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Star Trek: Discovery, “The War Without, the War Within”, Recap!

J’Dan Jondee here at Starbase One,

STAR TREK: DISCOVERY – “The War Without, the War Within” – Russ Martin/CBS.

Last episode, the Discovery has returned to the Prime Universe, with Emperor Georgiou transported by Michael, and Ash/Voq operated on by L’Rell! The ship has used the explosion of the flagship reactor core to use the Mycelial energy to return home, but there is no more Mycelial spores. They find that they are ninth months into a future where the Klingons have won! Saru checks on them, the Emperor thinks of herself as royal and that she had eaten Kelpiens with Michael. Captain Saru transports her away to guest quarters and orders that any word of Georgiou would be treason. Saru walks with Michael as she tries to explain herself as they head to sickbay. The ship is being repaired from the Mirror Universe attack. He notes that she was brave on the Terran flagship. Saru explains the operation by L’Rell. He wants to see Ash’s reaction to Michael, but she refuses. The new doctor tells Saru that the operation seems like a success, but they don’t know what was involved. Ash explains to Saru about the operation and seems agreeable. He asks about Michael and Saru says she has returned. A bracelet has been placed on Ash’s wrist, but he is not a prisoner. Saru takes the bridge and sees a Federation ship. A armed group including an Andorian (and a Tellarite?) transports to the bridge. On top of being trapped to the Mirror Universe, does the Discovery need to attempt time travel?

Admiral Cornwell transports with Sarek and she overrides command of the ship to her. Ambassador Sarek mind melds with Saru. Similar to Sarek as part of the Resistance in the Mirror Universe. He explains to Cornwell that Discovery has been on a journey and that Lorca has died. In the conference room, Cornwell vaporizes Lorca’s Kelpien dish and she explains that Discovery was destroyed, but this was the Mirror Discovery. Cornwell debriefs them that the secrets to the Klingon cloak may be too late. She explains that Klingons are taking down a civilian base and suicide missions that took out a third of the fleet. Sarek says that it is twenty-four Klingon houses acting independently. This is an Admiral Cornwell in a desperate situation, but I like seeing her back in command. Cornwell orders Discovery to jump to Starbase One and all Mirror Universe information to be destroyed. She orders Discovery to warp. Michael takes Cornwell and Sarek to the Emperor. Georgiou is to be prisoner since they can’t return her to the Mirror Universe. Stamets meets with Ash who tries to apologize. He walks into the mess hall and everyone gives him the cold shoulder except Tilly. Detmer joins them. More crew persons join them

They are reaching Starbase One, but can’t contact them. Cornwell has them drop out o warp and sees the ruined star base occupied by Klingons. Michael identifies the crest on the star base as House D’Ghor. She is stunned so Saru orders them to warp. Cornwell hopes to make contact with Starfleet Command. I don’t recall any of this in the Klingon War so I suspect time travel. Cornwell sees L’Rell in her cell who is surprised to see her alive. She explains the situation of the war and tries to ask her about how the war ends. L’Rell says Klingons have to be conquered. Michael takes to Mirror Georgiou about the delay and asks about how she defeated the Klingon Empire. She asks Michael about Qo’noS. Michael has a late night talk with Cornwell. Starfleet Command meets via hologram about an attack on Qo’noS. The plan is to jump into the cave system of Qo’noS where they can send out a probe. Stamets has them jump to the Veda system to gather spores. He tells Tilly he wants to plant his original sample to Veda’s moon. Sarek talks with the Emperor at her request. She says that the Klingons will take it out on Earth, but she says there is a way to stop them in exchange for her freedom. Sarek tells Michael that he has to return to Vulcan. Where’s Spock? They give the Vulcan greeting before lye leaves to the transporter. Michael goes to check on Tilly in engineering. She is worried about the farewell with her father. Tilly explains that her experience at the Mirror Universe taught her about how environment changes a person and how to fight the darkness. She tells her to talk with Ash. Michael leaving Ash, will that have consequences to the suppressed transformation?, to Voq taking over him?

STAR TREK: DISCOVERY – “The War Without, the War Within” – Russ Martin/CBS.

Discovery has reached Veda’s moon and Stamets has loaded the mycelial transports that land on the moon and fire spores. EM darts are sent to send waves that encourage wild spore growth. This is such a reflection of the Genesis torpedo. Michael goes to talk with Ash, she is hesitant, their shared conversation made her believe that Ash lied to her. He says that Klingons killed her parents and she fell in love with one. Ash also says that her love stopped L’Rell’s transformation. She leaves him. Cornwell speaks with Sarek via hologram. He tells her Federation Command has agreed with the Terran Emperor’s advice. She explains the mission to Qo’noS, the first since Captain Archer, and placed command to a recently “discovered” Klingon prisoner. I was fingernail holding onto this show, but it was saved by Cornwell and Sarek, another premise of a war torn universe. The Mycelial Spores restored. A plan to destroy the Klingon home world and the war taken to them. Still there is the hope that Michael, a refugee from war, can somehow save it with love? I doubt the relationship with Ash and Michael is over.

Four Communicators out of Five!


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