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Once Upon a Time, “Hyperion Heights”, Recap!

Jacinda-like Jondee here at Hyperion Heights,

ONCE UPON A TIME – “Hyperion Heights” – (Eike Schroter/ABC).

It is Season 7 of Once Upon a Time! “Hyperion Heights” is written by the show creators, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. It begins with a prologue using the title of the show to introduce the story of a enchanted forest and then a curse that traps the fairy tale characters in a non-magical city, Hyperion Heights? This of course makes them forget. We get young Henry (Jared S. Gilmore) saying goodbye to Regina (Lana Parrilla) to find his own story. He has found other books and goes on his motorcycle throwing a magic bean to open a portal. We find a castle and a forested road with an older Henry (Andrew J. West) riding his motorcycle. He nearly collides with a carriage that sends it’s rider tumbling to the side of the road. Henry sees her glass slipper and knows it’s Cinderella! Seattle, Henry is a Swyft ride app driver, he sees all of the passengers and then goes home to try to write his story. He opens his door to see a young girl, Lucy (Alison Fernandez), who introduces herself as his daughter. She mentions the curse has taken away his memory. Lucy wants him to go to Hyperion Heights. She tells him the fairy tale characters are going to be lost like her mother, Cinderella. Her grandmother hopes to move people from the real world to the fairy tale world removing the fairy tale characters. I like the transition from the early Once to the new Once world and characters.

A woman, Jacinda (Dania Ramirez who is also Cinderella) races down the street and puts on an apron and her boss is not happy she is late. He doesn’t like her disrespect and threatens to fire her unless she apologizes. In the fairy tale forest, Cinderella is unconscious as the black leather suited Henry and says that her horse Phillipe has run away. He offers to give her a ride on his motorcycle which she calls his “headless horse.” Current day, Henry finds his laptop is stolen, and reads a message for meeting to get the laptop. He sees a bridge with a troll underneath and drives up to the meeting place. A woman leaps down from a rooftop and walks off. This is Alice (Rose Reynolds) in the fairy tale world. Henry walks into a bar called Roni’s and sees a woman who calls herself Roni, but it is Regina! Roni is going to sell her bar to Victoria Belfrey. She does not recognize Henry. In the fairy tale world, Henry shows Cinderella how the motorcycle works. He tells her about the glass slipper. She socks him and takes his motorcycle! Jacinda returns to her apartment to explain to her roommate that she was fired. She looks for her daughter, Lucy, but she has used the pillow trick. Seattle and Hyperion Heights (haven’t seen a city sign yet) seem like real places not like the fairy tale refuge of Storybrooke which has it’s plusses and minuses.

An assistant, Ivy Belfrey (Adelaide Kane) scrambles to find Victoria Belfrey’s granddaughter. Yup Tremaine is Belfrey and they are both crazy as bats. Fairy godmother wakes to find out that Lady Tremaine (Gabrielle Anwar) cut her wings. She shows her daughter fairy godmother’s wand and uses it to transform fairy godmother. This seems to be the only use of magic in this series. The implication is the curse is from Lady Tremaine, but it could be some other force. On the streets, Cinderella finds her daughter trying to make a wish. Lucy throws a quarter into what she believes is her wishing well. She explains that she has found her father. Jacinda enters Roni’s bar and gives the laptop to Henry. He is struck by her. Fireworks explode in the fairy tale world and Cinderella descends the steps to the ball. Tiana (Mekia Cox) is shown appetizers and remarks, “Oh! Frog legs? no!”, very funny. A cameo for now. Henry offers a dance with Cinderella. He knows she has his dagger and wants to kill the prince for murdering her father. Henry collapses, drugged, and wakes up in an underground covered with vines. The woman, Alice, has drugged him. Alice enters a warehouse to tell about the new arrival to the Weaver (Robert Carlyle), who turns – it’s Rumple!

Jacinda tells Henry about a house by a lighthouse. Victoria Belfrey walks in the bar and tells Jacinda about moving in Lucy. Victoria threatens Henry and Roni just watches them. Henry walks into the police station saying his car was stolen. He is helped by Officer Rogers (Colin O’Donoghue) – Hook! Henry is trapped in the vines and is released. Henry sees the Drink Me bottle. Alice knows he is Henry Mills from Rumplestilskin’s information. He is warned by Alice, but gives the familiar Henry motto, “When someone needs help, I help them.” Henry finds Lucy and tells her that there was a fire that killed his wife and daughter. Lucy cries and wants him to start his story. Her mother drives up, but the car has died, so they start walking. The fairy tale castle, Cinderella dances with the prince (Liam Hall) and tries to stab him, but it is Lady Tremaine who has killed him because he rejected Drizella. Henry takes on the guards with a sword and Cinderella joins him. Henry Mills may be older, but he is the same character though hit with writer’s block.

Henry is frustrated that the stolen car has not been found. Victoria walks into the police station to find the missing Lucy. She implies that she has taken Henry’s car. Jacinda and Lucy have a chat, they hug, and a police car drives up. Ivy Belfrey is there with Officer Rogers. She takes out the Once Upon a Time book to the officer. Henry is trapped in Hyperion Heights, he might have allies with Officer Rogers and his partner, but everything seems to be under the control of Victoria Belfrey who seems to be our villain. Roni also seems to be an ally and defies Victoria from taking over her bar inspired by Lucy. The young Lucy appears to be the Henry of this new story. She is pushing for Henry to start his story, but she doesn’t seem to be a Storyteller herself. The Hook and Rumple partnership is interesting, but what happened to Rumple? We have another curse on another town. A repeat of the story? This has potential, a little humor, some of the fairy tale, and what looks like a love story with Henry and Cinderella.

Four Glass Slippers out of Five!


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