration from ocean life. They’re each going to pick a fish to be inspired by unfortunately how they’re doing this could really stress the fish. I love Face Off, but this is cruel for these fish, especially the porcupine puffer. Alana took my personal favorite, the porcupine puffer. I think Corinne took a snowflake eel. Scott has a tuskfish. Robert has the flame angel fish. It seems like the judges wanted them all to go the merperson way which is interesting, but I find it more interesting that most of them did not. I was wrong, Corinne picked a zebra moray not a snowflake eel.

It looks like they’re all using just standard pre-made face pieces. At least Robert is cutting his apart and doing something with a bunch of them. I really don’t know if I like this format. I think there’s a lot we lose doing it this way rather than watching them create it from scratch. But I also have to remember that this is probably shot in one day and it’s not a big show like Face Off, it’s a little one off episodic.

Alana looks so grown-up. She was so young on her season. Looks like Alana is using gills and I don’t see anybody else trying to do gills that’s interesting. Corinne’s fish person, as it stands before paint, kind of looks like an alien.

Baker’s very concerned about their time. Nobody’s really ahead of the game. It does seem like Corinne is having some difficulty with her light colors. I Kind of really like Alana’s paint job, she just does such a good job with paint. She does seem to be keeping the hair instead of covering it with a cowl. Robert is making something. I don’t know, it looks a little bit more like Admiral Ackbar than it does a flame angel. Time is creeping up to the end everybody took this really literally as far as emulating the patterns of their fish.

Alana, Robert, Corinne, and Scott’s Round One looks (image: SyFy)

Time’s up and it’s time to take a look at everybody’s works on the stage. Yeah and I really don’t like Robert’s very much. Corinne’s still looks more alien than fish. I like Alana’s but I’ve always liked Alana’s work. Scott is very literal. Very literal.

The judges come up to take a good look starting with Robert. Neville likes the breaking up of the prosthetics. Baker likes the feather fan, but wishes he would have done more with the paint job. They move on to Corinne: Baker likes the appliance with the stripe, but thinks she could have done more there’s a little spot where the edges pulling. They move on to Alana, Neville really likes the more humanish look, but not so much the ears he thinks they make her to elf. Baker liked it just fine. They move on to Scott: Baker’s not so sure about the one color band on the front and the face and Neville thinks he should have used a glossier paint.

Going home at the end of round one is: Robert.

Round 2 begins and this round is demonic possession. The inspiration for many films. They don’t want the possessed person, they want to demon inside the possessed person based on the letters on the pin board. Each artist picks a letter and they have two hours to get her done. We’ve got two people going with a bat based idea. I think that’s a think that works in Alana’s favor because if the other two are both doing bat designs, Alana’s work will stand out all the more. As we watch the artists work, I’m not getting some of Corinne’s choices. Her demon doesn’t look much at all like her letter and it’s much too pig like. Definitely not very bat like. Scott is also not going as directly bat as I’d thought he would. It’s a lot more person, like grandpa Munster if the Munsters had been scary and not funny.

Alana, Scott, and Corinne’s Round Two looks (image: SyFy)

At The reveal stage, I think Alana’s look is the strongest, even if it’s also the most static. The other two just don’t thrill me. Scott’s is sort of oldmanish and Corinne’s is a lot more piglike. The judges come up to get their closer looks and give their opinions. Baker thinks Scott’s demon reads too much like a witch and not enough like a demon and he’s not sure what to think about the hair. Ve doesn’t like the hair at all. Corrine’s looks a little bit like a pig, but Ve likes the color it doesn’t really encapsulate what she was going for. It looks more like a gargoyle than a demon.

That is the end of round two and the judges have decided that going home from this round will be Scott.

Round 3 begins and it is Wizarding School specifically Harry Potter. The challenge is to take a spell from Harry Potter and make the makeup of the spell backfiring on the student and this might be my favorite challenge ever they pick a wand and a spell.

The judges are talking Harry Potter makeup while the contestants are figuring out their spells. Alana has one that is basically incarcerating her student, she’s going to use ropes from the inside out. Corinne spell is a duplicating spell.

Corinne’s Round Three Look (image: SyFy)

There’s some discussion over everybody’s choices and Alana is struggling a little bit being on her feet given that she has got a busted foot. I’m not sure what either of them are actually doing, but it’s interesting even on this short challenge they can critique each other and not be snotty about it and it’s interesting because they’re not catty I’d love that. I do wonder how the contestants don’t hear what the judges are sayin,g I realize they have microphones and we hear what they said, but and still one room unless they’re whispering, they don’t seem that far away.

Alana’s Round Three look (image: SyFy)

Wow 5 minutes left and neither one of them feel like they’re done with what they’re doing. For me, neither one of them feel very Harry Potter. Time is up and everybody steps back and away we go to the spotlight stage so we get to see him spotlighted, Corinne’s I don’t get. It doesn’t look bad, but it doesn’t seem like the spell that she got. Alana’s comes a little closer to being on target.

The judges approach and start with Alana she described her spell and and they aren’t sure that she really did the challenge and they’re all up in her face over it too, very pointed and almost argumentative. I’ve never seen them like that I hope that means they like her. They move on to Corinne and have some of the same concerns as I did. They’re not sure that it feels like Harry Potter either. It’s beautifully applied and beautifully colored and all of that but it does not feel like Harry Potter.

But someone’s got to win and tonight’s winner of Game Face is Alana.



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