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Recap: Face Off Season 13, Episode 2: Moonlight Monsters

McKenzie Westmore Introduces this week’s challenge. (image: SyFy)

Tonight’s episode opens at the Face Off lab where there is a bedroom set up and McKenzie waiting to explain today’s challenge. Taking scary monsters under the bed and turning it on its head (like Monster’s Inc). They will each take a job and make the monster that does that job in the monster world. In order to choose their monsters, they’ll pull an object out from under the bed to pick their job and their competition.
Jordan vs Matt: Dentist
Mel vs Walter: police officer
Kelly vs Kevon: diner waitress
Yvonne vs Sasha: Stylist
Graham vs Damien – judge
Jo vs Derek – firefighter

One more thing – a good monster still needs to be able to scare. So, for this week’s twist, each monster will have to have a gag incorporated that transforms them from whimsical to terrifying. Kelly gets some special help thanks to her win last week in the form of Emmy winning makeup artist, Jamie Kelman. It is a double elimination challenge.

During the design phase, Kelly and her special helper are talking about the character and the gag that makes her scary. For the most part, the opponents are well matched and the ideas are pretty interesting. I like that we see these artists, who are going head to head, and yet, still discussing their ideas and being more than civil. They’re friendly and respectful. The special help is a huge help and he was able to give Kelly a big head start on her cowl while she was working on the face. Sasha is really struggling to find her concept to begin with but Jo gives her a little push and she feels better.

Mentor, Michael Westmore arrives to give the artists some direction, starting tonight with Kevon where he suggests that it might be interesting to start the look one way and then turn the face around. At Matt’s station, he points out that the nose is a little too human with a toothpaste cap, maybe shift it some. For Jordan, he has tips on the gag and the control mechanism. He thinks Mel’s mouth might be too human, and she should use gravity a bit more in the look. He tells Sasha if she wants it to be buglike – give it planes, square it off. He urges Jo not to be afraid to make the face thick to make the gag work. By the end of the first day, a lot of people are in the mold room but no one seems to be having trouble with them.

Day two begins with a flurry of activity, mostly the opening and cleaning of molds, making the gag and the other pieces. Everyone seems to be pretty comfortable with their ideas and skills. Jo is struggling to get her jaw drop gag to work the way she wants so she’s going to use a different mechanism to hold the jaw up, using magnets. At the end of the day, Kevon didn’t quite get as much done as he wanted. He’s definitely feeling the pressure of Kelly’s helper.
Day three arrives and it seems like everyone gets right to applying the prosthetics to the models. Some of the foam has seaming issues. As the paint starts getting put on, I had to remind myself that they are supposed to be whimsical monsters. There are a few people who aren’t exactly thrilled with what they’ve done. I know who I think is going home at the start of Last Looks but anything is possible.

At Last Looks, everyone is doing the usual craziness and I’m really worried about Jordan, as his gag didn’t work at all so he doesn’t have one. Jo’s look reminds me a little of Ultron meets the Vision and not really in a good way.

At the reveal Stage, McKenzie reminds us that it is a double elimination night and introduces the judges: Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, and Neville Page. She reintroduces the challenge and the twist.

Jordan’s Dentist Character (Image: SyFy)

Matt’s Dentist Character (image: SyFy)

Jordan and Matt:
Jordan’s is definitely silly but there’s no gag. Whimsical for sure and it’s beautifully done but it’s also very static. I didn’t care for Matt’s coloration but the gag was successful in a very Nightbreed sort of way. Judges: They like the childlike colors Matt: the head gag is definitely gross. The colors are garish. Ve thinks it’s a beautiful pink. Winner: Jordan



Kelly’s Diner Waitress Character (image: SyFy)

Kevon’s Diner Waitress Character (Image: SyFy)

Kevon and Kelly: Kevon’s is not on par I don’t think with Kelly’s batgirl. I think Kelly did a great sculpt, even if the paint is muddy and Kevon’s character is just all sorts of not right. It looks like the old style Zygon from Doctor Who and not in a good way. Judges:  Kelly’s paint should have been more defining. And that’s all we really are privy to.

Winner: Kevon


Jo’s Firefighter Character (Image: SyFy)

Derek’s Firefighter Character (image: SyFy)

Jo and Derek: Jo’s gag works but isn’t scary or really visible. Derik’s works and is reminiscent of Predator. For me, I don’t see any whimsy in Jo’s look.  Judges: Thought Jo’s design was too simplistic. Derek’s gag worked very well.

Winner: Derek





Damien’s Judge Character (image: SyFy)

Damien and Graham: Damien has my favorite gooey gag, it’s great and gross. Graham’s isn’t bad either but it’s weird. The eyes bother me. (note: I’m not sure why but no picture of Graham’s judge was up on today). Judges: Ve didn’t like the green of Damien’s paint choice but they thought the gag was good. Winner: Damien

Yvonne’s Stylist Character (image: SyFy)

Sasha’s Stylist Character (image: SyFy)

Yvonne and Sasha: Both are neat. So different. Both had simple gags that were maybe not as effective as others. I don’t care for the actual sculpt of Sasha’s buglike look. Judges: Thought Sasha’s gag felt like more of an afterthought.

Winner: Yvonne





Mel’s Cop Character (image: SyFy)

Walter’s Cop Character (image: SyFy)

Mel and Walter. Walter did a good gooey gag too and it’s great. I don’t know what they use to get the stringy sticky goo but it’s great. Mel’s is pretty fun also – with the skin flaps. I think Walter’s starting look was more successful though. Judge’s The thought Mel’s paint was too muddy. They didn’t find enough of a split for the character, enough whimsy playfulness. They loved Walter’s small nose, slight grimace, and great reveal and that the hat hid the creepy, villanous brows.  Winner: Walter

Judges speak further to Walter, Jo, Jordan, Sasha, and Mel.

I’m a little surprised about a few things. As good as Jordan’s character was, as fun, as whimsical, he simply didn’t meet the actual challenge. He had no working gag and wasn’t at all scary really so I don’t see how they can put him up as a top look. But, at least they pointed it out.
Overall Winner: Walter
Going home: Jo and Sasha

At least in the overall winner and those going home, I absolutely agreed with the judges. I disagreed on Kevon and Kelly’s match up. I thought Kevon’s look turned out more like a Zygon in drag and wasn’t nearly as well sculpted as Kelly’s bat.



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