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Big Hero 6: The Series, “Baymax Returns”, Recap!

Japan Jondee here at San Fransokyo!,

photo: Disney XD.

Big Hero 6 is back! It was an almost obscure super hero group created by Man of Action in Alpha Flight #17 (1998). In 2014, Walt Disney Animation produced a computer animated film based on the comic. The premise was changed from a Japanese government funded super group and shifted to San Fransokyo. Most of the cast has returned and this is a zippy, 2D animated that feels retro, but with all of the energy from the film. Tadashi is helping is young brother, Hiro Hamada, ride a bike. Hiro (Ryan Potter) is watching this on his phone as he is getting ready for his first day at “Nerd School”, San Fransokyo Tech.

He gets a pinch from is backpack, but Baymax’s carriage is empty. The news reports come in about the group stopping Dr. Callaghan in the movie. At the Lucky Cat Cafe, Fred (Brooks Wheelan stepping in for T.J. Miller) is happy with the “victory pancakes”, Aunt Cass (Maya Rudolph) is excited for is first day. Hiro hugs her. Wasabi-no-Ginger (Khary Payton in for Damon Wayans, Jr.) whispers that the new dean is a “hardcase.” Hiro takes his school picture, his id. has a strange wink, Fred gives him a tour of the campus. They head to the robotics lab, GoGo Tomago (Jamie Chung) and Honey Lemon (Genesis Rodriguez) have the same class, Hiro looks at his brother’s lab. He enters Tadashi’s lab and sees his hat. Hiro carries over Baymax’s fist and sees the chip.

Hiro works at rebuilding Baymax and he is confronted by the dean, Professor Granville (Jenifer Lewis), on screen. He finds she is there in person and sends him to class. He rushes over to see the Thermo Dynamics teacher, Professor Granville, lecturing to the class. At Fred’s mansion, Fred has the team suiting up for night patrol, but they are not interested. A man is being held over a building under the orders of Yama. He goes to see a screen that shows the school! Hiro has built a screen with Baymax’s voice (Scott Adsit).

Montage as Hiro builds the endo skeleton of Baymax while also attending class. The skeletal Baymax spins out of control and then goes on a rampage. It leaps out of the window, Baymax remarks, “Oh no, my body is running away.” He chases after it and sees Professor Granville. She shows him his bot fighting record and he sees the skeletal Baymax behind her. Hiro makes excuses and leaves the office. Fred on the street is ready for action with the rest of Big Hero 6. It is nice that the focus is on Hiro as a student and how that tangles with the others.

A car goes out of control and Wasabi accidentally holds onto the roof! Honey throws a goopy substance that almost holds the car and Fred catches Wasabi. They find that the car has a pregnant mother ready to give birth! Hiro finds the skeletal Baymax taken down by Yama’s men. Then he is hanged from the building until Yama sees his student i.d. Hiro says he needs Fred’s help to take an item, a paperweight?, from the school. They need the health care chip. Hiro needs to get close to Professor Granville to scan her. Fred is monitoring the operation.

Hiro runs into Professor Granville when the others see him trying to corner her. Fred tells him to cry and hugs her. Fred is eating noodles and spills it on him! The computer has downloaded the code. In the office, Hiro snatches the crystal from the professor’s table. Good Luck Alley, Hiro and Fred head over to Yama’s place. Honey and the others check on Hiro and they hear Baymax who gives them Hiro’s location. Yama has his men surround Hiro and Fred. They are taken to a cell. Hiro hacks into the door panel to open it. They sneak over to find Yama’s men. Yama is about to eliminate them when the Big Hero 6 enters. This is great to see the team in action against ordinary thugs.

They eliminate Yama’s men and Yama escapes. Hiro reaches skeleton Baymax, Yama catches him, but Honey turns him into a Yama-sicle. Back at the lab, the team is angry at Hiro, he shows them the crystal. He sneaks the crystal back to Professor Granville’s office. Hiro works all night and is able to restore Baymax! He hugs Baymax! Night, Yama has the Baymax skeletons on a production line! At the cafe, Aunt Cass is awhirl getting a hot plate and drinks. She lifts a ton of dishes which is easily lifted by Baymax, she hugs him. A corporate building, Yama walks in, and takes the elevator which comes to a stop. A demonic mask on the elevator control asks if he has the item. He shows the line of skeleton soldiers that will be used to get the item.

Fred has everyone see his new superhero light that projects “HALP.” Fred says that Big Hero 6 is a great team name that tests well. The others don’t want to be a team. Hiro is programming Baymax with Fred talking about the team. They have to scramble and hide behind Baymax as a chair. Professor Granveille enters, sitting at the Baymax chair, and remarks about not using the lab. She shows him a magnetic experiment that needs balance and wants him to be like his brother. This is the theme that runs through the story. Fred collapses into Baymax who turns into a shiatsu massage. Fred takes out the chip and starts to study like his older brother. Hiro is woken at night by Fred’s HALP light. Fred gives up and tosses his binoculars which is crushed by the skeleton robots (Terminators)!

News reports warn about the robots wrecking havoc on the city! At the cafe, Hiro notes that it is Yama to the others. Hiro starts to work on Baymax’s armor. Baymax determines Hiro is feeling guilt. A woman falls, but GoGo saves her and flings her disc at the robots. Honey traps one. Wasabi is scared of the robots. Fred tries to flame breath one and Wasabi plasma knives it. Hiro attaches Baymax’s leg armor so his belly hangs out. LOL! He has to discover the mystery of the crystal and why Yama wants it. The team is needed to save the city and must reform. Is the mysterious boss Mr. Sparkles? We see signs all over the city. Fred at the end has a new team cheer, “To the power of six!” The pacing is non-stop, dialogue spilling, jokes flying, it’s madcap! The series picks up with the end of Big Hero 6 and fills out the quick ending. We get our favorite characters without retreading territory or veering off into strange directions. It’s back to Big Hero 6 action!

Five Fist Bumps out of Five!


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