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Riverdale, “Chapter Twenty-One: House of the Devil”, Recap!

Jughead Jondee here at the Whyte Worm,

RIVERDALE – “Chapter Twenty-One: House of the Devil” – Katie Yu/The CW.

This week’s chapter title refers to the 2009 horror film about a young woman who works at a strange house as a babysitter. The Black Hood’s reign of terror is now falling on all of Riverdale! At the Whyte Wrym (the name refers to the Bram Stoker story turned into a 1988 Ken Russell film) bar, Jughead recounts with Veronica and Archie making out on a school couch. They run up to Archie’s bedroom. She dances while he plays guitar shirtless. They kiss by the hotel’s fire. He tells her he loves her and this awkwardness causes him to leave. Pop’s in the morning, Jughead meets with Betty, he has found out about the Riverdale Reaper. He has found a couple murdered at Fox Woods, Betty sees the headline, “House of Horrors”, and she has been in the house. The phone rings and Jughead picks up.

They later announce to Archie and Veronica that Jughead’s dad is being released. Betty wants them to check out the cabin. Cheryl checks out Josie in the locker room. She massages her and the janitor, Mr. Svenson, interrupts them. A relationship between Cheryl and Josie? Veronica sees her parents and they have a letter from the Black Hood. Hermione suggests Archie protect her and he receives a text. Betty tells her mother that FP is out of jail and that Jughead is a Serpent. Jughead announces to the Serpents about FP’s release, Tall Boy is not happy with Jughead’s talk of sitting down with the mayor, he takes it for a vote, Toni starts it and Tall Boy walks away.

Archie is over at Veronica’s hotel and she tells about the letter. All Archie wants to talk about is what he said, instead of kissing Veronica, is he crazy? Morning, Archie talks to Fred, while Veronica talks with her parents over the “L word.” Prison, FP starts walking to freedom to see his son and Betty, then Alice Cooper. She drives them away. At Pop’s, she warns FP who says he doesn’t want to go back to the Serpents. He wants to just work. Veronica and Archie talk to Sheriff Keller about the Riverdale Reaper. He says that Sheriff Heller handled the case, but he died so they contact his daughter. She explains that it was known as the “Devil’s House”, her father was obsessed, and she hangs up.

The Serpents ride bikes as we see the lake. Jughead talks to his father and tells him that he did the “one time job” for Penny. FP gives his son is blessing if he keeps writing. He now has a Pop’s outfit. Cheryl and Josie talk, Cheryl knocks over a milkshake, Jughead is ready to get her, but FP cleans it up. Jughead is angry and Betty suggests a retirement party. Betty talks to Toni about Jughead. She says about being with the Serpent. The way to get in is to do a pole dance and Dark Betty is up for it. Jughead mentions the party to his father after work. He gets a call from Archie, but it is Penny at Pop’s.

Jughead refuses to work with Penny and she mentions Betty. The murder house, night, Archie and Veronica explore it with flashlights. A b&w flashback to the Reaper killing the wife. Veronica sees a photo of the wife and child. B&w of the father being killed. Then the killer shooting at the kids hiding under the bed! I’m guessing the Black Hood is one of the kids. Veronica finds that there were three kids not the two shot. Archie finds Sheriff Keller’s files. They find there were five in the family! White Wyrm, Jughead talks to Toni about Penny.

Alice catches Betty talking about FP’s retirement party. Pop’s, Alice is angry at FP. At school, Archie and Veronica tell Betty and Jughead about the third child and looks at this picture. Jughead and Betty tell about getting ready for the party. Awkward silence as Veronica may have found the picture, it’s the janitor, Archie says his name and then catches him. He says he returned to the house and saw the killer, “a con man”, and says men killed him. Veronica accuses the janitor, but Archie knows from his eyes that it is not Mr. Svenson.

RIVERDALE – “Chapter Twenty-One: House of the Devil” – Katie Yu/The CW.

Veronica realizes her reluctance is because her parents don’t say the “L word.” Fred is more concerned with Archie works things out with Veronica than his son going to a gang bar. Betty walks in with her mother and Alice is at home ordering a tequila. Archie and Veronica duet on Tears for Fears’ “Mad World”, but Veronica leaves mid-song so Betty picks it up taking off her shirt! before dancing with the pole, it is a mad world! FP claps at Betty’s performance. He surprises everyone with his announcement about his retirement. Jughead is stuck silent by everything about the party. Now I suspect the Black Hood is Veronica’s driver, Andre, who knows marital arts. Relationships fall apart and one may start again!

Four Red Circles out of Five!


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