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Recap: Face Off Season 13, Episode 8: Immortals Interrupted

Picking the bats in the Face Off lab (image: SyFy)

Tonight’s semi-final episode of Face Off begins in the Face Off Lab as the artists walk in to complete darkness with webs and bats. McKenzie is there to welcome them to the Semi-Finals and introduce the Spotlight challenge about the superstitions surrounding bats and vampires. The artists will choose a real bat to use as inspiration for their vampire character. The head to head battles are done and it’s now every man for himself, fight to the finish. There will only be three finalists so tonight will be a triple elimination.

False Vampire Bat – Walter
Painted Bat- Mel
Bamboo Bat- Damien
Horseshoe bat – Jordan
Slit-faced Bat – Derek
Mouse-Eared bat – Matt.

Jordan won last week so he gets a little bit of help from two-time Emmy award-winning makeup artist, Todd Masters who has done a multitude of vampire characters in his career. During the design phase, they get right to work. Jordan and Mr. Masters are bouncing ideas around. Matt’s mouse-eared bat doesn’t look as fluffy as his bat. Mel wants to go glamorous and beautiful with her vampire. As we go into the sculpting phase, Walter reminisces on the last bat character he did that pushed him into the finals on his season, even if he wasn’t really thrilled with the wings. Everyone is feeling the pressure of the triple elimination. Everyone wants a spot in the finale. Jordan definitely has a leg up with the assistance of Mr. Masters and he’s in a good headspace.

Michael Westmore arrives. Mel – good start on the face but everything is cute. Bring more scary. Sell the vampire. He is pretty clear that he thinks she’s going the wrong direction but saying it very nicely. This is the week to put it all out there. Matt – careful with painting – paler in the center so eth detail is visible. Walter – don’t go human on the lips, make it different. Derek – take advantage of a little more flare in the actual split section. Damien – leave throat split open to seal after. Matt – change the ears, a little too much dobby in the ears for sure.

Mel is going a little bigger, accentuating the bat features but she’s going to stay with the beautiful idea, against the advice of Michael Westmore. Everyone is peeking at all the other sculpts. Derek is feeling behind and sounding awfully down.

Day two begins in a flurry of sculpting. Mel is making wings using clay and latex and, if it works well, it could really be amazing. Matt is doing an exaggerated back piece but during the molding phase, his sculpt cracked and he’s scrambling to make it work and it seems to hold. Walter has several larger pieces and he didn’t realize quite how far behind he is, compared to the other artists. Damien is painting his backup face, just in case. Walter is a little rushed and maybe a little screwed at the end of the day but he might have squeaked through.

Day three is Application Day and everything seems to be good or at least workable. Mel has the wings applied and from the back, they look interesting but it’ll depend on the paint. Jordan is keeping to non-neon colors and that’s great to see. Matt is now feeling behind as he’s still applying when everyone else seems to be painting. Damien is taking the extra care with his paint, hoping to get back in the judges good graces as far as his color choices go.

Heading into Last Looks, everyone feels a little panicked. A lot of these artists have been Almost Made It artists before. That’s got to weigh heavily as they go into this second to last challenge. They’re all working the final bell and when it’s done, there’s nerves and relief both in that they’ve done all they can do but there’s still one last judging.

At the reveal stage, McKenzie introduces series judges, Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, and Neville Page before reintroducing the challenge, reminding them that three of them are about to go home and starting the runway show. They go through the walk and the judging as they always do and, instead of jumping to the judges’ questions for the artists, McKenzie throws them the final twist. There is a last-minute change to the script. Instead of going to the next judging phase, the judges want to see what they look like after they’re exposed to sunlight. They’ve got one hour to make something work.

Matt’s Vampire before and after sun damage (image: SyFy)

Matt: Mouse-Eared Bat Before Twist: The face is regal, very Dracula. The back piece I’m not sure about – it doesn’t make sense to me but he’s definitely neat. Judges: Nice details. Especially on the jaw. Nice dorsal ridge. After the twist: Judges: nice textures. Oily. No directionality to it though. Great job placing the damage without erasing the beauty. Very unique, great paint job. It’s intelligent.





Walter’s Vampire Before and After (image: SyFy)

Walter: False Vampire Bat Before Twist: I think he has made good color choices. Very demonic looking. Very powerful. Judges’ – great color. After the Twist: a lot of damage on the shoulders. Still looks badass. Good directionality. It was strong in profile too. Great silhouette. Good colors. Badass.









Mel’s Vampire Before and After (image: SyFy)

Mel: Painted Bat Before the Twist: I think it’s pretty and interesting and so different. I think she did well. Judge’s: It’s Mel’s best work to date. Feminine. After the Twist: It doesn’t feel like there’s a single source of inspiration. The umbrella makes it make sense. It started cutesy gothy but it is purposeful. She may have missed a little on the execution of the burn.




Derek’s Vampire Before and After (image: SyFy)

Derek: Slit Faced Bat Before the Twist: The fingers are too purple. There are some too purple places but the sculpt is really great. Judges’: It shows good age. V thinks the hunchback looks like a backpack. After the Twist: Makes a lot of sense. Only one using the yellow fat and char. There’s an element that is great but the rest is soft and undefined. But the exposure makeup was one of the best.





Damien’s Vampire before and after (image: SyFy)

Damien: Bamboo Bat Before the Twist: very cute to me. Not so much scary as it is adorable and very true to the bat in the face but it doesn’t quite read right somehow. Judges’: The chest is great. The burns help the forehead. Good cutting into but still no direction. The chest is very interesting, but it doesn’t carry on to the face. He’s improved a great deal.





Jordan’s Vampire Before and After (Image: SyFy)

Jordan: Horseshoe Bat Before the Twist: He definitely lost the dobby nature in the ears. It’s dark and interesting and not garish. He definitely improved. Judges’: great detail, good paint choices. After the Twist: They like the hair, the strong look, perfect symmetry destroyed. Very effective. The paint was great. Regardless of accuracy, it was really well done.




The artists come back out to the runway to hear the verdict.
The first person moving on is Walter.
The Second person moving on is Matt.
The final person heading to the finale and winner of the night is Jordan.

In the end, I’m gloating a little because Walter is in the finale but I would really not have figured Jordan would be. I’m so glad he’s listening to the judges during the challenges and getting better each time. I like Matt too, he’s made some of my favorite looks this season, but I think I’m still pulling for Walter this season. I am so glad I’m not a judge and I am really looking forward to seeing what the final challenge is going to be.


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