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Gearing Up For Krampusnacht!: A List of Krampus Themed Games/Expansions


This Krampus print is by Gerald Brom. It is one of my favorite depictions of Krampus!
(Image taken from

For centuries before the 2015 movie featuring a horrific horned beast came to theaters, people in many different parts of the world have been fearing the arrival of the Krampus on the 5th of December. Much of Bavaria and the Alpine regions of Europe have a tradition going back centuries utilizing the dichotomy of a bishop-like St. Nicholas and an anthropomorphic creature known as the Krampus. Unlike in the United States where Santa Claus tends to both the well-behaved and naughty children, St. Nicholas only rewards children who have been well-behaved with gifts. The naughty, or misbehaving, children, on the other hand, are left to Krampus to reward. Krampus punishes those children with coal, bundles of birch, a potential beating, or even a trip down to his lair in a sack to later be devoured! As tonight is St. Nicholas Eve (also known as Krampusnacht or Krampus Night), I’ve put together a short list of games that will surely capture the spirit of the evening!

Krampus Card Game

The Krampus card game can be purchased pretty inexpensively from The Game Crafter.
(Image from

If you’re having a large group of friends (6 or more) over for some Gluhwein, hot chocolate, or even some traditional schnapps on Krampusnacht, Doug Levandowski designed a Werewolf-esque game called Krampus. It was released in 2013 from The Game Crafter, LLC. The game allows for several players to become Krampus who try to abduct misbehaving children. The other players take on the roles of the children who are trying to tell the moderator (or in this case, “the Parent”) about the Krampus. In addition to the Krampus and children roles, there are various other holiday themed roles that can be played in the game such as the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future, Frosty, and the Elf on the Shelf!

A Touch of Evil Krampus Sack

Can you keep your Hero character out of Krampus’ sack in the Touch of Evil: The Supernatural Game Krampus expansion?
(image from

Looking for something a bit cozier to play? A Touch of Evil: The Supernatural Game from Flying Frog Productions has a Krampus expansion that was released in 2014. The co-operative base game is required to play and is playable for 2-8 players. It was released in 2008 and has seen numerous expansions over the years. The Krampus expansion, in particular, is a free Print and Play available on the Flying Frog Productions website. The expansion simulates Krampusnacht in the village of Shadowbrook complete with the abduction and devouring of the naughty townsfolk!

Secret Santa Krampus Promo

The Krampus promo card found in the 2015 issue of Game Trade Magazine #189.
(photo of Osprey Games product was taken and edited by KristaG)

A great family game to play for the holiday season is Secret Santa from Osprey Games. Released in 2015, this is a card game for 4-8 players all about not only giving gifts, but being the best at it. To establish who is the best gift giver, players compete to be the first to give away all of the gifts in their hand. However, this is not as easy as it seems as other cards (such as Santa or his elves) cause turn-related shenanigans. Released as a free promo card in Game Trade Magazine in 2015, Osprey Games added a Krampus card to the game. The Krampus affects the turn order by reversing it. A typical game can be played in 30-60 minutes depending on how good a player is at giving away their gifts!

Nightmare Rasputina Crew

The preview artwork for the Nightmare Edition Rasputina Malifaux Crew. This set actually comes pre-assembled!!
(image from, edited by KristaG)

As many of you may remember, Malifaux is one of my favorite miniatures game. Making her debut on Black Friday this year, 2017, Wyrd Miniatures LLC released a Nightmare Edition of Rasputina featuring a Krampus, some creepy Snowmen, Present Boxes, a Killer Tree (not pictured), and an alternate sculpt of Rasputina herself. While this box set does not come with special rules, these “counts as” models can be used for a Winter themed skirmish, as horrifying holiday decorations, or as a coveted collector’s item. If you missed her during the Black Friday sale, however, it may be some time before this box set becomes available again. Sometimes sets like these make appearances during other holiday sales, at conventions, or as prize support during tournaments. As I am not a Arcanist player, I am currently undecided as to if I want to simply paint these up for fun or if I want to let Rasputina be my potential new Master in a new-to-me faction (I am strictly a Neverborn player!).

Let's Kill Krampus Rulebook

The rulebook cover for Let’s Kill Krampus
(image from

For the last game on my list, I want to draw your attention to this hidden gem from Three Fates Games. Let’s Kill Krampus is a blend of a role playing game and a card game for 4-9 players that made its debut with a campaign on Kickstarter on August 12th of 2013. For the game, each player takes on the character role of a child save for one. That player acts as Krampus. The goal of the naughty children is to eventually become strong and naughty enough to take Krampus on in a fight and kill him. Krampus’ goal, however, is either to eat all of the naughty children or to survive the 8 years (rounds) that it takes for these children to no longer believe in him. Though not available through retail, there are a limited number of copies that can still be purchased from Three Fates Games by contacting them personally via email.

When taking up any of these games, make sure to ask yourself, have you been naughty or nice? Krampus is coming…but is he coming for you? Happy Krampusnacht from The Geek Girl Project! If you’re in any of the areas in the United States that hosts a Krampuslauf, I’d love to see pictures of the festivities. I will be gaming and preparing for Nikolaustag tomorrow! Hopefully, I will find no reeds, rods, or coal in my shoe in the morning!


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