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Stranger Things, “Chapter Six: The Spy”, Recap!

Will in Hawkins Lab–The Spy

Picking up from Dig Dug, things have taken an ominous turn with Will and Joyce, Bob, Hopper, and Mike taking off with him to Hawkins Lab.

Meanwhile, Dustin and Steve, armed with his trusty, nail-covered baseball bat, head to the storm cellar to deal with Dart. This ends a bit anti-climactically when they find that Dart has dug his way out.

Stranger Things being as rom-com as it gets with Nancy and Jonathan

In Murray Bauman’s warehouse/work shop/home, having worked out a way not to cause a panic, but still hold Hawkins Lab responsible for Barb’s death, Murray, Nancy, and Jonathan have put the final touches on copies of tapes of Nancy’s conversation with Dr. Owens. Packaged and labeled to mail out to several big newspapers and news agencies, Murray offers for Nancy and Jonathan to stay over as it had gotten too late for them to head back to Hawkins. Over a meal and more alcohol than any adult should give underage kids (which, of course, is zero), Murray points out the blazingly obvious attraction between Nancy and Jonathan, in only what can be described as something right out of the best rom-com.  They stay over and finally realize the romance that everybody except them knew was going on. Sending them on their way in the morning with another bottle of vodka, he gives thanks  and gives them the firm admonition to never contact him again, ever.

Back in Hawkins, things are going just a bit farther down the rabbit hole. Hopper has survived his ordeal in the Upside Down and after a less than fun disinfection and bring up something we really don’t want to know what it was or the implications it could have for Hopper. He has a pow wow with Dr. Owens, who takes him down to the gate and things have gotten–bigger. The gate and the tendrils of tunnels spreading out from it have grown since Hopper’s last visit. In his lovely understated way, Owens says there have been “complications.”

Back upstairs, Joyce is irate with the doctors at Hawkins Lab. They have no more answers for her than she had before she got there. She finally drops the bomb on Bob and explains just why she tried to tell him they were not a normal family. Much to his credit and making him just that much more adorable, Bob’s a little taken back for about a half a moment and then he’s right back in it at her side. Unfortunately, Will has no idea who Bob is. Things are getting even weirder with Will.

Back in town, Lucas finally finds out about Dustin’s frantic CB message from Erica, only to find she had turned his CB off! Without telling the others, he goes to Max and with a promise to prove his story is real, he sneaks her out of the house, past her step-brother, Billy, who is supposed to be babysitting her.

Back in Hawkins Lab, Dr. Owens is putting Will through tests. Will’s memory is spotty, but he does remember his Mom and Mike, but not Dr. Owens, Hopper, or Bob. He also remembers soldiers hurting him, which prompts Dr. Owens to test a theory that Will is connected to the things coming through the Upside Down. A theory he tests by bringing in a chunk of vine and applying heat which sends both the vine and Will writhing in pain! This leads Dr. Owens to his first solid idea about what is going on. Will is infected by the Shadow Monster the same way the underground is infected by the vines and they are all some sort of virus spreading and connected through a hive mind.

Dustin and Steve on the hunt.

Back in the woods, Dustin and Steve are still on the hunt for Dart, and talking about–girls. The two of them are absolutely adorable in a buddy cop sort of way.  As they track and walk, they miss the big Xs on the trees that mark the areas infected with the rot from the Upside Down.

Taking a moment, Hopper finds a radio and tries to contact Eleven, finally apologizing for yelling at her, unknown to him, she’s not at the cabin. It’s heartbreaking to watch. Gotta love Hopper.

Back at the lab, the doctors are in a deep debate with Owens about the nature of what is wrong with Will and just how far the vines have spread. They are all for resuming the burn, even if it kills will, but Dr. Owens isn’t willing to do it.

In exam room, Joyce knows something is up and Will tells Mike he thinks he has a plan to stop the Shadow Monster as they discuss his ability to spy on what it wants.

In the woods, Dustin and Steve have started to lay a trail for Dart to follow as they are joined up by Lucas and Max. Max thinks they are all nuts, but goes along with them as they head for an old junkyard. Yeah, this is going to go well!

Nancy and Jonathan make it back to the Byers’ place, only to find that everyone is gone and somebody has been through the house. Boy, are they going to be surprised when they finally get to play catchup with everyone else. And yeah, nobody noticed they’ve been gone for a couple days?

Will puts his plan into action as they get him pictures of the map he made. He tells them there is a place the Shadow Monster doesn’t want him to see and he points it out on the map. Of course, they all jump on this and off they go. Could that be an evil smile on Will’s lips?

In the junkyard, Darts finally takes the bait and Steve takes his trusty baseball bat to bash him, only to find he’s not alone!

Then everything abruptly goes south, all the way around.

This episode has a lot of jumps between the story lines, but just enough to really keep you on the edge of your seat and reaching for “next episode” by the end. The tension just keeps building and building and building and yeah. Steve and Dustin are just so cute in their buddy conversation. The uberjock and the ubernerd have more than just a few things in common and when they realize it, it is gold!

Now, if everyone doesn’t get eaten by the next episode!

As Kyle “Five Walkie Talkies out of Five!”


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