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Star Trek: Discovery, “Into the Forest I Go”, Recap!

J’Dan Jondee here at Starbase 46,

STAR TREK: DISCOVERY – “Into the Forest I Go” – Jan Thijs/CBS.

It’s the fall finale of Star Trek: Discovery.  One thing I noticed is that Michael, Ash, Saru, and Tilly are important characters, but are not featured in every scene. This makes it seem like the bridge is an actual ship. Last episode, Michael, Ash, and Saru were successful in activating the transmitter on Pahvo, it sent the signal to the Federation and the Klingons!  Spoilers! Kol’s ship of the dead appears and only Discovery stands in its way. Admiral Terral via hologram on the bridge demands Lorca withdraw. Terral tells Lorca that scientists are working on a counter to the Klingon invisibility screens. He orders Lorca to jump to Starbase 46. Lorca’s command is warp to the star base. Saru tries to say he can convince the admiral that the Pahvans are peaceful. Lorca explains he is warping to the star base to get more time, three hours, to have a solution to the cloak. He asks for Stamets’ help in making an excuse for not using Spore Drive. Stamets says the interface upgrade on his arm is itchy and Lorca says a full medical examination is needed. Stamets is hesitant, but Lorca insists on the examinations. At this point, it is interesting to see if Lorca wants to stop the Klingons on Pahvo to save innocents or is it a greater drive not to lose?

Michael and Saru go over the specifics on how the cloak works with a “massive gravitational field.” Michael said there are imperfections in the field. They hope to plant transmitters onto the Klingon ship to detect the shifts. Tyler suggests using the Discovery to draw away the Klingon ship which has to drop the cloak to use it’s weapons. Lorca walks into sickbay, Dr. Culber reports that there is a serious restructuring of Stamets’ white matter of his brain using the Spore Drive. He talks to Stamets alone about the plan to make 133 micro-jumps to get the data on the Klingon cloak. Lorca shows all of the plotting of the Spore Drive jumps. Stamets realizes that there are negative spaces that open the possibility of alternate universes (maybe like a Mirror Universe?). This spurs Stamets to agree to the jumps. Ash has Michael on the boarding party. Michael notes that she has knowledge of the Klingon ship and Lorca refuses her request. She suggests that he has a personal interest in keeping her safe and then he agrees to her mission. Dr. Culber prepares Stamets for the jumps with a cuff to monitor him. Tilly lets slip out about the side effects Stamets confided in her and Stamets looks betrayed. Culber says there is no time. Lorca gives a ship wide speech to prepare everyone for the upcoming battle. They have detected a Klingon ship at Pahvo and Lorca orders the jump back using the Spore Drive. Everything is coming to a head at the Battle of Pahvo!

Kol on the Ship of the Dead sees Discovery and has the ship de-cloaked. Ash and Michael are given pattern simulators to mask their human signature. They transport aboard the Klingon ship ready with their phasers. The duo plants the first sensor and they make their way through the corridors. Michael detects a human on board. Ash breaks into the cell, they find the battered Admiral Cornwell, and Ash sees L’Rell (I still think her name is like an evil Klingon shampoo). He flashes back to the torture scenes. Michael revives Admiral Cornwell and then sees Ash looking at L’Rell. She stuns the Klingon. Cornwell says Ash is in shock. Michael goes on her own. The Klingons work at firing on Discovery. Michael sneaks to the bridge and places the sensor. She uses the Universal Translator so we get some translated Klingon, but it is not subtitled Klingon. This seems like new technology for the Federation. Lorca has the short jumps pummeling the Klingon ship! Best ship to ship battle in Star Trek! Kol orders the ship to cloak. Lorca orders the micro jumps, Stamets says to Dr. Culber, “I love you” before Discovery hops all over the cloaked ship. Dr. Culber screams that the jumps have to stop as Tilly notes the number of jumps left. Admiral Cornwell works Ash through the PTSD. The drama is intense!

STAR TREK: DISCOVERY – “Into the Forest I Go” – Jan Thijs/CBS.

The Klingons think it is sabotage and Kol suspects it is L’Rell. He wants to jump. Michael hears this and blasts two Klingons. Then, she goes to face Kol and puts down her phaser and universal translator. She says he has stolen the ship, questioning his honor, and that she has killed T’kuvma. Klingons are about to break into the cell, Cornwell shoots a Klingon, and tries to break Ash out of his shock by reminding him of Michael. He sees images of them together and is able to revive to shoot the other Klingon and close the door. Kol shows the Starfleet badge of Captain Georgiou and later puts it on his armor. Michael challenges Kol, he believes her death will legitimize his place in the Klingon Empire, and he gives her a blade. They duel and it is brutal for Michael and she’s tossed across the bridge. Ash is about to be beamed out when L’Rell revives and is captured in the transporter! Michael slashes Kol, rips off the badge, and leaps from the bridge. Her transport is awesome with her falling body! Lorca places eye drops in, targets Kol’s ship, and it is pummeled by proton torpedoes as Lorca watches. Kol screams as the bridge window cracks and explosions engulfs the bridge. Michael and Ash reach the bridge, she nods to Saru, as the Klingon ship is destroyed.  This is a good wrap up to what was set up at the beginning of the season.

Admiral Terral reports that Cornwell’s medical shuttle has arrived and she will recover. He adds that cloaked Klingon ships are moving on the Federation. Admiral tells him to report to Starbase 46 and that he will be awarded the Legion of Honor. Michael goes to Ash’s quarters and asks about L’Rell. He speaks about his torture and trying to survive. Ash says, “I found peace, right here.” They kiss and we get a pan out from Discovery to Pahvo. Stamets blinks staring out at Pahvo from the cargo bay. He is joined by Lorca who says they want to give him a medal and has given it to Stamets. Lorca says that the Klingons are on their way and Stamets will make one final jump. Then, he wants to be examined by Starfleet doctors fearing his condition. Ash has nightmares of getting intimate with L’Rell (yesh! it’s like Species) and wakes up in a sweat with Michael next to him asleep. He goes to see L’Rell in her cell and she says, “I will never let them hurt you.” Ash hears the Black Alert, L’Rell says, “Soon, and he rushes off. Stamets kisses Culber (another Star Trek first) and tells of plans once they reach to the starbase. The Spore Drive activates, but Stamets screams out, something malfunctions. Tilly reports it is an “incomplete navigation.” Stamets eyes have turned white. Saru notes that they can’t determine their location. There is some kind of wreckage around the ship as it drifts in unknown space. A great cliffhanger to the season that is “can’t wait” for the next part of the season on January 7th.

Five Communicators out of Five!


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