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Exclusive Rachel Litfin Interview! 

Jester Jondee here at Edenarth,

Rachel Litfin. Photo by the author.

I had the chance to talk with author Rachel Litfin at her booth for Long Beach Comic Expo.  When I came across her, she was dressed in what she called her “traveling author garb”, which was a beautiful teal dress with a brocade corset. Her booth itself featured the artwork for the book cover, and on her table sat a glass case with a tiny dragon. She was talking exuberantly with many fans.

“My name is Rachel Litfin, I am a young adult author of fantasy. I publish under R. Litfin, and my book series is called The Chronicles of Royal High: The Lost Noble. It is the first of a five part series I have just self-published. It is about Adella Everheart, she is a peasant girl, she lives a peasant life, unassuming.  She is visited one night by her estranged grandmother who is the queen to the neighboring kingdom and apologizes for banishing Adella’s father for marrying Adella’s peasant mother.  There is no heir to the neighboring kingdom’s throne now, so Adella is propositioned to leave immediately to go to Royal High which is a royal finishing school.”

“Adella’s life is uprooted, she gets whisked away, and she goes to Royal High. She makes a whole new group of noble born friends, and as they learn to become royals with all of their classes, they cause shenanigans and ruckus throughout the castle. However, the penultimate conflict lies with an ancient dragon race that was once thought vanquished, but has been vying to come back to power behind the scenes.  Adella and her friends go up against this ancient evil, becoming these new paladins, and they rise up against these dragons, all the while still learning to become the respective rulers of their realms.”

Dragon encased in glass. Photo by the author.

Rachel spoke about her inspiration for writing the book:  “I was inspired by this when I was about thirteen years old.  I have been working on this for a very, very long time. I would write it, shelve it, write it again, it has been a long time labor of love.  Inspirations for me? I played World of Warcraft growing up with my family; I’m from a family of nerds. Tolkien was my first favorite genre of anything ever, as I was nine years old when I first read The Hobbit.  It was just a combination of a lot of those things that influenced me.”

“I grew up going to Renaissance Faires and, one day, on our way back from Renaissance Faire. I kind thought of what did medieval kids do, did they have like a high school?  What would they do for high school? Would royals have a different high school? What if there was a royal high school? And it just all snowballed from there. The storyline truly took years to naturally manifest – it didn’t all come at once. But, the very beginning came from when I was a teenager.”

Rachel also spoke about tips for writers: “If you want to pursue writing, don’t be afraid to just play with all of the ideas in your head. For me, it was just having a really over active imagination and being inspired by so many things. If you get a concept or story, play with it, ask yourself questions, and definitely take writing courses in college, do what you can to develop a solid writing style. All you need is a solid, well articulated writing style, and a good story. If you have that, then don’t let anything intimidate you. Just go for it! I self published myself and so far this release right now has been so incredibly successful. I would say it’s a triumph and I’m not going to stop here, I’m going to keep going.”

Rachel Litfin’s novel was intriguing to me as a premise, and her pitch was engaging to me as well as to other attendees who stopped by her table in Artist’s Alley.  I hope everyone has a chance to check out The Chronicles of Royal High: The Lost Noble, and, if you see Rachel Litfin at a con such as the Silicon Valley Comic Con this weekend, definitely stop by and meet her.

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