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Geeky Eats: An In-Depth Look At Krista’s Geeky Cookbooks

As many people know, I love to cook. I grew up watching my mom and her entire family in the kitchens. I also have helped out in those kitchens since I was very small! Though my forte is baking more than cooking, it doesn’t mean that cooking isn’t something that I enjoy – it is an art, after all! I’m also a geek so I have been gifted quite a few geeky cookbooks over the years in addition to collecting a few on my own. Often these recipes will make an appearance at my themed game nights, movie showings with friends, or for a geek spin on a holiday. I may not always follow these recipes to the letter or even use them at all, but I do often find inspiration within the pages of these books for my own creations and ideas. Several people have asked what books I use when I’m in need of something to spark my imagination so, in no particular order, you’ll find some of my favorites and most used listed below.

Kitchen Overlord: Illustrated Geek Cookbook by Chris-Rachael Oseland and illustrated by Tom Gordon

Kitchen Overlord

Kitchen Overlord: Illustrated Geek Cookbook
(All photos of these cookbooks were taken and edited by KristaG from her own cookbook collection)

Originally appearing on Kickstarter in May of 2014, Kitchen Overlord is one of the many books put together by Chris-Rachael Oseland that features a love of geek and nerd culture. Though many of her cookbooks center on a specific fandom or genre (such as Dr. Who, Horror, Steampunk, or even Settlers of Catan!), this one contains 50 colorful recipes that span across numerous fandoms and vary from breakfast to cocktails to desserts. Some of my personal favorite recipes include Merc with a Mouth’s Chimichangas, Rick’s Replicant Chow Street Noodles, 1-Up Mushroom Pizza Rolls, and Artie’s Oatmeal Scotchies. These recipes are good for any skill level and can be a lot of fun to do with the kids at home! Want to try a few recipes out before you buy the book from Amazon or through the Kitchen Overlord website? Check out Sisko’s Speedy Gumbo from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine or Willow’s Lemon Lavender Bread from Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook: Sweet Treats For The Geek In All Of Us by Rosanna Pansino

Nerdy Nummies

The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook

Published in 2015 by Atria Books, The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook is a collection of recipes from the hit Youtube show Nerdy Nummies that is also run by Rosanna Pansino along with a few exclusive recipes. In addition to the cookbook, the 33-year-old has her own baking line (the RoTM Collection) that was picked up fairly recently by Wilton. I feel this is a great cookbook for beginners at it takes the time to teach basic baking techniques and basic recipes as well as providing detailed recipes chock full of step by step photographs by Michael Schmidt. The cookbook provides close to 50 nerdy recipes and is split into chapters based on genre. These include Math & Science, Space, Fantasy & Sci-Fi, Gaming, Tech & Web, and Geeky Treats. As I fall into more than one of these categories when it comes to describing my geekhood, this provides a lot of inspiration for more than just fandoms. Some of the more inspiring recipes that I’ve come across in this cookbook (but changed to meet my own needs and skills) include Moon Phase Macarons, Zombie Brain Cake, Video Game Controller Cookies, Textbook S’mores, and Power On Pops. The cookbook is available in various stores like Target, Walmart, and Barnes & Noble as well as on Amazon or through Rosanna Pansino’s website.

Doctor Who: The Official Cookbook by Joanna Farrow

Dr Who Official Cookbook

Dr. Who: The Official Cookbook

Joanna Farrow has written a lot of cookbooks on a full spectrum of topics and, without even realizing it, I own several of them. The geekiest of them, though, has got to be Doctor Who: The Official Cookbook, which was published in 2016 by Harper Design. Officially licensed by BBC, the cookbook features 40 recipes with photos by Haarala Hamilton as well as various stills from the show. There are recipes for snacks, side dishes, bread, desserts, and full entrees. The skill level for these recipes tends to vary from beginner to advanced, but there are recipes in here for any Whovian desiring to test their skills. I have gotten inspiration for my own creations thanks to recipes such as Ood Head Bread, The Impossible Girl’s Impossible Recipe (a raspberry souffle), Extermi-cake, The TARDIS (a sponge cake supported gingerbread creation), and Peek-A-Boo Pandorica. This cookbook can be found in bookstores such as Barnes & Noble or on Amazon.

