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Winter Has Come to The Dungeons in Dungeon Roll: Winter Heroes Pack

Winter Heroes Expansion

The Winter Heroes Expansion comes in it’s own tuck box instead of the usual, foil booster pack! Here it is with the retail and Kickstarter exclusive versions of the base game!
(all photos of TMG product were taken and edited by KristaG unless otherwise stated)

One of my all time favorite dice games has got to be Dungeon Roll from Chris Darden and Tasty Minstrel Games (a.k.a. TMG). I will never forget my first game – nearly four years ago now – when my best friend brought his Kickstarter copy to the game store and sat us all down to play. Out of all of the included Heroes, I think the Ranger, Enchantress and the Occultist are my favorites, but I will gladly play with any of them. As I wrote about in my initial review of Dungeon Roll, there have there have been several expansions that have been released as well as several mini-expansions/promos over the years since the initial 2013 release of the the game. With the days getting shorter and the nights getting colder, I feel it is the perfect time to start bringing my favorite of said expansions out to game night: The Winter Heroes Pack!

New Components

These new components can be seamlessly added to the base game without making it any more difficult to learn or play!

The Winter Heroes Pack was released in 2014 and features the artwork of Gordon Court who also did the artwork for Dungeon of Fortune (a press-your-luck card game also released by TMG that is very similar to Dungeon Roll, but without dice). Within the sturdy and gorgeous tuck box are 3 new Legendary Heroes, 1 new regular Hero, 12 new Treasure tokens, and a new Reference Card. These new Treasures include Snowballs, Coal, Cakes, Gifts, and even a Mimic! Each of these treasures does something different either during the game or during end game scoring. The new Legendary Heroes feature easily recognizable characters such as the Sugarplum Faerie, Jack Frost, and Klaus, Saint of the North and each of these characters starts the game with 3 of the new Treasure Tokens as specified on their cards. For example, the Sugarplum Faerie starts out with 3 Cake Treasures. As for the new, regular Hero, players now have the option of play as Ebenezer. Ebenezer is double sided and starts on the “Ebenezer, the Humbug” side and does not flip to “Ebenezer, the Reformed” until after a player earns 8 points of XP. Many may recognize him, his churlish behaviors granted by his abilities, or even his Ultimate abilities that pay homage to the character of Ebenezer Scrooge from Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

Dungeon Roll Legends

The first Hero Booster Pack to introduce Legendary characters — also released in 2014 by TMG!
(photo from

For those unfamiliar with Legendary Heroes, they first appeared in the 2014 release of Dungeon Roll Legends: Hero Booster Pack #2. These legends work differently than normal heroes due to the fact that they don’t level. Instead, they start out at full strength with their epic abilities, which does tend to change a player’s focus during the game as said player is no longer pushing towards the goal of leveling up their character, but simply to delve farther faster without worrying about evolving their character into a stronger one. This allows players to “play it safe” – even if only slightly – when making their delve as they don’t have to push their luck to earn points in the early game.

Sugarplum Faerie

She is definitely my favorite when it comes to the artwork!

When adding this expansion to a game of Dungeon Roll, the Gift and Mimic Treasure Tokens are mixed in with the normal Treasures and any other special set ups (depending on the character) are all explained on the character cards themselves. Otherwise, the game is played no differently than a standard game of Dungeon Roll. This expansion just adds a bit of Winter fun to the game without making any major changes so it’s still easy to learn, teach, and play, which I love! I also like how easy it is to discern which elements belong to the expansion (the Tokens have an icy back instead of gold and each card has a small Evergreen in the bottom, right corner to mark it), which makes separating things back out a piece of cake! Out of all of these characters, I think I love the artwork of the Sugarplum Faerie the most, but Jack Frost is my favorite to play. Though most of these characters are Legendary Characters, they are just as balanced as the originals and not overpowered in comparison. The Winter Heroes Pack is one of my favorite expansions because it not only adds new characters, but new mechanics as well. This one is definitely a must if you’re a fan of the game!


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