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Face Off: Game Face, Episode 4: Stone Cold Superheroes

Tonight’s episode opens with Miranda, Derek, KC, and George. Gotta say, there’s no way I’m not cheering for George. I adore him. McKenzie welcomes them, explains the evening’s events, and introduces the judges, Ve Neill, Rick Baker, and Glenn Hetrick.

Round One is about Greek gods turning people into plants. They each select a plant to create a beautiful plant/human hybrid and they have 90 minutes to make something amazing. George took my favorite thing – an artichoke which is a thistle that is delicious. The judges are talking about plant sorts of makeups they’ve done. KC picked an orchid and isn’t doing any prosthetics. Derek picked a cactus and Miranda picked a plant that looks a bit like a bromeliad of some kind. KC is fabricating petals out of foam which may take too much time. Derek is taking a risk doing such a detailed paint job.

Round One: Plant Hybrids (image: SyFy)

At the end of the time, I’m not sure we’re going to get to see my favorite move forward. My favorite guy with my favorite lunch didn’t succeed. KC’s orchid is lovely. Derek’s cactus looks a little feline. George’s guy looks like a statue growing moss and Miranda’s dude looks really neat, even if the paint looks muddy unless you’re right up on top of it.

The judges come up to take a look starting with KC. They commend her lack of appliance and use of foam. Ve wishes she’d lightened up on the contrasting color just a bit. Next, they go to Derek and Baker isn’t sure he needed the appliance, but Glenn loves the level of detail in the paint. At George’s, they pick at him a bit for the lack of purple, but complimented his edge work. They finished up with Miranda and I was right, it’s a type of bromeliad. They like the wig choice and the idea, but she should have given him a lighter foundation to better highlight the color choices. Going home in round one is George.

Round two moves to modern mythology in the form of comic books, specifically Marvel Comics. Using the Infinity Stones for inspiration to create an all new Marvel inspired character embodying the stone’s properties. Miranda picks the green time gem. KC picks the orange soul stone. Derek picked the red reality stone. Everyone seems to have a good idea what they’re doing and hit the ground running. The judges are talking about the comics and the movies and apparently, Mr. Baker is a bit behind on comic book movies.

Round Two: Infinity Stones (image: SyFy)

On the round two stage, there isn’t a bad look in the bunch. Miranda’s look is very green. KC’s look is very orange, and Derek’s look feels very villainous. For me, this round goes solidly to Derek – I would absolutely watch something with this guy. The judges come up to do their thing and they start with Miranda. Glenn likes the clockish symbol. Ve wishes she’d put some sort of gloss on it. On KC’s look, they’re sort of distracted by the prosthetic choice. Baker likes the depth of the paint job. On Derek’s look, Baker likes the patterns and Glenn really likes the mystical concepts, the darker tones of the Marvel, despite the stone in the center of his head. Going home in round two is KC.

Derek’s Boogieman (image: SyFy)

Round three continues the mythology trek to the boogieman, specifically their own boogieman. They are to make characters based on the descriptions they gave earlier about their own boogieman. Miranda definitely has it easier as hers was pretty nondescript.

Miranda’s Boogieman (image: SyFy)

The last reveal stage of the night is creepy. Derek’s is exceptional for me. Miranda’s isn’t bad, but for me, Derek’s wins. The judges come up and like the web and slime, but not so much the eyes for Derek. Ve wishes Miranda had been able to do more on the hands and with the contrast. Both are great depictions of they’re own personal boogiemen, but only one person can win the episode.

Tonight’s winner is Miranda. I disagree entirely. I was amazed when they picked her on those final looks. Miranda’s look I’ve seen before and better. Derek’s spiderling is the stuff of my nightmares.



  1. Over all show is good, but a lot to be said about camera work…unsteady shots, poor camera angels, backs of people’s heads. Hard to watch has a low budget feel.

    • sarahwagner

      It’s definitely not Face Off and I don’t think it would work using artists we don’t have some familiarity with from the get go. This show feels more like fun filler that can be done fast and cheap to give us some Face Off-lite between seasons. There’s a chance the production value will go up as they adjust and get feedback but I won’t hold my breath on that.

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