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The Greatest Showman and the greatest soundtrack

MoviePass is allowing me to see a lot of movies this year, and I am glad that the first thing I got to use it for was my second viewing of The Greatest Showman. Logan Valjean’s (AKA Hugh Jackman) seven-year passion project of an original musical utilized modern music to show a much more accessible form of entertainment, much like P.T. Barnum.

I was not impressed with the soundtrack before I saw the film, but a week after seeing it, I had listened to it in its entirety 30 times. This should have been no surprise since the music and lyrics were done by the same award winning creative duo behind La La Land and Dear Evan Hansen.

No challenge was too big for the characters in this glossy historical fantasy. Things always seemed to get tied up with a melodious bow, as many musicals are often accused of. This did however help keep the pace moving, even if the transition from dialogue to singing was a bit clunky. The good news is that I just love musicals, so on this viewing I was able to fully suspend my disbelief, resist singing out loud, and enjoy the greatest show.

Contributed by Juli Rose, guest Musical Theater Geek


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