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Face Off: Game Face, Episode 5: Mutants wear makeup too

This week we have Mel, Niko, Drew, and Heather. I don’t know yet who to cheer for this week so, I’m unbiased for once! McKenzie introduces the show, the judges, Ve Neill, Eryn Krueger MeKash, and Rick Baker, before introducing Round One.

Round One focuses on Science Fiction aliens. Each model has a crazy dress and the artist must create a beautiful alien to go with the dresses. The artists pick their models and dresses and get to work. Mel definitely has a plan in mind. Ve talks a bit about Hunger Games, Rick talks a little about Men In Black and creating aliens. Drew is doing something with less prosthetics and more paint. Mel may have made a misstep with worrying more about the paint than the application. Heather has some interesting shapes going on with her look and it could be awesome. Drew was, once upon a time, Mel’s teacher and that’s kind of neat! With Mel fabricating horns, it’s hard to say if she’s going to have a complete makeup. Drew’s makeup is a little busy. Heather is not doing so much with the beauty makeup so she doesn’t mess up the alien under it.

Round One Looks (image: SyFy)

At the end of round one, we get to see all the looks on the stage. Drew’s isn’t alien enough for me. Mel’s isn’t bad, but not alien enough. Heather’s is awesome. Niko’s isn’t bad, but reads elf not alien. The judges come up and start with Drew’s look. Ve doesn’t like the distance read of the wig choice. Eryn doesn’t like the wig either. With Mel’s look, Baker thinks it was gutsy to do the horns. Ve picks at the application and the edges on the nose. They move on to Heather’s look and Eryn likes the appliance and the paint, but Baker wishes she’d gotten a bit more of the body done. On Niko’s look, Baker thinks it was smart to use the colors of the necklace, but it does read more elf. Ve thinks there’s a good flow to it.

Going home in Round One is Niko.

Round Two is all about mutants, specifically the children of XMen. They’ll roll dice to get the parents. Mel gets Mystique and Colossus. Drew rolls Feral and Elixer. Heather rolls Pixie and Gentle. I know nothing about some of these mutants, but the artists seem to know what they’re doing. It is interesting to postulate about the offspring. They’re working pretty steadily, but right now, Mel seems to be pretty far behind. From the glimpses, I’m definitely loving Drew’s look and Mel’s might not be perfect, but it’s absolutely on point. Heather’s, unfortunately, doesn’t work for me.

Round Two Looks (image: SyFy)

At the end of round two, we get a good look. Heather’s look is a bit more interesting than I expected. Mel’s is pretty on point, but Drew wins it for me hands down. The judges start with Heather, and they’re not really super thrilled with the cap or the coloration, but she does look like an X-man. They move on to Mel and they don’t like the wig at all and maybe she shouldn’t have been as dark a blue. They move to Drew and Baker likes the gold. Eryn likes the detailing work.

Going home in round two is Heather and this time I agree with the decision.

Round Three – Drew’s Look (image: SyFy)

Round Three is a throwback challenge inspired by the 1950’s science fiction movies. There are classic sci-fi movie posters and they’ll pick a poster and design the monster to go with it and the creatures must be entirely grayscale to fit in with the black and white format of the 50’s which is really neat. Mel picks “It Came From The Swamp.” Drew picks “At Night It Hunts.” Drew is going with a bit of a silly Halloween mask but that’s sort of what they looked like then. Mel picks a reptilian looking head and a burnish face. Apparently, if you cut the black with a bit of brown it will be less bluish, according to Mel. The color choices are interesting. Drew’s face looks, to me, like something right out of that time period.

At the end of the round, Mel’s isn’t very swampy, but it is neat. Drew’s is very weird and funky and also neat. The judges come up and start with Mel – they like the grayscale work and the shapes. The application was good this time, but there’s not swamp in it for Baker. They move on to Drew. It’s very creepy. Ve thinks it’s a strange look.

Round Three – Mel’s Look (image: SyFy)

At the end of the day, the judges pick their $10,000 winner for the week and it is Mel. I love Mel, but I think I would have picked Drew this time out personally. I can’t always agree with the judges though.


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