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Star Trek: Discovery, “Despite Yourself”, Recap!

J’Dan Jondee here at the U.S.S. Defiant,

STAR TREK: DISCOVERY – “Despite Yourself” – Jan Thijs/CBS.

Crew of the Disco, we are joined by Jonathan Frakes, who knows a little about Star Trek, at the director’s helm! After a long hiatus, we return to the Discovery which was attempting to head to Starbase 46, making the last jump using the Spore Drive, Lt. Stamets collapses, and they end up in unknown space. The ship is surrounded by wreckage and Captain Lorca sounds a yellow alert. Saru checks his scans while Michael reports that it looks like Federation weapons were used, but not on recognizable Klingon vessels. Saru tries to explain they reached the correct coordinates, but something is not right, and his threat ganglia start reacting. Ash enters and takes his post. It is reported that a Vulcan ship is approaching. They try to hail the ship, the Vulcans prepare weapons, and Disco’s crew thinks it’s in reaction to a threat. Lorca orders shields with a red alert, they are hit by the Vulcan ship, and go into evasive maneuvers. The Vulcan ship is hit by another ship and they are contacted by Connor (Sam Vartholomeos). The captain asks about the status of Stamets, he is collapsed next to Dr. Culber and Cadet Tilly. Saru has found that the quantum state of the ships are different from the Disco. Lorca says to the bridge crew, “This is not our universe.” The Mirror Universe! It was first seen in the TOS episode, “Mirror, Mirror” (1967). It has also appeared in Deep Space Nine and Enterprise.

In the captain room with a Tribble hanging out in the corner, he discusses with Michael and Saru about the mycelium network connecting to different realities. Michael says that after the costly jumps to discover the Klingon cloak that they can’t bring that data to Starfleet. He tells them to check the navigation log. At the medical bay, Stamets’ eyes are white as he is a catatonic state. Cadet Tilly tries to ask him questions about the Spore Drive to jar him out. Stamets keeps repeating, “To the Palace”, stands up, and slams the doctor down. Dr. Culber picks himself up, Tilly apologizes, and he sets up a force field. The captain enters and sends Tilly out. He tells Dr. Culber that he is responsible and has put another doctor to help Stamets since Culber is emotionally involved with him. Ash is in a worker bee pod headed to extract the Klingon ship’s data core directed by Michael on the bridge. He flashes back to his Klingon torture! Ash loses control seeing the dead Klingon bodies. Michael tries to shake him out of it. He reports to Disco that there are Vulcan and Andorian bodies on the ship! Ash uses lasers to cut through to the data core and is able to extract it, sweating and shaking. Lorca checks on Michael suspecting that she may be involved with Ash. Stamets’ state looks like something that is not going to disappear after an episode or two.

STAR TREK: DISCOVERY – “Despite Yourself” – Jan Thijs/CBS.

In her cell, L’Rell is confronted by Ash who wants to know what she did to him. She asks him to open her cell. He chokes her until she gives a command in Klingon, “Whom do we seek?” Ash snaps to the command and replies in Klingon, “Kahless.” He manages to revive from the brainwashing and holds his phaser to L’Rell before putting the force field back up and runs away. At the mess hall, Ash is going over what happened and is joined by Michael. He confesses to her that he had memory flashes. Ash wants her to trust him to keep it to themselves. He looks frazzled. Michael trusts him and then she is called to engineering. Another flash and Ash’s hands are bleeding with his glass. Cadet Tilly has opened the data core and Michael sees that it contains Vulcan chips. Michael begins analyzing the data and then reports to the captain and others. It is the Mirror Universe run by the fascist Terran Empire. The other races are uniting against it for their freedom.  Lorca and the officers get to the bridge. Connor hails Disco and Saru says the Mirror Disco left when they entered. Michael says that the records show that Lorca is not the captain of the Mirror Disco, it is Captain Sylvia Tilly! Yes! Mirror Tilly!

Lorca puts Tilly in the captain’s chair. Tilly is able to bluff a bit and says that they’ve had mechanical issues. Michael says she doesn’t know Lorca’s position in the Mirror Universe so he should disguise his voice. He uses a Scottish accent! LOL! Connor leaves to hunt down rebels and Tilly repeats their salute, “Long live the Empire!” Lorca orders Saru to make the ship look and act like it’s Mirror counterpart. Tilly is given a gold suit and the ship is given a cosmetic make-over to the I.S.S. Discovery! Later, Michael explains what happened to herself and Lorca in the Mirror Universe. She was captain of the Shenzhou and Lorca attempted a coup against the emperor with the Disco. He killed the Mirror Michael, and managed to escape. Saru thinks the captain’s plan is suicide. He brings up another Federation ship that entered the Mirror Universe, the U.S.S. Defiant. This is the ship that was in the “In a Mirror, Darkly” (2005) episodes of Enterprise.

They are going to transport over to the Shenzhou with Michael taking Lorca as her bounty and Ash as her guard. They hope to get information on the Defiant from the Shenzhou and be able to return to their own universe without using the Spore Drive. Ash goes to Dr. Culber to ask to be tested again. The doctor says scans have been made to check for brainwashing or reprogramming. Dr. Culber sets Ash down to scan him. Stamets calls out, he goes to him and kisses him, Stamets seems to revive enough to say, “Be careful, the enemy is here!” Captain Tilly is nervous with her new blond hair and Michael tries to reassure her. Captain Tilly goes to the bridge and contacts the Shenzhou speaking with Captain Connor. To the side, Michael explains to Lorca that Connor was an ops officer who died in the Battle of the Binary Stars. The danger of the Mirror Universe is not the counterparts, but the darker parts that are already inside the crew members!  Will the cost of returning to the regular universe be the data on the Klingon cloak?  Will the deaths in the Mirror Universe hold to the normal universe?

Four Communicators out of Five!


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