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Doxie Dash: It’s A Dog’s Life!

Chili and Pepper

Introducing Chili and Pepper, my miniature dachshunds!
(Photo taken by Barbara Griffiths)

If you have ever owned or even simply met a dachshund, you probably already know that these little hot dogs are incredibly fast! In fact, there are actual dachshund races held throughout the world in celebration of these amazing runners. However, not only do these wiener dogs have speed, they are very good at getting into mischief! Combine these two skills with their stubborn attitudes and there is no telling what they can do! As someone who has owned multiple dachshunds over the years, I am speaking from loads of experience!

Doxie Dash Box Art

Doxie Dash
(All photos of Mackerel Sky Games product were taken and edited by KristaG)

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a dachshund, though? Inspired by their experiences at Long Long Ranch in Nova Scotia, Canada, Mackerel Sky Games hopes to capture a sense of that reality with their newest game: Doxie Dash. The game itself is a 2-6 player card game featuring some of my favorite mechanics such as set collection, press your luck, and card drafting. A typical game can take around 20-30 minutes, but there are also several included variants (Tournament and Team Play) that can change this. Designed by Travis Wilkins and spotlighting pixel style artwork from Marcie Clowry, Doxie Dash is making its debut on Kickstarter and only has a few days left on its campaign as of the time of this review!

Doxie Dash Heroes

Just a few of my favorite Doxie Heroes included in the game! I think it’s so cool that they are based on actual dogs!

Currently included in the game are 13 Doxie Heroes that are inspired by the real doxies at Long Long Ranch: Coo, Zora, Chip, Iroh, Cricket, Bizmarck, Penny, Sherlock, Causeway, Rupee, Pi, Navi, and Ki (Ki was added as a bonus Hero once the game was funded). There are, however, chances for even more Heroes to be added to the game through the Kickstarter campaign! Each Hero comes with their own starting item and has their own abilities. As many of these abilities only affect scoring, the Hero you choose may provide you with strategy ideas for what types of cards you want to try to collect! Once each player has chosen a Hero for the game, the rest of setting up consists of simply shuffling the 102 card deck and dealing 11 cards to each player. The remaining cards are placed within everyone’s reach in order to form a draw pile.

Kibble and Water Combo

A set of Kibble and Water cards can score you 5 points whereas having them individually, you would only score 1 pt.

Doxie Dash is played over a series of rounds with the end goal of being able to use the Combo Cards you play to form sets to earn points at the end of the game. The player with the most points is the top dog of the pack! Some of these combos include poo-ing on either the floor the rug (yes, there are Poo cards!), stealing a sock or two, snagging some water and kibble, or dashing to rescue Meep from a terrifying foe such as the Vacuum! As mentioned above, Doxie Dash is card drafting game, so players begin the round by simultaneously choosing a card from their hand and placing it face down in front of them. Players will then reveal their played card and then pass the remaining cards in their hand to the player next to them on their left. This draft and play (or “Pick and Pass”) mechanic continues until all cards from the players’ hands are played face up on the table then it is time to “Trade and Tally.” At the end of each round, players will get a chance to trade out any cards that they don’t want by discarding them and drawing new ones. However, this is where that press your luck mechanic that I mentioned earlier comes in. There are several possibilities for a loss of points and should you draw new Foe cards that you can’t defeat or Meeps cards that can’t be rescued, your score will be negatively impacted. Once these steps have been completed, cards are paired up into sets and the scores are tallied. Each new round will begin by dealing out a new hand of 11 cards and the player that scored the lowest in the previous round becoming the first player for the new round. Rounds will continue until a player reaches 100 or more points. The player with the most points is declared the top dog!

Being a dachshund owner made backing this game a no-brainer for me. I feel Mackerel Sky Games did a fantastic job capturing the spirit of these great little dogs and their antics for the game and I’m extremely glad I got a chance to play it and review it. Even if you don’t own a dachshund, the game is a great one to play with the kids or to use as an introduction to card drafting mechanics for gamers of all ages. There really is something here for practically everyone, in my opinion (maybe not someone who is strictly a cat person, just saying!): colorful and fun artwork, easy to teach mechanics, extremely family friendly, light strategy, quick gameplay, and tons of giggles! The game was a hit with both my regular game group and their kids. If you haven’t already, I highly suggest checking out the campaign on Kickstarter to snag yourself a copy before it ends or you can head over to the Doxie Dash shop to pick up some other great Doxie Dash related merchandise!


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