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Wing It: The Game of Extreme Story Telling Is Back and Bigger Than Ever…and Just In Time For the Holidays!

Wing It 2nd Edition vs 1st Edition

Wing It 2nd Edition is quite a bit larger than 1st Edition!
(All photos of Flying Leap Games product were taken and edited by KristaG)

I was first introduced to Wing It during International TableTop Day earlier this year while down at my local game store, Great Escape Games. The owner had fallen in love with the game during his trip to GAMA 2018 and had brought a few copies to sell at the store. Though there were several games being played that day, many of us at the TableTop Day event found ourselves being drawn back to the Wing It demo repeatedly. Now, however, Wing It is coming out with a 2nd edition with a new and bigger box, a new insert, and even more cards!

Wing It Set Up

After shuffling the 2 decks, each player gets 5 Resource cards. Then the game is ready to play!

Wing It is a 4-7 player storytelling card game from Jon Cannon and Molly Zeff of Flying Leap Games. Before making its way to GAMA 2018, the game first appeared on Kickstarter in 2017 and was successfully funded. Though marketed mainly as a party game, I feel Wing It falls more in line with games like Dixit instead of Cards Against Humanity or Deadpool vs The World. Of course, this all really depends on who you play with as games of Wing It can get downright silly! When setting up for a game, there are 2 different decks – a smaller, red deck of Resource cards and a slightly larger blue deck of Situations cards – which need to be shuffled separately. Once they are shuffled, each player is dealt a hand of 5 Resource cards. These cards can be looked at but should be kept secret from the other players. One player is chosen to be the “Judge” while the remaining players are the “Storytellers.” Once players have chosen a Judge, the game is ready to be played.

Wing It Scenario

An example of a winning set of cards. What stories would you make with those resources?
(click photo to enlarge)

The Judge begins the round by drawing a Situation card from the draw pile and reading it out loud. Each of the Storytellers then gets to take a turn telling stories about how they would solve the current situation with 3 of their 5 Resources. After listening to all of the stories, the Judge will then give constructive opinions on each of the stories before announcing the winner of the round. Whichever Storyteller wins is given the Situation card as a way to keep score, all used Resource cards are discarded, and new cards are drawn. The role of Judge is passed on to the next player going clockwise and a new round begins. The first player to receive 3 Situation cards or the player with the most Situation cards after each player has served as Judge for two rounds is determined the winner (whichever comes first). However, games can be adjusted for length or can include any of the variants listed in the rulebook if players want to mix it up or give themselves more of a challenge.

If you’re like me and still doing a bit of last minute Christmas shopping or have some “harder to buy for” giftees, I highly recommend picking up a copy of Wing It today as it is a great game for family game night, ice breakers in the work place, or to use as a gateway game for new gamers young and old! Though the box says 12+, I feel the game can be played with younger children as long as they are able to read and understand that they are creating a story. There have been games that I’ve played where the imagination and creativity of younger kids has cost me my victory because they had a way better story than I ever could have come up with! One thing that I absolutely love about the game is that players get a chance to be as silly or serious as they want to be while keeping the game entertaining and full of surprises. For veteran players of Wing It, there is a spot on the game website to suggest new cards, which I intend to take full advantage of now that I know it’s there. As a nod with the larger box for 2nd Edition and that possibility of future expansions, Wing It is a gift that seems like it will keep on giving, which makes it great for the holiday season!


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