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Face Off: Game Face episode 7: The Killer Behind the Mask

Tonight’s episode opens with the introduction of tonight’s artists; Scott, Marie, Jonathon, and Angie. None of these people have been on Face Off. I don’t have anyone to cheer for in the beginning here. McKenzie introduces the challenge and the judges: Ve Neill, Eryn Kreuger Mekash, and Rick Baker.

Round one deals with cave paintings with evidence of alien encounters and the artists get to create the alien. The artists pick their cave paintings, their models arrive, and they get started on creating their looks. There are definitely some interesting techniques and colors going on but I think the one, Marie, may have gone too simple unless one of the others simply doesn’t finish which is a real possibility.

Round One Looks on Face Off: Game Face (Image: SyFy)

At the end of the round, they head for the abbreviated reveal stage and we get our first looks and the completed works. Scott’s alien is interesting, Marie’s isn’t very alien, Jonathon’s is really neat and Angie’s is also really different, sort of regal and pretty. The judges come up to take a look. On Scott’s character, Ve likes the colors and they think the hair sets the makeup off. They think Marie’s work is very well applied but the colors are a bit muddy. They had a lot of issues with Jonathon’s and I don’t think they said much of anything nice. They like the beauty elements in Angie’s look.

Going home in the first round: Marie.

Round two is a horror challenge specifically a masked slasher a la Friday the 13th, Halloween, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. For inspiration, they get news articles detailing the tragic backstory of the killer. They need to create the character and the mask they wear and they’ve got three hours to do it. They all pick their articles, get their models, and get started. There’s a bit of overthinking going on but, it’s going. There are some definite time management issues and it’ll be a near miracle if Jonathon pulls something together before McKenzie calls time.

Round Two Looks on Game Face (image: SyFy)

At the end of time, we get to see the results. Jonathon’s is weird and unfinished for me. Angie’s is very interesting. Scott, I think, made my favorite. The judges come up. They like the costuming elements, but Jonathon didn’t do a lot of makeup. Angie’s look is really neat, but it has issues with the mask. Scott’s look has some distracting elements.

Going home in round two: Jonathon.

Scott’s Round Three Looks (image: SyFy)

Round Three, the two remaining artists will create two characters, a hero and villain with polar opposite traits. Their models come in and Scott and Angie get right to work. It’s hard to tell how it’s going to work out when they’re mostly just gluing various appliances and painting them. At the end of the time I’m a bit amazed they got it all done.


Angie’s Round Three looks (image: SyFy)

Angie’s two characters are very pretty. Scott’s two characters are very bright. Ve likes the red in Scott’s better up close and they don’t mind the weird horns on her face as much. Baker doesn’t understand the appliances on the side of the male’s face. On Angie’s they think the beauty makeup is great, the distance read is great but the wig is less than great.

Tonight’s Winner: Angie.

For me, I miss the sculpting aspect of Face Off here. I know the time limits don’t allow for it but that is one of my favorite parts of Face Off. I know they’re able to pull a lot of interesting things together piecing together the other appliances but I do miss the crazy creativity. For me, it doesn’t work as well when it’s not familiar artists. I don’t know what these people can do, I don’t have anyone to really cheer for, and while there is certainly talent, it’s not as interesting for me. I want the crazy fabrications and sculpts. We really don’t get to see enough of the process and they don’t stand up on that reveal stage long enough to get half a thought in before they’ve moved on. If I’m perfectly honest, without artists I care about and have some understanding of what they can create, this show doesn’t work as well for me. Hopefully, regular Face Off won’t be too terribly far away.



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