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Get Your Game On With International TableTop Day 2018!

International TableTop Day 2018

International TableTop Day 2018 will be on Saturday, April 28th!
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Geek & Sundry‘s yearly celebration of and for the gaming community is fast approaching! This year’s International TableTop Day (or ITTD) will be held on Saturday, April 28, 2018. For those that are new to the celebration, this will be the 6th year that Geek & Sundry has sponsored this world-wide event. People from all over the globe get together at various local venues ranging from local game stores, libraries, restaurants (we held an event at our local Denny’s last year), school, or even just a friend’s living room to celebrate tabletop gaming regardless of if that means dice games, card games, board games, or miniatures games. Many of these locations will also feature the opportunity to pick up a new, exclusive promo item or two. The very first TableTop Day was streamed via Wil Wheaton’s popular show, TableTop, back in 2012. Over the last few years, the event has grown and changed drastically since its first incarnation, however, leading to both the frustration and enjoyment of fans!

ITTD Event Marketing Box

The ITTD Event Marketing Box can be purchased for “free” from the Geek & Sundry Shop.

For example, 2016‘s revamp and refocus of the celebration lead to quite a few upset gamers, retailers, distributors, and event coordinators. Now that the new system has been in place for a couple of years, I am really hoping to see that most of the remaining wrinkles have been worked out for this year’s event. As with last year, Geek & Sundry will be keeping the official promotional items to a select few, which I will go into more depth about later. These items were available to retailers through their distributors and many of them needed to be ordered before the end of March in order to have them in time for April 28th. In addition to promos, retailers and event holders this year are being offered an ITTD Event Marketing Box, which includes items such as a poster, stickers, table tents, and a few other attention-grabbing components. These marketing materials are being offered for “free,” but come with a hefty shipping and handling cost.

ITTD 2018 Sagrada Promo

The new Sagrada Promo from Floodgate Games! (Image courtesy of Peachstate Hobby Distribution, LLC)

As for the promotional items, or promos, Geek & Sundry is partnering up with 5 different companies to bring participants exclusive ITTD items: Fireside Games, Twogether Studios, Breaking Games, Floodgate Games, and Renegade Game Studios. As usual, Fireside Games will be providing their “promo pack.” This year’s pack includes promo items for Kaiju Crush, Castle Panic, Dead Panic, Munchkin Panic, Star Trek Panic, Hotshots, Dastardly Dirigibles, Here, Kitty, Kitty!, and The Village Crone. Wonderland, a quick playing, 2-player card game by Daniel Solis will be making it’s debut this ITTD from Renegade Game Studios. Solis’ other games include Kodama: The Tree Spirits, Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple, Happy Birthday, Robot!, and the upcoming game Junk Orbit. Floodgate Games will be providing a new window pattern for Sagrada with their promo. This promo will be the 6th promo pattern to be added to the game and will probably be one of the most popular of the promos for the event. Breaking Games and Twogether Studios will both be contributing exclusive expansion packs. The Sparkle*Kitty Adventure Pack expansion for Manny Vega’s Sparkle*Kitty from Breaking Games will feature new spells, 2 new princesses, and more wild cards. The Action Cats! The Tabletop Adventure Expansion for Keith Baker’s Action Cats! from Twogether Studios will add 25 new cards to the base game that centers on cats having tabletop adventures.

charity: water

Geek & Sundry and International TableTop Day have partnered up with charity: water for this year’s event in hopes of raising $10,000 in donations.

In addition to celebrating gaming, Geek & Sundry will be partnering up with charity: water to utilize this event to help meet a $10,000 donation goal and help bring clean drinking water to people who need it. Charity: water is a non-profit organization that focuses on helping developing countries gain access to clean and safe drinking water. Since their organization has their operating costs covered by merchandise sales, private donors, corporate sponsorship, and various other investors, they are able to give 100% of the donations they receive to the actual cause instead of only a percentage of it. As of the time of this article, Geek & Sundry has just begun to raise money towards their $10,000 goal, but I expect they will reach it as International TableTop Day gets closer. You can add your donation here.

As in previous years, there are numerous locations that will be hosting TableTop Day events here in the Sacramento area! One store in particular that I know of will be Great Escape Games. If you’re in the area and would like to play a game or two, I will personally be there and running a few demos this year during the day! In addition to TableTop Day events that Saturday, there are bound to be numerous Magic: The Gathering events going on at many local stores as well since Wizards of the Coast will be officially releasing Dominaria the night before on the 27th. This does include events at Great Escape Games as well. Not near a venue where games are being played? Geek & Sundry will also be hosting the event live on Twitch where viewers can join in the fun.


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