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Star Trek: Discovery, “Will You Take My Hand?”, Recap!

J’Dan Jondee here on Qo’noS,

STAR TREK: DISCOVERY – “Will You Take My Hand?” – Jan Thijs/CBS.

It is the season finale of Star Trek: Discovery! The ship has returned from the Mirror Universe with Mirror Georgiou (formerly Emperor!) and now Admiral Cornwell and Sarek are on the bridge from the nine months future where the Klingon are about to take out the Federation! Cornwell has given authorization for Georgiou to captain Discovery. It is directed by Akiva Goldsman who is also part of the story team along with Gretchen J. Berg and Aaron Harberts. Klingons are targeting the solar system with their warships. Then, we get Qo’noS with the Discovery closing in. Michael watches Captain Georgiou and relates a fable of a general and a young soldier. Saru calls over Michael to relay his fears of Georgiou’s breaking of Starfleet protocols. Saru tests the captain by saying conquering his fear has made him “unpalatable”, score one for Saru, one of his best lines in the series! Michael questions the captain about Malaysian birth place to try to shake her and Captain Georgiou takes Michael for a walk. She wants to know what is the captain’s plan. L’Rell sees Captain Georgiou who is surprised at finding her alive. Georgiou shocks L’Rell and then enters her cell to give her the big beat down. Michael says there is another way. This episode brings the season to a close from Michael’s mutiny and guilt to finding a different path from war.

Ash is busy tying a note and we see a photo of him sailing. Michael has her talk with Ash who shares his Klingon knowledge. The half-Klingon is best played her by Shazad Latif.  On a map, Ash lays out a point for a landing party, a former shrine, now occupied by the Orions. Michael says the drone is used to map points for a later invasion. Georgiou has brought in another crew member and it’s Tilly who slowly realizes that she is the Emperor. Tilly will carry the mapping drone. They dress in black leather for their disguise as traders. Georgiou goes to find some trading items from Lorca’s quarters. Saru has Lt. Stamets ready to activate the Spore Drive to Qo’noS. The Discovery reaches the Qo’noS cave system and stabilizer beams on the ship’s disc hull rights the ship. The team is transported! We get a move from the stormy, green surface of Qo’noS as the group transports to the Orion markets, an Orion trader points her pistol at Georgiou, but Tilly has her covered. They make a deal for exotic weapons. Tilly says she is hungry to talk with Michael about her suspicions about Mirror Georgiou. She eats some meat pot sticker and Ash says it is space whale and Tilly spits it out. Funny! The look at Qo’noS is interesting as well as seeing the people on it.

STAR TREK: DISCOVERY – “Will You Take My Hand?” – Jan Thijs/CBS.

They go to a circus and Georgiou walks to a room with an Orion man and woman. Michael and Ash see a fighting competition that involves betting, t’Sang, and Ash unleashes his Voq nature. Tilly sits next to an Orion man (Clint Howard) and takes some drug that knocks her out. Ash didn’t find the location of the shrine and Michael explains that her parents were killed by Klingons. He sees two Klingons drinking and suspects that they may know about the shrine. Georgiou has finished with both Orions and knocks them down to ask about the shrine. Tilly wakes up and finds that it was volcanic ash and uses the Orion’s cutter to open the case and finds that it is a hydro bomb that will destroy the planet! This is another episode where Tilly is essential to working out the problem and is funny while working it out. Georgiou knocks her out and takes the bomb. Michael realizes that a bomb will destabilize Qo’noS. Michael works out that that is Starfleet’s plan and wants to contact Cornwell. A simulation of Qo’noS’ destruction, on the bridge of Discovery, Michael confronts the hologram of Admiral Cornwell. She has put survival over principles, but now threatens to mutiny again. Saru stands up and says, “We are Starfleet” joined by everyone on the bridge! Another awesome Saru moment that is at the heart of what is Star Trek.

STAR TREK: DISCOVERY – “Will You Take My Hand?” – Jan Thijs/CBS.

Michael sees Georgiou and the authorization chip. Georgiou pulls her phaser on Michael and she pulls it to her body. Gerogiou gives in. L’Rell is brought with Ash. Michael wants L’Rell to end the Klingon invasion and Ash uses Voq’s words to encourage her. Georgiou is allowed to leave, but Michael promises she will go after Mirror Georgiou if needed. the Orion markets, Ash talks with Michael to tell her that he is going with L’Rell to broadcast the message, and they kiss. He leaves her the knot. I don’t think is the last of Ash Tyler and somehow he find his way back to her. Michael beams up. L’Rell speaks to the Klingons for reunification with her as leader and holds up the detonator. A full arc for L’Rell. The Klingon ships pull away from the Earth. Michael’s narration says the war is over. At the United Federation of Planets, she meets with mother, Amanda (Mia Kirshner) and then Sarek who tells her that her record was wiped out and gives her the Starfleet Commander badge. Discovery is getting a new captain on Vulcan! Michael is giving her speech which we got from the beginning narration. Cornwell announces that Tilly is entered into the command program, Stamets is now Lt. Commander with an award for Dr. Culber, and Saru is given the Medal of Honor, the first Kelpian to be awarded it. Acting captain Saru takes the Discovery bridge and Sarek is on board to be taken to Vulcan. They get a distress call, it’s Captain Pike, from the Enterprise! The Enterprise meets with the Discovery! This is a great ending for the first season that is unquestionably Star Trek!

Five Communicators out of Five!


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