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Star Wars Adventures #1 Review!

Jedi Jondee here in Wild Space,

Star Wars Adventures is a younger readers series from IDW Publishing. It features a main story and a back-up. There are many covers for this comic, but the regular one is by interior artist, Derek Charm, with Rey centered along with characters from the Star Wars films around her. His style is fun, kinda cartoony, but still looks Star Wars. It reminds me of the Clone Wars Adventures comics. The first story, “Better The Devil You Know” is part 1 with the conclusion next issue. Cavan Scott writes both stories. There is a nice cover page of Rey on her speeder in silhouette with three raiders leaping forward. The next page is a splash with Rey using her staff against the raiders in a scavenging site on Jakku It flash backs, to a crashed ship, and opening a hatch. She thinks back to Unkar Plutt and this scene is almost identical to her intro in TFA. Rey bashes a raider into a power relay which sets off a chain reaction and they all leap out of the exploding ship. She leaves them behind in the desert.

Rey heads back to Niima Outpost, there’s a nice closeup with smoke rising from the outpost, very cinematic. She is told that Unkar was taken by some off-worlders led by Zool Zendiat. Rey is then confronted by Constable Zuvio who tells her that Zendiat is looking for a J9 droid. They are interrupted by Krynodd, the new junk boss of Niima Outpost, who smacks down creature keeper, Bobbajo. Rey goes to collect his creatures and he gives her a ration of corn-clusters. Unkar is being questioned by Zendiat who wants the head of the J9 droid.

At Rey’s home in the remains of the AT-AT walker, she reveals the head of the droid. At night, Rey goes on a rescue mission to save the outpost from Krynodd, she encounters a flock of ripper raptors, whom Zendiat threatens to feed on Unkar Plutt! What are the secrets of the J9? We will find out next issue! The back up is “Tales from Wild Space” which is interesting since Cavan Scott was also the novelist for the young readers series Adventures in Wild Space. This was a UK only series, but is currently being published here. In this case, the story is entitled, “Stop, Thief!”  The cover page has the silhouette of the new droid, BB-00 or Boo, the starship the Star Herald, Emil Graf, the descendant of the characters in the books, and Obi-Wan Kenobi with Dexter Jettster.

Emil is surveying the Wild Space regions along with his droids, family droid, CR-8R also named Crater, made up of different droid parts, and BB-00, with an interesting droid head on the green, BB droid sphere. Crater complains to Emil that his red, pet monkey lizard has taken the laser welder and hides in the corner of the ship. This makes Emil relate a story from his great aunt Lina, one of the characters in Adventures in Wild Space. The story brings us back to Dexter’s Diner on Coruscant. Lina is sitting with her back to us, next to Obi-Wan Kenobi. The beady, almost Muppet-like eyes of a Pa’lowick similar to the singer Sy Snootles in Return of the Jedi, eyes a cube next to Obi-Wan.

The crazy, female thief, Tri Tellon, is able to bounce her way through Coruscant air traffic. She returns to her den filled with trash and stolen items. She believes the cube is worth a fortune and tries to tell her partner, Magreda, but it turns out that it is Obi-Wan. The cube was really a tracking device and Dexter Jettster is there to take custody of the thief and the stolen goods from his customers. Crater understands the lesson and activates the sprinkler system that flushes out the lizard monkey and Emil retrieves the laser welder. Read more about Cavan Scott’s work at  More on the comic and others are at  It is a clever, fun story. Are these stories canon? They fit comfortably within the Star Wars story, but canon or not, they are fun Star Wars stories for all ages!

Four Lightsabers out of Five!


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