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Recap: Face Off Season 13, Episode 9: Through the Looking Glass part 1

McKenzie has the scripts. (image: SyFy)

Tonight’s Face Off episode begins with the three remaining artists and McKenzie standing on the reveal stage. McKenzie jumps into her spiel on how in some stories, mirrors are seen as portals. Their Finale Challenge will have them stepping through a mirror and traveling to the most magical land of all. This season will be going to Wonderland and all the artists seem pleased with that. In this finale, each artist will create two wildly whimsical characters who will star in a wonderland based short film. They’re going to need a little help and, as usual, it comes in the form of past contestants.

Matt: Damien & Graham
Walter: Derek & Yvonne
Jordan: Kevon & Mel

The director, John Wynn, comes to tell them about their short film. There was a lost chapter of Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland books found in real life, but this challenge will deal with made up “lost chapters” with whole new characters. Each artist picks their script from only the title.

Tea Time: Walter
Questionable Queen: Matt
Garden Games: Jordan

The design phase begins with the artists reading through the scripts and jotting down some ideas. John Wynn arrives to talk to each artist. At Matt’s station, he explains that lighting is a little darker, the throne room is a bit toy related. The characters of the Porcelain Prince and Tin Jester seem to be on the right track. At Jordan’s group, they discuss the Dapper Grasshopper and Fox. He tells Jordan to be cautious as there is lots of foliage, he doesn’t want to lose the grasshopper to the background. Twist reality a bit. At Walter’s group who is doing the Lollipop Ballerina and the Ginger General. He nixes the ideas on the table telling him to stay away from the animal stuff and veer more toward food. Walter may struggle as he is trying very hard to not do a gingerbread man.

The sculpting phase begins and everyone has their job to do. Walter is making arm casts of his own arms for the fat suit for his carrot cake character while Yvonne is doing the lollipop cowl. Matt’s team has some very defined ideas and everything feels very sharp and pointy. Jordan is getting less and less happy with his grasshopper and Mel’s fox looks like a lizard so he is very nervous at this stage.

Michael Westmore arrives and heads for Walter’s station. He is using carrot cake for the base of the Ginger General but he needs to make it more evident. On the princess, don’t be too busy. He moves to Matt’s group and urges him to make the color pop in the lighting and take care not to get washed out. He tells Jordan to make fox nose bigger, less like a bunny. On the grasshopper, he thinks he shouldn’t do dark green on the paint, but keep it light. Maybe try and double up on the mold of the leg so they don’t have to do it twice.

I’m not sure Jordan is really taking enough of Westmore’s comments. Matt is getting into the tiny details instead of big appliances and prosthetics. At the end of the day, everyone seems pretty ok with where they’re at. Day two begins and everyone has a lot to do. Jordan still unhappy with grasshopper’s head but he gets it to where he’s at least a little happy with it. Matt seems very pleased overall. Walter’s worried about the molding process given the scope of his sculpts. Everyone is getting things molded. Walter is again feeling behind and the arm sculpts aren’t working, one is completely broken. The ballerina cowl is half locked and they’ve cracked and broken the mold instead. They’ve got to try and glue the pieces back together to make it useable. At the end of the day, Walter is feeling very down and he’s really relying on the fact that this is just a lighting test and not the challenge. He is sounding very much like he’s already lost though.

Day three comes along and everyone is very busy. The models arrive to get put in their pieces. Walter’s team has a lot of problems getting things finished up. Jordan’s team seem pretty well cooperative. Matt’s metallic paint looks neat. Walter isn’t really happy with anything but he’s pushing through. Jordan is really happy with his ideas for the grasshopper’s eyes and it works very well. Walter is getting a little frantic in the paint, letting Yvonne go bananas with the color and pack up for last looks but he is really unhappy overall.

At last looks, it seems like all of the artists are more worried about getting the idea across, even if the look isn’t perfect.

At the lighting test, John Wynn, McKenzie and Michael Westmore are waiting for the artists so they can all give them guidance and direction.

Matt’s Porcelain Prince (image: SyFy)

Matt’s Tin Jester (image: SyFy)

Lighting Test Matt: the looks are interesting, but the prince seems flat to me. Winn likes the jester but wants more of the body sculpted. Add texture, a bit of coppery color too. He wants to add the clockwork key into the script. The prince has too many cracks and some of the ones there are simply too harsh.

Jordan’s Fox (image: SyFy)

Jordan’s Grasshopper (image: SyFy)

Lighting Test Jordan: the grasshopper is really pretty. The fox is a little goofy for me though. Winn: angle grasshopper antennae different. Do the legs too. Add mesh to eye holes or black lenses to cover eyeholes. Fox nose needs to be more fox, elongated. Michael Westmore suggests making a prosthetic for the actual prosthetic instead of resculpting. Change color a little bit to accentuate the fox’s face.

Walter’s Ginger General (image: SyFy)

Walter’s Lollipop Princess (image: SyFy)

Lighting Test Walter: I think they’re neat but definitely not what any of those artists are capable of… Winn thinks the general is too threatening, not whimsical. Should feel bright and fun. Wynn definitely wants a gingerbread man. Lollipop is closer but less all candy and more lollipop, make her beautiful. Walter is feeling the criticisms a lot at the end of the day.

There’s no judging tonight but there will be next week when the winner is announced.

I know it’s looking pretty grim right now for Walter, but I have faith that he’ll make it work. Jordan definitely has the advantage right now with his gorgeous grasshopper though.


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