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Recap: Face Off Season 13, Episode 6: Divine Dryads

The artists meet McKenzie in the woods and pick the forests their dryads call home (image: SyFy)

Tonight’s episode begins with the artists walking through a beautiful park to find McKenzie waiting near several posts. She talks about Dryads, depicted as beautiful and powerful creatures. Each artist will choose an exotic forest and create the dryad who protects it.

Dragon’s Blood Forest: Matt vs Derek
Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest: Mel vs Damien
Avenue of the Baobabs: Kevon vs Jordan
Painted Forest: Walter vs Graham

After the forests are picked, McKenzie explains the rest of the challenge, the artists will also be creating some kind of armor for the dryad. Due to last week’s win, Matt earns the help of an expert in the field, creature designer and makeup artist from Avatar, Hellboy, and Prince Caspian, Jordu Schell who has been a judge on Face Off before.

During the design phase, we get to hear a lot of very interesting ideas and I can’t wait to see what they come up with. They head back to the Face Off Lab to get to sculpting and fabricating. All the ideas feel very different and nothing feels derivative or familiar. Matt might have some problems sculpting this cowl, but his special help, Jordu, is absolutely right, it’s a hell of a statement piece. Unfortunately, it’s really messing with Derek’s head a bit – he’s at loose ends in a way I don’t think I’ve ever seen him, not even in his original season. I hope he can get out of that mental place. It doesn’t take him long to recenter but he’s feeling a little behind when he does.

There’s a bit of fun back and forth between Graham and Jordu, who know each other outside of Face Off as Graham’s wife is Jordu’s assistant and it’s fun to watch and also really interesting to note just how much work Jordu accomplishes in such a short time while still yacking at Graham. They sound to me like very fun people who are probably just as much fun in their own workshops outside of the show. When Jordu leaves, Matt’s thinking about how to mold the enormous sculpture.

Michael Westmore arrives to do his mentoring and he starts with Damien. He’s a bit concerned that Damien has covered up 2/3 of her face, nearly completely losing the girl. He tells Kevon that he has a lot to do and that the bark has to blend well or it’ll look like a disease. Jordan he urges to be careful so it doesn’t look like elephant man and to be subtle. He thinks Graham’s design looks a little sad and not very attractive. If he’s going to go that way he needs to let the judges know why and what somehow. Kevon spends a large chunk of time trying to figure out how to adjust to accommodate Michael Westmore’s comments and, while he’s happy he did, it does eat up time.

Day Two in the Face Off lab starts in a rush. Everyone is getting to work, Mel gets a little affirmation from Derek and feels like she’s moving in the right direction. Walter is rearranging some things so the character looks more powerful. Everyone is helping matt move his enormous sculpt into the mold room and he’s got no clue how to do something so big. It’s either going to be awesome or terrible.

Kevon is fabricating big pieces of armor but Jordan’s armor piece looks a bit more detailed to me so far in the Lab. Everyone is working through it and everyone is doing something really interesting. Damien sculpts with the L200 foam in a really neat way. No one sounds happy with their time at the end of day 2.

On Application Day, Matt immediately runs his foam and crosses his fingers that it’s enough to make it work. Graham is making a bit of last-minute armor that isn’t super detailed but should work to at least meet the challenge. Matt’s cowl didn’t quite get enough foam but he seems able to patch it together enough. Damien has his model do her own lipstick while he’s working on other stuff. Kevon is doing a beauty makeup in a few weird colors. The painting process is always interesting to watch and I might never understand how they do what they do with the bright and garish colors that they start with.

Heading into Last Looks, not everyone is feeling comfortable with where they’re at. Walter is actually struggling to get the colors how he wants them. Mel is using gold leaf eyelashes that are really awesoe but they have to be uncomfortable. The end of the time, there are some less than happy faces.

On the reveal Stage, McKenzie reminds us that this is an elimination challenge, intros the judges: Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, and Neville Page, reintroduces the challenge and starts the runway show.

Matt Vs Derek in the Dragon Blood Forest (image: SyFy)

Matt V Derek
Both are interesting, but Matt’s makes a bigger statement from a distance. Matt’s look isn’t not pretty here but she’s interesting. Derek’s look is definitely prettier though and that was a big piece of the challenge. She has a feirce warrior look. Judges: Matt’s look isn’t beautiful, she looks fishy, but some of the detail is really neat. On Derek’s look, the sculpt is great. The armor is beautiful. All the texture in the face shouldn’t work but up close, it really does. The colors were very complimentary and used well. Winner: Derek

Walter Vs Graham in the Painted Forest (Image: SyFy)

Walter v Graham. Walters is a little bright for me in places but the sculpt is awesome. Grahams doesn’t feel finished somehow. He’s not happy either though. Judges: Walter’s look has beautiful texture. The concept is phenomenal. Spot on to the challenge. Great profile and textures. Good mix of tree and human anatomy. Graham’s dryad looks possessed. The mask is neat but underneath it, she doesn’t look pretty and a softer palate would have helped. The cheekbones feel unnecessary and make her look sunken in. The best parts of the makeup are buried beneath bad color. Winner: Walter

Mel Vs Damien in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest (image: SyFy)

Mel’s is Beautiful but blocky, like she focuses too much on one sort of head shape. Damien’s covers too much of her face but she’s neat. She’s not really pretty though. Judges: Mel’s look is pretty but the red places they don’t like so much. On Damien’s look, the lips are the only beauty, the rest is sort of grotesque. It would have benefited by being more symmetrical. The tree trunk looks more like a crab claw. It’s cool but it doesn’t lay out well. Winner: Mel

Kevon Vs Jordan in the Avenue of the Baobab (Image: SyFy)

Kevon vs Jordan. Kevon’s hands are awesome. The face is pretty good too. The chest plate is weird though. Jordan’s is so different from what I expected. She doesn’t look as much TREE but the subtle works really well here. I love her. Judges: Kevon’s look is a bit concerning. There are too many things going on. The specific tree is lost in the sculpt. The shields are successful, but the head doesn’t work because of the asymmetry. Jordan’s look is beautiful and balanced. Simple. Winner – Jordan

Overall Winner: Walter
Going Home: Kevon & Graham


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