Lily Vanilli in A Zombie Ate My Cupcake by Lily Vanilli (a.k.a. Lily Jones) and illustrated by Paul Parker

A Zombie Ate My Cupcake

Lily Vanilli in A Zombie Ate My Cupcake

The first cookbook by Lily Vanilli, this is a great cookbook for horror fans, goths, Halloween, or just someone who loves zombies or B-Movies! It was published by CICO Books in 2010. Contained within its pages are 25 recipes for cupcakes (and a couple of variants) with photographs by David Munns. Unlike The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook listed above, this is not a book for beginners, but these creations are fantastic and can inspire even the newer baker! Unfortunately, this cookbook is getting to be a little harder to find (there are a few on Amazon still, though) and is even unavailable on Lily Vanilli’s website. However, she does have offer several recipes from the book to try out before you buy such as her Bleeding Heart Cake, Blood Stained Sugar Glass, and Meringue Bones. My personal favorites other than the Bleeding Heart Cake are probably Sweeney Todd’s Surprise, Dracula’s Bite, Raspberry Space Cakes and Undead Gingerbread.

Crazy Dumplings I & II by Amanda Roberts

Crazy Dumplings Books

Crazy Dumplings I & II by Amanda Roberts

I’ve written about these a couple of times and I still can not recommend them enough! Though not all of the included recipes are “geeky,” there are a few that are and they make excellent finger food for a board game night. Both of these books were funded through Kickstarter campaigns. The Crazy Dumplings Cookbook was funded in 2014 and Crazy Dumplings II: Even Dumplinger! was funded in 2016. The geekier recipes are in the first one, but that does not discount the great recipes in the second book (I am still waiting to see if or when there is to be a third one in the series…). Each cookbook contains over 75 recipes an features photographs by Ruth Silbermeyr-Song. As the titles suggest, very few of these recipes are for traditional dumplings! Instead, there is a wide range including ones for utilizing your leftovers, breakfast, vegetarian, and even dumplings that can be made for desserts! Included within the pages of both books are also picture instructions for several different types of dumpling folds for those that have never done something like this before. There are also recipes for the dumpling wrappers themselves and for dipping sauces. Some of my favorite recipes from these two books include Cola Chinese Chicken Dumplings, Lamb with Pomegranate Salsa Dumplings, Sweet and Sour Chicken Dumplings, Timey-Wimey Dumplings (don’t worry, the recipe calls for a savory custard to go with the fish instead of a sweet one!), and S’mores Dumplings. Her cookbooks can be purchased through Amazon or various other locations via Roberts’ blog: Two Americans in China.

Geek Sweets: An Adventurer’s Guide to Baking Wizardry by Jenny Burgesse

Baking Wizardry

Geek Sweets: An Adventurer’s Guide to Baking Wizardry

This first cookbook by Jenny Burgesse of Geek Sweets was just published last year and when it showed up at my local Barnes & Noble, I couldn’t resist picking up my own copy! I may not be as good at using fondant and modeling chocolate as she is, but the inspirations I found inside made picking it up an easy decision. This one, too, is a cookbook that focuses more on baking than overall cooking, but is unique in the fact that it is also a fun read. The cookbook was published by Mango and contains over 60 recipes for beginners to practiced bakers alike! These recipes can fit into fandoms like Game of Thrones, Dr. Who, The Walking Dead or even Harry Potter among many others, but also includes recipe ideas for game nights, holidays, themed parties, or just being in the mood to do something simple and fun — even with a few cocktail recipes thrown in! Along with the recipes are amazing photographs that are also by Jenny Burgesse! I love that each recipe comes with “Quest Requirements” instead of the typical ingredients and equipment list and also includes a “Skills Check” section where users can find helpful hints, tips, simplifying tricks, and other really useful information. There are tons of colorful and helpful photographs included in the book as well as an entire section on baking basics for anyone that is new to the skill. I also love the fact that Jen Yates of Cake Wrecks (one of my favorite food blogs and favorite bloggers!)both  endorses the book and wrote the Foreward! If you want to check out some of the recipes beforehand, the ones for Unicorn Poop Cookies, Creeper Crispies, and Han Solo: Frozen in Carbon-bites are available online. You can purchase Burgesse’s cookbook through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, or on !ndigo. Personally, I’ve taken inspiration from several recipes including Sushi Cake Pops, Groot Beer Floats, Cellular Peptide Cake…With Mint Frosting, Snozberry Cake Pops, Portal Cupcakes, and East Meets Zest Cupcakes.


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