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Wacky Willy’s Word Warehouse: A Kickstarter Preview

Wacky Willy’s Word Warehouse
(All pictures of Thorny Wench Game Studios’ prototype product were taken and edited by KristaG)

What can be said about this Wacky Wordsmith and his Word Warehouse? Well, to be honest, quite a bit! While I was originally envisioning Wacky Willy’s Word Warehouse as being another word-filled party game similar to Mattel‘s Apples to Apples or Wyrd Miniatures‘ Jetpack Unicorn, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is not! Instead, this 3-5 player game is a great blend between a word game and story-telling game where players compete to both provide the better answer to a question asked by the current Wordsmith as well as be the first person to complete their Word-O-Gram. Making it’s appearance on Kickstarter this Friday, October 13th, Wacky Willy’s Word Warehouse is the newest game from Thorny Wench Game Studios and was designed by Naomi Bielefeldt-Schenk.

I want to start by saying that the prototype artwork is pretty awesome! The colors grabbed my attention the moment I saw the box and the depiction of Wacky Willy is simply wonderful (I’m rather jealous of his hair…). The simplicity of the Word-O-Grams and the Game Board keep everything fairly clean and organized yet stylized. The bright colors that illustrate where each of the word category cards go are easy to spot and differentiate between. The only things that are a little difficult to see is where certain elements overlap in the prototype. For example, some of the darker areas on the ink stain-like spots make reading things a little difficult at times. However, I don’t really see this taking away from the game and it didn’t really effect our group’s game play.

When setting up the game, separate and shuffle each of the 5 Answer Card Decks (white backed cards with colored letters) and each of the 5 Question Card Decks (color backed cards with white letters). Next, place the 2 pieces of the Game Board side by side in the center of the play area where all players can have easy access to it. The included d6 should also be kept close by. Each Wordsmith is dealt 5 cards from each of the 5 Answer Card Decks (Who, What, When, Where and Why) giving them 25 cards total. These cards should be kept in separate stacks in front of the player. The remaining Answer cards are placed on their corresponding locations on the Game Board. Each of the 5 Question Card Decks are also placed in their corresponding locations on the Game Board. Then, each Wordsmith should select a Word-O-Gram of their choice to try and complete.

The prototype copy set up and ready to play!

Upon choosing the first player based on who was the last person to read and finish a book, said player begins their turn by rolling the d6. After matching the rolled number to the category on the Game Board, the player draws the top Question card for the category and reads it aloud. All other players select one of their Answer cards for the matching color/category that they feel best answers the question. Like in similar games, the active player then chooses which one they feel is the best answer.

Completed Word-O-Gram

An example of a completed Word-O-Gram (and the winning one from my last game!)

The player who played the winning answer gets to add that card to the corresponding area on their Word-O-Gram. All unchosen answers are placed in the discard pile and players draw a new Answer card to add to their pile. Should they already have that space filled, the winning card is simply held onto until a player has 5 of the same category. They can then exchange 4 from the one category for 1 of the category of their choice. Play continues counter-clockwise until someone is able to complete their Word-O-Gram.

As stated above, I found Wacky Willy’s Word Warehouse to be surprisingly delightful. Like other games of this genre, Wacky Willy’s Word Warehouse is still very much a party game, but I also feel it is one that will appeal to casual gamers as this is a game all about having fun and potentially being silly with your game group. Though there is some reading involved, I feel this is a game that can be played with kids and adults alike, which will make it great for my group in particular. Another draw, for me, is the game mechanics allowing for players to try guessing which answer they think the current Wordsmith is going to like the best, which also means I can get to know my players better. Some may like silly answers, some more serious, and others might like something else entirely! This mechanic can make this a great game to use as an ice breaker to just start getting to know someone or for friends to find out who really knows each other best! Some of the things that I’d really like to see during the campaign or as potential expansions are more Word-O-Grams to play with or even some blank ones so I can create my own! I’m certainly looking forward to seeing this campaign unfold!


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