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Star Trek: Discovery, “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum”, Recap!

J’Dan Jondee here at Pahvo,

STAR TREK: DISCOVERY – “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum” – Michael Gibson/CBS.

The title of this episode is in Latin meaning “If you want peace, prepare for war” which was in De Re Militari. Space, a Federation ship, the Gagaran, is under fire by Klingon vessels. A distress signal is given by the ship’s captain, Captain Kovill (Michael Boisvert) and the Discovery Spore Drives in. Captain Lorca has his hands full getting his bridge crew into full combat mode. He pleads with Rhys (Patrick Kwok-Choon) to open fire on the Klingon. Owosekun (Oyin Oladejo) can’t detect the Klingon ships in cloak. Discovery takes some hits and Lorca contacts Kovill who says they lost warp drive. Lorca has the Discovery flying cover for the Gagaran, a proton torpedo shreds it’s shields, and the other destroys the Gagaran! The captain calls Black Alert and Lt. Stamets is being readied in the Spore Drive chamber. Cadet Tilly is at the engineering controls. Lorca tells the crew they still have to get a damage report and gives the conn to Airiam (Sara Mitich), the cyborg crew member. The bridge crew is more identified in this episode though we have seen them. Plus, we can see that the crew are from a science vesssel, but Lorca is pressing them to be warriors.

Stamets is wozzy leaving the chamber, Tilly asks if he is ok, but is busy at the controls. He asks if she is captain, she takes pause, then Stamets lashes out at her, the old Stamets not the Mirror Universe Stamets? Lorca is fuming at the lack of Federation vessels to Admiral Terral.  The admiral explains that it was an ambush by Klingons on several ships. Lorca reports that all of the Klingon ships had “invisibility screens”, cloaks. The admiral explains that intelligence has reported that Kol has given the cloaking technology to all Klingon houses that swear loyalty to him. He asks about the team on Pahvo. Lorca says that they were sent eighteen hours ago. Then, we get the planet with blue trees, not Avatar’s Pandora! Michael is walking through the blue forest while we hear her log. She records that every living thing makes a song that combines together. It is all collected into a giant crystal and transmitted into space. Michael logs that Starfleet hopes to modify the signal to be able to detect the cloaked Klingon ships. There are some great vistas that open up this show to a true alien planet. Pure Star Trek.

The team also includes Saru and Lt. Tyler. Michael explains to Tyler that Saru can reach incredible speeds and detect threats from greater distances. Saru says he is in pain from the signal. Suddenly, a glowing blue mist appears, some kind of life form? Saru tries to greet it and Michael detects it is not a life form. More of the blue mist forms appear. On board Kol’s ship, L’Rell transports in. He admires her scar given by Lorca in “Choose Your Pain.” She wants to give her loyalty in exchange for the cloaking technology and mentions he has a prisoner; Admiral Cornwell taken in “Lethe”! Michael and her team reach a domed tent structure led by the mist beings. Saru tries to make first contact with the mist, he reaches out, there is a glow, and he quickly pulls back his arm. Michael tells Tyler they have to follow First Contact Protocol and not alter the crystal without their permission. Next, we get L’Rell dragging a metal torture device, inside the cell is a battered Admiral Cornwell. L’Rell tells the prisoner to “Scream”, Cornwell refuses, the Klingon yells and gets a yell back from the admiral! The guard it seems has walked away and L’Rell can now talk to Cornwell privately. The many references to past episodes really ties this series into an ongoing storyline.

STAR TREK: DISCOVERY – “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum” – Michael Gibson/CBS.

Night falls on Pahvo, Michael and Tyler talk, and he tells her of his retirement plans after the war. Michael is resigned to serve out her life sentence. It looks like Tyler will do anything to help her including dragging on the war. They kiss! Not an alternate timeline, this is the real thing! On board Discovery, Tilly takes a seat next to Stamets, and she asks about his personality change. Stamets tells her that the Spore Drive is disorienting to him. She asks about help from Dr. Culber and Stamets says that he is protecting the doctor’s career. The Klingon ship, L’Rell asks Cornwell about Federation prisoners, and says that she wants to defect. L’Rell says she has a ship in exchange for protection by the Federation. This all seems like a trap, we know L’Rell comes from a house of deceivers. Pahvo, Saru explains what he has discovered so far, that the world is peaceful and interested in communicating with others. Saru is tired and they all get some rest. Saru is restless and asks for a moment without the song, the mist merges with him, and hears his message about the war and his fear. By the way, Pandora was about a symbiotic harmony, but a living planet is similar to Mogo, the living planet who is in the Green Lantern Corps.

Morning, Saru is refreshed and says he contacted the captain after boosting his communicator, suspicious!, then asks for their communicators. Saru crushes the communicators and tells them that they should stay forever on the planet. He says that he will tell the Pahvans that they have joined them. Tyler sees this as permission to modify the crystal and complete the mission, but Michael thinks the First Order Protocol still stands. L’Rell walks with Cornwell, when Klingon guards and Kol stop them, Cornwell takes this chance to take L’Rell’s knife and fights with her! L’Rell slams Cornwell into a electrical outlet killing her. Saru returns to the tent to find Michael is missing. Tyler says that they had an argument and she walks off. He asks Saru what changed with the painful signal. Saru tells him that he gave up fighting it. He gives Tyler a crystal to calm him, Tyler pulls back, and Saru knows he’s been tricked. Michael has reached the crystal and attached her communications uplink to Discovery. Saru races on the cliff to stop her. The conflict between Saru and Michael won’t easily be repaired through time. The Klingons are brought in to Pahvo like the Treaty of Organia in “Errand of Mercy” (1967). One more episode to go!

Four Communicators out of Five!


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