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A site by, for, and about Geek Girls!

About Us

Who are we? We’re the geek girls (you may notice one or two guys as well). We’re interested in science fiction, fantasy, and science. We read books, watch movies and TV shows, play games, and make stuff. We go to conventions. Then we write about it to share it with our fellow geeks!

Right now, we cover movies, TV, comics, crafts and cooking, science and technology, books, and we’ve more planned.

We’re busy here and on Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr , and Twitter, and sooner or later, there’ll be gatherings too.

Stop by for a visit!


“The geek girl sub-culture is pluralistic, creative, and fluid. In my experience, there is an overall sense of kinship within the community. And oftentimes, that community is essential in order to pursue specific aspects of geekdom. . . . The best resource for a geek girl, is another geek girl—information, tips, referrals, and references are usually shared with remarkable willingness, friendships are formed as geek girl subsets meet and network and introduce other geek girls, and support is given to and received by strangers united by nothing but common interest. All of this leads me to one assertion: The best part about being a geek girl is the community of other geek girls.”

-Amy Dixon