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Happy Birthday Lynda Carter!

Lynda Carter at her Walk of Fame ceremony, photo by the author.

Happy Birthday Lynda Carter! Lynda won Miss World USA in 1972. Her first television role was in the television drama, Nakia, playing Helen Chase. Lynda’s iconic part was the title role in Wonder Woman (1975-1979). She played actress Rita Hayworth in the 1983 tv movie, Rita Hayworth: The Love Goddess. In the frontier series based on James Fenimore Cooper, Hawkeye (1994-1995), Lynda played Elizabeth Shields. She played Governor Jessman in the comedy Super Troopers (2001). Then, she starred in Sky High (2005), the high school for kids with super powers, playing Principal Powers. Lynda played Pauline in The Dukes of Hazzard (2005).

In the 2007 episode, “Progeny” for the Smallville series, Lynda played Moria Sullivan, the mother of Chloe Sullivan given powers by Kryptonite. Lynda began playing President Olivia Marsdin in the Supergirl series. In October 206, on Wonder Woman’s 75th birthday, Lynda attended an UN ceremony. It named Wonder Woman Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls with Gal Gadot. This was withdrawn after criticism in December. This year, she returned to the role of Governor Jessman in Super Troopers 2. On April 3rd of this year, Lynda Carter was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame which I was lucky to have attended. Happy Birthday Lynda Carter!


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