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Recap: Face Off Season 13, episode 4: Haunted Hotel

Sorry for the delay, I was out of town and without a television. Thank goodness for On Demand!

McKenzie Westmore Welcomes you to the Face Off Grand Hotel (image: SyFy)

Tonight’s episode begins with the artists walking into the Face Off Lab decorated in a spooky hotel motif. McKenzie is standing behind a hotel desk, all dolled up as a creepy crazy bellhop behind the desk at the Face Off Grand Hotel where the staff has all disappeared but, thanks to the artists, they’ll be coming back soon. Each pair of artists will make the hotel staff in this spooky haunted hotel. Tonight’s challenge is an elimination challenge. The artists pick their nametags.
Damien Vs Matt – Chef
Graham Vs Walter – Concierge
Kelly Vs Jordan – Bellhop
Kevon Vs Mel – Maid
Yvonne Vs Derek – Handyman

In the design phase – Mike Mekash arrives to help Damien walk through his ideas. Matt going a more Disney mansion style. All of the ideas are very different, but some artists are starting to feel the pressure of the head to head style of competition. Michael Westmore arrives – Matt: such a realistic nose in the whimsy? Maybe distort it a little. Kelly – stretch the skin logically. Derek – when gluing the appliance, don’t glue around the eye socket for effect. Yvonne – soften edges of raised veins so it doesn’t look wormy.

Graham is making several small appliances vs one big face sculpt. Damien is fabricating a foam fat suit to go with his chef but trying not to take too much time. Kevon has a neat trick for cobwebs with a glue gun and a fan and it’s really interesting. Kelly is struggling with the mouth portion of her character and is trying to keep from going exactly too creepy and is mostly angling for safe at this point. At the end of day one, there’s a lot of confidence and a few worried faces.

Day two is application day this challenge and this quick challenge is coming together pretty interestingly. I see some really interesting characters coming together. Jordon is uniquely suited to this challenge – it really fits his passion project themes. Time is starting to become an issue but everyone seems to be getting to the paint before the end of time for once. There’s a lot of purple and blue undertones. I get a kick out of watching some of these pieces come together. I love this show but I would really have trouble judging these characters.

At Last Looks, Kelly realizes that she left her actual brushes in the lab and is applying makeup with lipgloss wands trying to make it work. Damien has a water balloon in the neck of his appliance to give it a proper wiggle. Graham is a bit worried because he didn’t get the hands finished.

At the Reveal Stage, McKenzie introduces the judges: Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, and Neville Page and then reintroduces the elimination challenge.

Graham and Walter’s concierge characters (image: SyFy)

Graham/Walter: concierge: To me, one looks like a decrepit Riff Raff and the other a bit like a wrong Harley Quinn. I like both for different reasons but I think Graham might have this one. Judges: Graham was pretty clever with the nose. Walter’s look is pretty joker like, but not ghastly. She might be too pretty.

Winner- Graham


Yvonne and Derek’s Handyman characters (image: SyFy)

Yvonne/Derek Handyman – I think both have merits but Derek’s look is absolutely better for me. Yvonne has the quirky part though in a Hocus Pocus Zombie Billy sort of way. Judges: Yvonne’s veins are not quite right. Strange. He’s not very inspired. There’s some asymmetry and doesn’t feel like a ghost. Derek’s look is creepy and effective but it could be more specific.

Winner – Derek










Matt and Damian’s Chef characters (image: SyFy)

Matt/Damian – I don’t like matt’s actually. The idea is ok the look isn’t for me. Damian’s chef is great. Judges: Matt’s character could work at Disney but maybe too colorful. Exactly what Glenn was looking for in the challenge and it read well during the performance. Ve loves the forks. Damian: nice – more diversity in color. Great chin.

Winner: Matt


Mel and Kevon’s Maid Characters (image: SyFy)

Mel/Kevon. Both are interesting. Mel’s handprints tell a story but Kevon has the crazy and quirky bit. I think Kevon wins this one. Judges: Mel’s look is a little muddy. Too warm to be dead. The color choices are a bit too lively. Kevon’s is quirky and successful, well proportioned. Great distance read but a bit of a cute nose though. Well balanced and well painted.

Winner: Kevon


Kelly’s and Jordan’s Bellhop Characters (image: SyFy)

Kelly/Jordan – I love Kelly but this is not her best work but he is fun. I think Jordan’s style doesn’t work for everything but it really works for this. This is really his forte. Judges – kelly’s makeup is confusing and falling apart. The anatomy of the face is off. The idea is good but it got away from her. It’s muddy. Jordan: it works for the challenge but they don’t want to see all his things look like that.

Winner: Jordan

They run a short skit of all the players doing their part and it’s neat and silly and nonsensical.

Winner: Matt

Going home tonight: Kelly and Yvonne

I disagree this week on the winner but I think it boils down to those teeth. Those teeth feel all sorts of wrong to me and not in a good way. I feel bad for Kelly but I do agree with who went home this week. I really do love her work usually though. I guess I can just cheer on Walter now. And maybe Damian. And Derek.


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